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The over all depth of a solid slab is 20 cm and effective depth is 15 cm. The horizontal distance between parallel main reinforcement should not be more than

[A]. 30 cm
[B]. 40 cm
[C]. 45 cm
[D]. 60 cm

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Barish Raut said: (Feb 9, 2016)  
The answer is wrong.

As per IS 456-2000 Clause 26.3.3 [b (1)], horizontal distance between parallel main R/f bars must be smaller of the foll:

1. 3 times effective depth i.e. 3 x 15 cm = 45 cm.

2. 30 cm.

So, correct answer is [A] 30 cm.

Chhaya said: (Apr 20, 2017)  
Thanks @Barish Raut.

Ma Sohail said: (Jun 6, 2017)  
Yes, you are correct @Barish Raut.

Priyal P said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
No, 45 is right answer. See question is should NOT BE MORE.

Arun Kumar said: (Apr 6, 2018)  
30 cm is correct because we always take smaller value.

Ankit Raj said: (May 29, 2018)  
45 is correct. I agree with the given answer.

Utsav said: (Jan 4, 2019)  
45 is correct that's why they have mentioned the depth of the slab.

Er Nk said: (Feb 7, 2019)  
Read the question properly.

Not more than.

Prasad Mhatre said: (Mar 12, 2019)  
Correct explanation @Barish.

Option A is the answer because if it is mentioned that it is a secondary r/f then the correct answer is 450 but here it is main r/f.

Chandu said: (Jun 1, 2019)  
I think 3d or 450 whichever small.
As per question, 3d=3*150=450mm.
From above smallest among both is 450mm.

So the answer is 45 cm.

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