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In north Indian Plains, optimum depth of kor watering for wheat, is

[A]. 23.0 cm
[B]. 19.0 cm
[C]. 17.5 cm
[D]. 13.5 cm
[E]. 12.0 cm

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Har said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
The first watering is done when the crop has grown to about three centimeters. This watering is known as Kor watering.

Raja Rajeev Pal said: (Mar 13, 2019)  
19 cm for Rice.

13.5 cm for wheat.

Raja said: (Aug 4, 2019)  
17.5cm for sugarcane.

Rehan Ahmad said: (Apr 18, 2020)  
Thanks @Raja.

Himansu Barik said: (Aug 21, 2021)  
Kor watering means?

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