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To prevent segregation, the maximum height for placing concrete, is

[A]. 100 cm
[B]. 125 cm
[C]. 150 cm
[D]. 200 cm
[E]. 250 cm

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Darpan Gautam said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
As per IS 456 clause 13 transporting, placing.

Compaction and curing height = 150 cm.

Satishpujari said: (Oct 14, 2015)  
13.2 Placing.

The concrete shall be deposited as nearly as practicable in its final position to avoid re-handling. The concrete shall be placed and compacted before initial setting of concrete commences and should not be subsequently disturbed.

Methods of placing should be such as to preclude segregation. Care should be taken to avoid displacement of reinforcement or movement of form work. As a general guidance, the maximum permissible free fall of concrete may be taken as 1.5 m.

Sucharit Barua said: (Jan 9, 2016)  
I think the answer A is according to the is 456-1977.

Darshan H A said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Yes, answer is 150cm as per is 456:2000.

Sowmya said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
Can you say which code is to be preferred? I think it is IS:456-2000.

Am I correct? Because it is the modified code.

Dhruv said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Yes, the answer is 1.5m.

Agree @Satishpujari.

The Lord said: (Dec 17, 2016)  
Can anybody tell me for sure, what will be the answer?

Sureshchandra said: (Jan 15, 2017)  
Yes, answer is 1.5 m is correct.

Nitin said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
Yes, Exactly the answer is 1.5 m.

Nitin Kautilya said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
Yes, the correct answer is 1.5m.

Tushar Patel said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
As per IS 456:200 1.5 m right.

Gurunaathan K said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
As per IS 456: 2000, it is 1.5m.

But, even 2.1 m shall be adopted without the problem of segregation provided the w/b ratio is maintained properly.

Alok said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Most of exam paper this ans is 1.5 m but in book it is 1.0 m. So what is the right one.

Cive said: (Dec 16, 2017)  
The free fall height of placing concrete should be 150cm but placing of contete prevented by shrinkage it should not exceed 100cm. So ans1 is correct.

Arvind Yadav said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
1.5m according to IS 456 2000.

And 1m according to IS 1978.

Hesan said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
Minimum 100cm.
Maximum 150cm.

Vivek Singh said: (Jun 8, 2018)  
1m for SSC je & IS CODE 456:2000 say 1.5.

Avinash Reddy said: (Oct 19, 2018)  
It is Not more than 2mts.

Sanjay Singh said: (Oct 30, 2018)  
Then, What is the minimum height?

Bapan Sardar said: (Feb 24, 2019)  
As per my knowledge, it is Not More than 1.5 m.

Kapil said: (Sep 8, 2019)  
Normally, 1m but should not greater than 1.5m.

Abubakar said: (Nov 14, 2019)  
Ya as per my knowledge also it is 1.5m.

Mehul Parmar said: (Jan 10, 2020)  
150 cm because they ask for maximum value, not minimum. So as per IS 456:2000 it is 1.5 m maximum and 1.0 m minimum height.

Shaik Sadiq said: (Feb 11, 2020)  
Minimum height is 1.2 m.

Aniket said: (May 9, 2020)  
According to :

IS 456:1978 it is 100 cm.
IS 456:2000 it is 150 cm.

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