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For the reinforced concrete member totally immersed in sea water, the normal cover provided for the reinforcing bars is further increased by

[A]. 10 mm
[B]. 20 mm
[C]. 30 mm
[D]. 40 mm
[E]. 50 mm

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Barish Raut said: (Feb 10, 2016)  
As per IS 456-2000 (Table 3 & Table 16) - 50 mm cover.

Swagatika said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
As per IS 456-2000, this is the case of severe exposure condition and for sever exposure condition nominal cover is not less than 45mm. Ref-(Table-3 & Table-16). The nominal cover size may be reduced 5mm for M35 or above concrete grade. So, the answer 'D' may be correct.

Deependra Pathak said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
45 mm but the most probable answer is 40mm.

Sourav said: (Nov 22, 2020)  
According to IS 456:2000 Table 16;

For mild condition, cover should not be less than 20mm and for severe condition(totally immersed in sea water) cover should not be less than 45mm.
So, addition cover in this condition should be 45-20mm=25mm.

Manoj Shrestha said: (Aug 29, 2021)  
Yes, I agree with you @Sourav.

Prasanna Gosavi said: (Sep 17, 2021)  
Yes, you're totally Correct @Sourav.

So, the correct answer for this question must be 25 mm.

Aman Mahadeo Nandeshwar said: (Nov 29, 2021)  
Yes, I also agree with you, Thanks @Sourav.

Suraj Prasad Keshari said: (Jan 16, 2022)  
Yes, you are right, Thanks @Sourav.

Suraj Prasad Keshari said: (Jan 16, 2022)  
40 is right because,
Additional cover =45 - 20 = 25.
Nominal cover =45 - 5 = 40.

Taha Asmi said: (Mar 1, 2022)  
Yes, correct @Suraj.

Sonu said: (Aug 15, 2022)  
The Right answer is 25mm because he said additional not nominal cover/
For the nominal cover, the answer is 45mm.
But for additional cover (45mm - 20mm = 25mm).

Shubham Gupta said: (Aug 18, 2022)  
25 is the right answer because in this question additional cover were asked not nominal cover.

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