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For concreting tunnel linings, tran-portation of concrete is done by

[A]. pans
[B]. wheel borrows
[C]. containers
[D]. pumps
[E]. belt conveyors.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Aravind Gottumukkala said: (Aug 29, 2014)  
Pumps are meant to carry concrete to a distance of only 400m, so not sure if pumps/conveyors.

Harish Kumar said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
Pump is right. I agree.

Vidya said: (Feb 15, 2019)  
Belt conveyors is the correct answer.

Abhik said: (Mar 14, 2019)  
Belt conveyor is used for short distances. So D is correct.

Gsmk said: (Nov 16, 2019)  
The pump is the right answer. A transit mixer can carry the concrete into the tunnels. I know the procedure.

Mdhambal said: (Apr 7, 2020)  
Belt conveyor is right option.

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