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The effective width of a column strip of a flat slab, is
one-fourth the width of the panel
half the width of the panel
radius of the column
diameter of the column
none of these.
Answer: Option
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Tom said:   2 years ago
So with this, what is the width of the half middle strips given unequal span lengths?

Sahla said:   2 years ago
1 column strip =L/4.
There are 2 column strips on one side.
So we take column strips=2 * L/4=L/2.
So, the given is the correct answer.

Paki said:   3 years ago
Half the width of the panel Or 2 times one-fourth the width of the shortest panel. Please explain.

Divya Dhawan said:   3 years ago
According to IS 456.

31.1.1 For the purpose of this clause, the followingdefinitions shall apply:

a) Column strip - Column strip means a design strip having a width of 0.25 L2, but not greater than 0.25 L1 each side of the columncentre- line, where L1 is the span in the direction moments are being determined, measured centre tocentre of supports and' L2 is th span transverse to measured centre to centre of supports.

Rakesh said:   4 years ago

Right, I am agree with you.

Hardik said:   4 years ago

The question is not asking about drop panel.

Here clearly mention column strip Same as in clause 31.1.1 a) of IS 456. So, I think A is the correct option.

Meena said:   5 years ago
I think the correct answer is A. L/4.

Viru kapoor said:   6 years ago
As per 1956:2000.

The effective width of a column strip of a flat slab is taken as half the width of the panel.

Devid said:   6 years ago
I agree, option B is correct.

Madhu1304 said:   7 years ago
Answer is correct. Refer 31.2.2, it is half the width of panel (drop panel), not slab width.

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