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Ordinary Portland cement is manufactured from

[A]. lime stone and clay
[B]. gypsum and lime
[C]. pozzolana
[D]. lime, pozzolana and clay.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Vivek said: (Nov 21, 2013)  
Option B may be correct but one should also bear in the mind that for ordinary cement concrete there are two important ingredients

1) argillaceous.

2) calcareous.

Lucky said: (Feb 5, 2016)  
Option A is correct.

As limestone as calcareous material while clay as argillaceous material used for manufacturing OPC.

Kalaiyarasan said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
Option A is the correct answer.

Baloch said: (Nov 14, 2016)  
I think A is correct, OPC contains mainly calcareous and alumina.

Nuthan said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
Yes, the Option A is the correct answer.

Sk Abdul Suraj said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
It should be A.

Because 1/3 of argillaceous material as clay & shals and 2/3 of calcareous material as limestone, chalk, marl.

Darshit said: (Jan 30, 2017)  
Yes, A is the correct answer.

Midhun Madhav said: (Mar 28, 2017)  
The answer is B because the cement manufacturing process basically take 3 materials
1. Calcareous
2. Argillaceous
3. Gypsum.

The Limestone and Clay mentioned in Option A is correct but they are only 2 of the materials used for production. Marl, Chalk can also be used as other sources other than limestone. This is the reason it is Option B.

Most important part is Calcareous materials are those which contain lime and not limestone.

Vikram said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
Option A is correct answer.

Nirmal said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
Why not D?

Ajay Nakum said: (Nov 5, 2017)  
The manufacturing process of Ordinary Portland cement is made primarily from calcareous and argillaceous materials, such as limestone or chalk, and from aluminium oxide, silica oxide, ferric oxide and magnesium oxide found as clay or shale.

Niraj Kumar said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
Option A is correct.

Kur said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
A is right.

Raj Yadav said: (Apr 26, 2018)  
I think A is correct option.

Avinash Reddy said: (Oct 19, 2018)  
A is correct lime stone (calcareous) and clay (aluminum, silica, ferric oxides) because 5% of gypsum is added just to overcome quick setting of cement.

Vikki said: (Feb 13, 2019)  
Gypsum is a important part of cement so I think B option is a correct explanation because without gypsum cement set imideatly after mixing water.

Abhishek Gowda said: (Apr 13, 2019)  
Only 2 to 3% gypsum is added to the cement.

So, I think option A is correct.

Rajan Pokhrel said: (Jul 2, 2019)  
Option A Gypsum is only a small amount so the correct answer is limestone and clay.

Billu said: (Jan 27, 2020)  
Pozzolana contains silicious properties. So why not D?

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