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The number of simultaneous equations to be solved in the slope deflection method, is equal to :
the degree of statical indeterminacy
the degree of kinematic indeterminacy
the number of joints in the structure
none of the above
Answer: Option
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Divya said:   9 years ago
Explain me how it is?

Anil das said:   9 years ago
The no. of equation formed depends on the no. of joints.

Shahzad said:   9 years ago
The number of equation depend upon the support and joint.

Ammu said:   9 years ago
Please explain clearly.

Rajesh said:   9 years ago
Explain how?

Jaya said:   9 years ago
I can't understand.

Vengat said:   9 years ago
I want deep explanation.

Moni said:   9 years ago
In slope deflection method: The simultaneous equation can be solved only by the count of number of joints in that structure.

Lokesh said:   9 years ago
Whatever the forces formed are acting in any type of structure, will act on joints (imagine all supports can be considered as joints, but joints are not supports). Force can act horizontal & vertical at any joints. Generally to get unknown forces we will prepare equations accordingly.

Vara said:   9 years ago
Number of equation depends upon the number of joints.

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