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Permissible compressive strength of M 150 concrete grade is
100 kg/cm2
150 kg/cm2
200 kg/cm2
250 kg/cm2
300 kg/cm2
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Sikandar joshi said:   7 months ago
Permissible tensile strength of concrete, M150.

RDJ said:   4 years ago
What is permissible TENSILE strength of M150 concrete?

Shaban Kumar Mandal said:   4 years ago
But what is the tensile compressive strenth of concrete?

Mohammad Al-Sous said:   6 years ago
kgf/cm^2 value = MPa value x 10.1972.

Kishan mandal said:   6 years ago
150Kg/cm^2 is the correct answer.

Makvana Disha said:   7 years ago
Here, permissible strength is required to be determine fck 150 is already given. So, permissible strength= fck/partial safety factor.

150/1.5 = 100 kg/

fck = characteristic compressive strength of concrete at 28 days after curing.

Raviraj Patel said:   7 years ago
It's 150 because M150 means M denotes design mix of concrete and 150 denotes the permissible comprehensive strength of concrete after 28 days of 150mm cube.

M15 15
M20 20 Etc

Sonu Raj said:   7 years ago
What the difference between permissible and characteristics strength?

Pankaj said:   7 years ago
100 kg/cm2 is the right answer because we allow it after failure in compressive standard unit.

Pusp Raj Bhatt said:   7 years ago
Answer should be 37.5Kg/cm2 for direct compression and 40Kg/cm2 for bending compression, 150 is Characteristic strength not permissible.

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