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Which one of the following represents an activity

[A]. excavation for foundation
[B]. curing of concrete
[C]. setting of question paper
[D]. preparation of breakfast
[E]. all the above.

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Sujit said: (Oct 26, 2013)  
Activity means which has particular duration, start, finish and have some resource, so all satisfy this condition.

Ch Srinivasa Rao said: (Aug 7, 2014)  
Activity means certain designated tisk including required resources to complete the same.

Sunny said: (Jan 11, 2015)  
Activity means a particular task in the project.

Said Jamal said: (Jan 29, 2015)  
Activity means any purposeful and designated task having define resources with ultimate end goal and desired result.

Hesham Bendary said: (Apr 16, 2015)  
Activity : It is a unit of work break down structure which have a duration and unique purpose to do.

Gunjan Kunwar said: (Jun 15, 2015)  
Can you please tell me what is the difference between event and activity?

Annoynomous said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
Activity means to do any sort of work, which may include any thing that is physical or mental.

Kennedy Kean Nava said: (Oct 8, 2015)  
How about alternative A?

David Samuel said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
Activity mean to do work an finish it without remaining.

Hanimo said: (Jul 23, 2019)  
The Correct answer would be option A.

Raj said: (Jul 28, 2019)  
Yeah, agree the correct answer is A.

Sachin said: (Apr 20, 2021)  
Activity means a consume resources & And has a Definite beginning & end.

The beginning & Completion of an activity.

Merera Tafese said: (Apr 11, 2022)  
The Correct answer is option A.

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