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Is 459-1978 recommends to provide certain minimum steel in a RCC beam

[A]. to ensure compression failure
[B]. to avoid rupture of steel in case a flexural failure occurs
[C]. to hold the stirrup steel in position
[D]. to provide enough ductility to the beam

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Gyanadatta Rout said: (Feb 23, 2014)  
Concrete is weak in tension, so that concrete is reinforced to resist tension force acting on it.

Hassan said: (Mar 14, 2014)  
Also to avoid sudden failure because the difference between steel and concrete tension strength. When over load -over stress the cracks appears will be warning.

Abid Ali said: (Nov 13, 2014)  
I think it is to provide enough ductility to the beam. The language of option B is not suitable for answer.

Deepthi said: (Dec 16, 2014)  
Ductility might be suitable option as per is 13920.

Paras Nayyar said: (May 23, 2016)  
According to me option D is the correct answer.

Karthik said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
I think option B is correct because steel is mainly provided to give flexural strength to the concrete.

Rahul said: (Nov 18, 2016)  
Yes, D is the answer.

Aaron said: (Feb 7, 2017)  
IS 456-2000 Recommends providing certain minimum steel in a RCC beam.

Answer : to provide enough ductility to the beam.

Asaithambi said: (Feb 9, 2017)  
Sometimes minimum steels are provided beam first ductility and second time of rupture and flexure failure.

Shashi said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
I think the answer is D.

Roy said: (Jan 22, 2018)  
Can you please tell me the clause no Aaron?

Ronak Gupta said: (Feb 5, 2018)  
Yes, the answer is D.

Niru said: (Dec 26, 2018)  
Yes, the answer is D. I agree.

Hethu said: (Jan 17, 2019)  
Rupture of steel is desirable because it gives prior warning before sudden failure so option B can not be answer. Option D is correct answer.

Shankar said: (Jan 25, 2019)  
Minimum tension steel reinforcement prevent sudden failure.

Niladri Roy said: (Feb 29, 2020)  
The correct answer is to provide enough ductility to the beam.

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