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Delta (Δ) in cm. Duty (D) in hectare Cumec and Base period (B) in days are related as
Δ = 864 B/D
B = 864 D
B = 864 Δ/D
D = 8.64 B
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Yasir gandalur said:   7 months ago
A is the correct option according to the given statement.

While in the case of metre; D is the correct option.

Nila said:   3 years ago
A is the correct option as delta in cm.

Sunil T S said:   4 years ago
Option A is correct(cm).

Prashant rau said:   6 years ago
A is the correct answer because delta in cm.

Sanath said:   6 years ago
A is the correct option.

Suman sarkar said:   7 years ago
δ= 864 B/D cm.
δ = 8.64 B/D m.

Baloch said:   7 years ago
D is right,

Δ = 8.64 B/D (replacing delta with B) = 8.64 B/Δ.

Rohit chandel said:   7 years ago

A option is the right answer.

Rajat said:   10 years ago
A option is correct as delta is in cm.

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