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The reduced level of third floor of a building near a column is 205.350 m. The reduced levels of the undersides of four beams supporting the fourth floor framing into the column mutually perpendicular are 208.350 m, 208.450 m, 208.500 m and 208.550 m. The supported length of the column is
3.000 m
3.100 m
3.150 m
3.200 m
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Mohammed moussa said:   8 years ago
What is the solution method ?

Nabin said:   5 years ago
How? Explain.

Prasad said:   5 years ago
208.35-205.35 = 3m.

As 205.35 is the RL of the floor and the immediate RL next to the floor level is the beam with RL 208.35 so the distance between them is 3 m.

Mushtaq Ahmad said:   2 years ago
Column is concreted upto the lower level of the beam. So, 208.35 is the level of the lower beam and 205.35 is the level of floor. Now, subtract the beam level from floor level you will get the length of column.

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