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In India the rails are manufactured by

[A]. open hearth process
[B]. duplex process
[C]. both (a) and (b)
[D]. neither (a) nor (b)

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Arshad Ali said: (Feb 5, 2020)  
Open-hearth process: A process of steelmaking in which the charge is laid in a furnace (open-hearth furnace) on a shallow hearth and heated directly by burning gas as well as radiatively by the furnace walls.

Duplex process : A process for making steel in which the material is partially treated in a furnace of one type, originally a Bessemer, and then transferred without interruption to a furnace of another type, originally an open-hearth furnace.

M.Siddartha said: (Feb 11, 2020)  
Thanks, @Arshad Ali.

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