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The process of proper and accurate measurement of concrete ingredients for uniformity of proportion, is known
none of these.
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Mahesh said:   2 years ago
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Archana said:   2 years ago
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Bibek Anand said:   4 years ago
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Suraj chaurasiya said:   4 years ago
The major source is involved in concreting are as follows;
1) batching.
2) transportation.
3) mixing.
4) compaction.

As we know that, Batching of aggregate play a very important role in the preparation of cement concrete.

Batching of aggregate directly affect the strength of cement concrete.

A Ghaffar said:   4 years ago
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Uday said:   5 years ago
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Subhajit KAnjilal said:   6 years ago
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Satish 57 said:   6 years ago
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Sapna said:   8 years ago
The major steps involved in the process of concreting are as follows:

1. Batching.
2. Mixing.
3. Transporting and placing of concrete.
4. Compacting.

> Batching: The process of measurement of the different materials for the making of concrete is known as batching. Batching is usually done in two ways: volume batching and weight batching. In case of volume batching the measurement is done in the form of volume whereas in the case of weight batching it is done by the weight.

> Mixing: In order to create good concrete the mixing of the materials should be first done in dry condition and after it wet condition. The two general methods of mixing are: hand mixing and machine mixing.

> Transportation and placing of concrete: Once the concrete mixture is created it must be transported to its final location. The concrete is placed on form works and should always be dropped on its final location as closely as possible.

> Compaction of concrete: When concrete is placed it can have air bubbles entrapped in it which can lead to the reduction of the strength by 30%. In order to reduce the air bubbles the process of compaction is performed. Compaction is generally performed in two ways: by hand or by the use of vibrators.

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