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For the construction of cement concrete floor, the maximum permissible size of aggregate, is
4 mm
6 mm
8 mm
10 mm
12 mm
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Rohan Mukherjee said:   2 years ago

For small works the small size of aggregate will be used.

For RCC-20mm.
For massive structures -40 mm is permissible.
Here in this question 10 mm is correct.

Kalpana said:   3 years ago
Whst is the reason behind it? Please explain.

Sridharreddyputta said:   4 years ago
It is 20mm.

Waqar ahmed said:   5 years ago
It depends upon the thickness of floor and purpose for which floor is to be designed.

Generally, in case of massive construction such as dam we use 40mm aggregate size.

For floor and in case of reinforced member we use the 20mm size of aggregate similarly for normal floor aggregate size should be 10mm.

Mocha said:   6 years ago
20mm is not enough for reinforcement 18mm is enough for it.

Nitin said:   6 years ago
40MM agg get up to 200kg/cm2 strength.
20MM agg get up to 300kg/cm2 strength in construction.

Roopa said:   6 years ago
What is the min size of aggregate used for different type of constructions?

Bapureddy said:   6 years ago
How it is? Explain me.

Raja maitra said:   6 years ago
What do you mean by adjust spacing?

Sujeet said:   7 years ago
10mm for floor.
20mm for reinforcement.
40mm for massive construction.

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