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To prevent percolation of water into formation, moorum is used as a blanket for
black cotton soil
sandy soil
clayey soil
all the above.
Answer: Option
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Laxmi narayan singh said:   2 years ago
Clayey soil is the right one.

Subham said:   3 years ago

Thank you.

Vinay Kumar said:   5 years ago
Moorum ballast:

The decomposition of laterite results in the formation of moorum. It is red, and sometimes yellow, in colour. The moorum ballast is normally used as the initial ballast in new constructions and also as sub-ballast. As it prevents water from percolating into the formation, it is also used as a blanketing material for black cotton soil.

Anju said:   5 years ago
Thanks for the answer Thanks @Arun Kumar.

Dil said:   8 years ago
No @Arun Kumar

The black cotton soil is the correct answer.

Arun kumar said:   8 years ago
The correct answer is sandy soil.

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