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The size of a butt weld is specified by the effective throat thickness which in the case of incomplete penetration, is taken as

[A]. of the thickness of thicker part
[B]. of the thickness of thicker part
[C]. of the thickness of thinner part
[D]. of the thickness of thinner part
[E]. none of these.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Tashu said: (Jan 12, 2017)  
It's 5/8 not 7/8.

Himanhu Chawla said: (Jan 30, 2017)  
Yes, correct @Tashu.

Anki said: (May 1, 2017)  
Answer D is correct. I agree.

Nirav said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
It's 5/8.

Gmg said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
When we did shear check 5/4 taken, other time 7/8.

Hardik P said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
5/8 is correct.

Emily Clark said: (Jan 26, 2018)  
What is the correct answer?

Azzu said: (Mar 2, 2018)  
5/8 is the correct answer.

Viru Kapoor said: (Mar 7, 2018)  
It's 5/8.

Chandu said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
According to me, 5/8 is the answer.

Jaikrishna said: (May 10, 2018)  
Yes, according to me, it's 5/8.

Ajay Desai said: (Jul 12, 2018)  
Yes, the correct answer is 5/8.

Priyanshi said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
Yes, it should be 5/8.

Vikantdixit said: (Aug 26, 2018)  
This answer is right.

Ashtaveer said: (Oct 14, 2018)  
5/8th is for design purpose.

Answer 7/8th is also correct as it is limiting value.

Vinay Kumar said: (Jul 22, 2019)  
The effective throat thickness in case of incomplete penetration butt weld is taken as 7/8th of the thickness of the thinner part joined.

But for the purpose of stress calculation, a required effective throat thickness not exceeding 5/8th of the thickness of thinner part joined should be used.

Realgautam said: (Jun 19, 2021)  
It's 5/8 * throat thickness.

Sawan Sharma said: (Jul 20, 2021)  
For partial penetration - 5/8tmin.
For incomplete penetration - 7/8 tmin.

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