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The construction of optical square is based, on the principle of optical
double refraction
double reflection.
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Anomi said:   5 years ago
Double reflection is correct answer because Ray is reflected at two times.

Jahid said:   6 years ago
Only reflection because main work it reflected on the mirror.

Jay patel said:   6 years ago
If asked only principle answer is reflection only is ask about the measure angles by optical square answer is double reflection.

Vikram kadam said:   6 years ago
Why only reflection?

Rohit Negi said:   6 years ago
Reflection is the correct answer.

Hari said:   6 years ago
Opitical square works on the principle of?

Ganesh rajgure said:   7 years ago
It should be only reflection.

Pawan said:   7 years ago
Ya I think so. It is reflection.

SRINIVAS said:   7 years ago
Double reflection in optical square two mirror are placed at 45 degree angle and relection occur twice whereas reflection is the principle used in optical square.

Minay said:   7 years ago
Double reflection because it having two mirrors adjusting in 45 degree each other.

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