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reduces the shrinkage of concrete
preserves the properties of concrete
prevents the loss of water by evaporation
all of the above.
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Pulak moral said:   4 years ago
The minimum period for curing concrete to attain maximum strength is 28 Days. From the above graph, it is clear that concrete attains 50% of its design strength when it cured for 3-7 Days. 75% of Compressive strength achieved in 14 days and 90% of strength by 28 days as time goes on the strength increase gradually.

Bandari vishnu vardhan reddy said:   6 years ago
Actually, the crack is formed due to the heat of hydration in the structure (members) so this heat is reduced by curing.

Lukman ada said:   7 years ago
Curing is must for construction work because of various advantages mainly for strength workability and it remain the amount of moisture in concrete.

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