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Any gradient on a road is said to be an exceptional gradient, if it is

[A]. more than ruling gradient
[B]. less than average gradient
[C]. more than floating gradient
[D]. less than minimum gradient or more than maximum gradient.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Anuj Nehra said: (Jul 12, 2017)  
I think less than minimum gradient should not be counted in exceptional gradient. Exception gradient is very steep and can be provided for a short span only. Whereas less than minimum gradient can be provided for a very long duration as well even it is not objectionable.

Aamir said: (Jan 5, 2018)  
I Agree with you @Anuj.

Jivitosh said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
I too agree @Anuj.

Munesh Kumar Meena said: (Jun 1, 2018)  
A is the right answer and not use more than 100m.

Amar said: (Aug 7, 2018)  
Answer D is the correct answer.

And the maximum length of an exceptional gradient should not exceed 60m in one km road length.

Mohit said: (Dec 17, 2018)  
No, the correct answer must be A.

Mohit said: (Dec 17, 2018)  
No, the correct answer must be A.

Utsav said: (Jan 1, 2019)  
More or less than the ruling gradient? Anyone explain the correct answer.

Anup said: (Jan 6, 2019)  
Exceptional > Limiting > Ruling > Minimum.

Vaish said: (Mar 5, 2019)  
Gradients are divided into the following categories:

1. Ruling gradient.
2. Limiting gradient.
3. Exceptional gradient.
4. Minimum gradient.
5. Average gradient.
6. Floating gradient.

Option C can only be the right one.

Kalmesh said: (Jun 15, 2019)  
More then the ruling gradient is the correct answer.

Duggal said: (Oct 18, 2019)  
Yes floating gradient is right answer.

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