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Mr. W. Simms, the consulting Engineer to the Government of India recommended the gauge for Indian railways
1.435 m as adopted in England
1.800 m as per Indian conditions
1.676 m as a compromise gauge
1.000 m as a standard gauge
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Brahmareddy said:   7 years ago
What is mean by compromise gauge?

Sudhir said:   7 years ago
In India, the Governor-GeneralJames Andrew Broun-Ramsay, 10th Earl of Dalhousie determined that a wider gauge than 1,435 mm(4 ft 8 1/2 in) standard gauge was more suitable for larger firebox and stability in high winds and long steep gradients.

"The first agreement of the Government of India with East Indian Railway Company and Great Indian Peninsula Company in 1849 stipulated that railways in India would be built on a four feet, eight and half inches gauge. However, soon there were disagreements with Lord Dalhousie favoring a 6 ft (1,829 mm) gauge and Mr. Simms, the consulting engineer favoring five feet and six inches gauge. Gauge is the distance between two rails. The debate was finally settled in favor of the five and half feet gauge, called the broad gauge in 1850s and the first train that ran from Bombay to Thane ran on broad gauge."

In the late 20th century, India adopted Project Unigauge. Gauge conversion towards Indian gauge is underway, replacing several narrow gauges and meter gauges.

To achieve long term economic feasibility of railway projects by transporting more cargo and passengers, India's all new railway lines will be built with Broad-gauge, with Dedicated Freight Corridor too built using Broad-gauge.

Gaurang said:   7 years ago
Then for N.G?

Subramaniyan L said:   7 years ago
No, the indian railways are used in B.G = 1.676.

Nikhil kushwaha said:   7 years ago
Because of nature of traffic prospects of revenue So gauge is taken 1.676m.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
1676 mm because when the prospects of revenue are Very bright.

Ramesh said:   8 years ago
As per India B.G = 1.676 m.

Prasad said:   9 years ago
Please explain it.

Shiva said:   10 years ago
In India broad gauge will be used then B.G = 1.676m.

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