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The main principle of surveying is to work

[A]. from part to the whole
[B]. from whole to the part
[C]. from higher level to the lower level
[D]. from lower level to higher level.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Gyaneswar said: (Jan 10, 2016)  
According to whole to part principle whole area enclosed by main survey line & station. Then area divided into well conditioned triangles.

This principle help to prevent accumulation error. If any error in the measurement of any sides of triangle not affect the whole work.

Pavitra said: (Mar 7, 2016)  
To prevent the accumulation error. For example if we are going to draw a straight line using chain surveying whose length is more than four chainages (4*30m), by adopting part to whole, the small distraction in first chainage leads to a great error by reaching the final point. Hence by adopting whole to part we can reduce such errors.

Habib said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
Main principle of servey is from whole to part of area.

Pankaj Yadav said: (May 3, 2017)  
Survey work from whole to part has more accuracy. Error does not increase.

Taimoor said: (Mar 5, 2020)  
My opinion is C.
The main survey should be a higher level to the lower level.

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