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The number of simultaneous equations to be solved in the slope deflection method, is equal to :
the degree of statical indeterminacy
the degree of kinematic indeterminacy
the number of joints in the structure
none of the above
Answer: Option
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Sahil said:   2 years ago
Exactly, option B is the correct answer.

Ishwar said:   3 years ago
Kinematic indeterminacy : Solve a simple problem you will get to know.

Sneha Mathai said:   3 years ago
They are asking about a number of simultaneous equations that to be solved in SDM. It is equal to no of joints in the structure.

But in SDM, no of unknowns = Kinematic indeterminacy.

S. Biswas said:   5 years ago
Answer should be 'Degree of Kinematic Indeterminacy'. Slope Deflection method is a kinematic method. The unknowns in this method are the unknown displacements or translations and unknown rotations at joints of any structure which is subjected to bending. Hence the number of simultaneous equations to be solved in the slope deflection method, is equal to degree of kinematic indeterminacy.

Girish said:   6 years ago

It is no of joint rotation and not number of joints
In the non-sway frame, only rotation of joints considered as an unknown, which is nothing but the degree of kinematic indeterminacy.
In sway frame sway of frame i.e. horizontal displacement of the frame is additional unknown, which is also nothing but the additional degree of kinematic indeterminacy.

Tanu said:   6 years ago
Option B is correct because No of equation required =Dk.

Pavithra M M said:   7 years ago
How is it please tell in the slope deflection we are not taking joints?

Naveen said:   7 years ago
It depends upon Kinematic Indeterminacy.

Mohanraj said:   7 years ago
We can not form the equation at the fixed support (joint). So it will not depend on joints. It will depend on kinematic indeterminacy. We can form the equations at intermediate and simple joints only. Because there only kinematic indeterminacy is possible.

Duraisamy said:   7 years ago
Slope deflection methods applied shear and joints.

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