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Greater accuracy in linear measurements, is obtained by

[A]. tacheometry
[B]. direct chaining
[C]. direct taping
[D]. all the above.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Bharath Kumar said: (Jan 13, 2018)  
Direct chaining and direct taping both are same.

Mirun Lal said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
Yes, direct taping and chaining are same.

Bani said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
No, chaining and taping is not the same degree of accuracy in chaining max 1 in 1000 and degree of accuracy in taping max 1 in 100000 in case of inver tape.

Pavani said: (Nov 11, 2018)  
In Direct taping, some corrections occur so it is not greater accuracy in linear measurements.

Raji said: (Oct 22, 2019)  
Invar tapes are used for greater accuracy by the survey of India and in geodetic surveys.

Rohit said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
Techeometric survey is a optical method to obtain elevation angle with horizontal distance. And I think optical method is always gives better result than other method of measurements. So option A would be correct.

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