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F.S.L. of a canal at its head with respect to parent channel is kept

[A]. at the same level
[B]. 15 cm lower
[C]. 15 cm higher
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Taruna said: (Jun 27, 2013)  
If F.S.L. of a canal at its head is more than that of parent canal, then it is required to provide one or more than one outlet at u/s side.

Hemu said: (Jul 13, 2015)  
What's is mean by FSL?

Raj said: (Sep 16, 2015)  

F.S.L = Full Supply Level.

Zemenu said: (Nov 16, 2015)  
F.S.L= It is canal x-section which can holding (carrying) the amount of water needed for irrigation/supply.

Anirban said: (Oct 11, 2017)  
What's is mean by parent channel?

Engr. Kashif Goraya said: (Mar 11, 2018)  
Parent channel means that type of canal which can share the water towards the sub canal.

Waseem said: (Mar 16, 2020)  
Can anybody justify the answer?

Kavya said: (May 26, 2020)  

The regulator provided on the parent canal.

Dha Bdr Khatri said: (Jan 16, 2021)  
15 Cm higher is the right answer.

M.Indravathi said: (Apr 15, 2021)  
Can anybody explain the answer in detail?

Rahul Rana said: (Apr 17, 2021)  
@M. Indravathi.

See when we take out a canal from a stream or river (parent channel) obviously we have to keep it at a lower level with respect to the parent channel so that water can easily enter into it. If we keep it at a higher elevation then proper entrance of water in the canal can not be achieved.

So, the given answer (B) is correct.

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