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Gradient resistance of moving vehicles along down slopes, is
+ 7 kg/tonne
+ 9 kg/tonne
- 9 kg/tonne
- 7 kg/tonne
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Siddhant Subedi said:   8 months ago
The frictional resistance is generally taken 1% of the load i.e. 10kg/tonne and the closest answer is 9 kg/tonne and negative because the down slopes of the gradient.

Ankush said:   1 year ago
Explain the answer.

Suresh said:   3 years ago
How is -0.9? Explain please.

Mehboob said:   4 years ago
Anyone explain the answer.

Lekh said:   4 years ago
Explain the answer.

Niva said:   6 years ago
I agree with the given answer.

Salma said:   6 years ago
How it is? Explain.

Rafaqat said:   7 years ago
Is this any specification? or it came from calculations?

Ankur said:   7 years ago
Can I get the solution of this?

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