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The minimum cube strength of concrete used for a prestressed member, is

[A]. 50 kg/cm2
[B]. 150 kg/cm2
[C]. 250 kg/cm2
[D]. 350 kg/cm2
[E]. 400 kg/cm2

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sachin Kumar said: (Oct 22, 2014)  
M35 is minimum required concrete for prestressed concrete.

Here 35 is in N/mm2. So convert it into kg/cm2.

N/mm2 = 10 kg/cm2.

So 35 N/mm2 = 350 Kg/cm2.


Mohit said: (Jul 25, 2015)  
But in presented concrete min grade of concrete used is M40.

Piyush Singh said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
For Post tensioning work minimum grade of concrete as specified in IS 1343 is M35, while for Pre-tension prestressed work grade of concrete specified in IS 1343 is M40.

Clause 6.1 Table 1 IS 1343.

Saksham said: (Nov 12, 2015)  
Answer is incorrect min grade for pretension is m-40.

Avinash said: (Apr 29, 2016)  
How to calculate 350 Kg/cm2? Please explain the solution.

Kuldeep said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
What minimum bread of concrete used in RCC?

Saurav said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Minimum grade for pre stressed M45 & post stressed M-35.

Irfan Khan said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
Right @Saksham.

The min grade of concrete for pre tension is m40.

Sudhakar said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
M35 for Post-tensioned concrete.

M40 for Pre-tensioned concrete.

Suriya said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
Pre-tensioned and post-tension is the type of prestress beam.

So, the minimum concrete grade is option D = 350 kg/cm2.

Binosh said: (Mar 18, 2017)  
Prestressing losses in post-tensioned and pre-tensioned beams are respectively.

A) 15% and 20%
b) 20% and 15%
C) 15% and 15%
d) 20% and 20%.

Please tell me the answer.

Akshay said: (Apr 9, 2017)  

It is (a). In post, tension losses are less.

Pawan Yadav said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
Min grade of pre-tension m40.

Min grade of post-tension m35.

Makar said: (Apr 26, 2017)  
This option is correct min grade 35.

Debojyoti said: (May 5, 2017)  
I think E is the correct answer.

Bhaskar Manna said: (May 18, 2017)  
It is not clear from the question whether the prestressed concrete is pre-tension or post-tension.

If pre-tension = 40 N/mm2.

Post-tension = 35 N/mm2.

Puni said: (Sep 4, 2017)  
Pre-tension = 40 N/mm2.
Post-tension = 30 N/mm2.

Krishna said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Minimum grade for pre-tension - M40.

Minimum grade for post-tension - M35.

Yogesh said: (Sep 23, 2017)  
What is maximum grade can be used?

Paddy said: (Dec 3, 2017)  
Pre Tension = M40.

Post Tension = M30.

Chintan said: (Feb 25, 2018)  
As per new code 2012 above answer is correct.

Farhan Beigh said: (Mar 17, 2018)  
Pretensioning is 40N/mm2 and post tensioning is 30N/mm2.

Mannu said: (Apr 1, 2018)  
As per is code, m40 is min grade for prestress so answer should be 400.

Chander said: (May 25, 2018)  
Yes, right @Sudhakar @Paddy.

V Yafav said: (May 30, 2018)  
M35 exposed to the sea coast and for submerged or partially M40 uses.

Mantu said: (Aug 6, 2018)  
Prestressed - minimum 35& maximum -40grade of concrete is used.
So, 35N/mm^2 or 350kg/cm^2 is correct.

Prashant said: (Aug 16, 2018)  
Here question is prestresses concrete not pre or pro-tension so, option 4 is right.

Aushutosh said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
The Average of pre & post is taken here.

Ashok said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
Pre 40 and post 30.

Viru Kapoor said: (Nov 1, 2018)  
Concrete grade used for post tension M30.

Pretensioning M40.

Ratandeep said: (Jul 25, 2019)  

The answer is A.

Tanmoy Karmakar said: (Nov 8, 2019)  
For Post Tension Minimum Grade M30 and For Pre Tension Minimum Grade M40.

So the Answer is 300 kg/cm square.

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