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Along high ways confirmatory route markers are generally fixed

[A]. before the crossing on the left side
[B]. after the crossing on the left side
[C]. before the crossing on the right side
[D]. after the crossing on the right side.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Anshita said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
It's before or after? please explain it.

Abhinav Saxena said: (Jul 30, 2017)  
Kindly Explain it.

Kajal said: (Aug 14, 2017)  
The right answer is c.

Gubi said: (Dec 15, 2017)  
As per IRC 7 confirmatory route markers are erected in the left side as one approaches the junction or road.

Raj Kumar said: (Feb 4, 2018)  
Signs are placed on the left side of the road Not before or after crossing the road.

Virender Pal said: (Jul 23, 2018)  
Please explain the correct answer.

Naveen Lucky said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
The answer is (A) signboard should provide before the crossing the road user may know if there any cross-section or any other else have to know so provide before.

Abhik said: (Mar 9, 2019)  
It's not signboard. It is confirmatory road.

Sai said: (May 6, 2019)  
Confirmatory route markers are also informatory signs.

Y R said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
Option A is correct as vehicles are guided before the crossing and not after.

Waqar said: (Dec 29, 2019)  
It's confirmatory not infomatory. So it must be after the route has been taken to insure that you are on right track.

Jinish said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
A reassurance marker or confirming marker is a type of traffic sign that confirms the identity of the route being traveled without providing information found on other types of road signs, such as distances traveled as is done by highway location markers, distances to other locations or upcoming intersections.

Krishna Mondal said: (May 1, 2020)  
Please explain the correct theory.

Sabana said: (Jun 30, 2020)  
Confirmatory are generally traffic signs. Its provide along the high way road and left side. Actually driver before crossing in intersection point then saw the signs. So, I think A is the correct answer.

Nehe Lava said: (Jan 19, 2021)  
I think option A is the correct answer.

Lipan said: (Jan 19, 2021)  
Confirmatory means to confirm your route. So generally it provided after few distances. From any crossed road junction. Hence it provided in both the sided. But as per our point of view. We sea it in the left side.

Minal S. K. said: (May 21, 2021)  
Friends the given answer is correct.

As it is not a normal signboard it's a confirmatory marker. Hence it's provided after the junction or any square to confirm our route is correct or not. i.e After the crossing on the left side.

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