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Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

[A]. An activity of a project is denoted by an arrow on the net work
[B]. The tail of the arrow indicates the start of the activity
[C]. The head of the arrow indicates the end of the activity
[D]. The arrows are drawn to scale from left to right
[E]. Each activity consumes a given time.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sanjeev said: (Apr 12, 2014)  
Arrow represents the duration of activity not scale distance between events.

Mohit said: (Jul 25, 2015)  
I think option A is also correct because in a network activity is denoted by an arrow.

Ajay said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
I think the dummy activity does not require any time.

Rajarshi said: (Apr 6, 2017)  
Dummy activity doesn't any resource or time for completion. So the correct answer will be D & E.

Muluken said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
Option 'E' can be an answer. Because dummy activity is an activity but which do not require any time frame or the duration is zero unit of time.

Debashis said: (Aug 14, 2017)  
Option E is the answer as dummy activity doesn't consume any time.

Umar Bin Abdul Aziz said: (Jan 1, 2019)  
A bigger arrow would represent activity with larger duration, same goes for the smaller arrow, so how come D is correct?

Gajendra Raj Joshi said: (Jun 8, 2019)  

Arrow doesn't represent the amount of duration. We don't treat it the way we treat vectors. It is the basic rule of network diagram.

Gaurav Kumar said: (Apr 3, 2021)  
There is no significance of the length of the arrow in the project network.

It can be drawn from left to right or right to left.

Pranay Warghat said: (Jun 1, 2021)  
A is the correct answer.

Pk Manush said: (Oct 21, 2021)  
D is the correct answer because.

Duration of the activities are representing from left to the right.

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