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The reduced level of third floor of a building near a column is 205.350 m. The reduced levels of the undersides of four beams supporting the fourth floor framing into the column mutually perpendicular are 208.350 m, 208.450 m, 208.500 m and 208.550 m. The supported length of the column is

[A]. 3.000 m
[B]. 3.100 m
[C]. 3.150 m
[D]. 3.200 m

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Mohammed Moussa said: (Mar 19, 2016)  
What is the solution method ?

Nabin said: (Jan 13, 2019)  
How? Explain.

Prasad said: (Jan 16, 2019)  
208.35-205.35 = 3m.

As 205.35 is the RL of the floor and the immediate RL next to the floor level is the beam with RL 208.35 so the distance between them is 3 m.

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