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The seepage force in a soil, is
perpendicular to the equipotential lines
proportional to the exit graident
proportional to the head loss
all the above.
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Sumit R said:   9 months ago
F = (unit weight of water)x h
F = (unit weight of water)×(h/L).L
F = i.L.(unit weight)
F is directly proportional to "i".

Ashish said:   5 years ago
Seepage occur due to head difference. If head is more seepage is more. And if head is more then hydraulic gradient also more (i=h/l).

Shobhit said:   5 years ago
How it is proportional to exit gradient?

Uddipan medhi said:   6 years ago

Seepage force acts along flow lines. i.e When flow occurs from u/s to d/s below the base of the foundation or structure. So the opt A is correct also B and C too.

Ravi said:   6 years ago
Seepage force is acting in downward direction and equipotential line are perpendicular to flow line. . So how op. A is correct?

Mkr maveen said:   8 years ago
Equipotential lines are perpendicular to flow lines and than the seepage occur below the dam, the see page flow parallel to that of flow lines exit gradient = dh/dl.

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