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The hardest rock is
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Extra said:   10 years ago
Is diamond a rock?

SUBINSEKHAR said:   10 years ago
Since it is a natural mineral, we can consider diamond as a rock.

Mukunda said:   9 years ago
Answer will be thinner.

Nawaz ikram said:   9 years ago
Diamonds are not a rock. They are a mineral. Minerals are a "naturally occurring, inorganic (not alive) solid, they also have a crystal-shaped structure.

Rocks are a little different. They contain one or more minerals, but are not minerals themselves. Granite, for instance, is made of quartz and other minerals, often feldspar and biotite.

Mujahid hussain said:   8 years ago
Diamonds are minerals, and also refined form of mineral which we naturally occurring.

Sreejith Nair said:   8 years ago
A rock formed by only one mineral is called Monomineralic rock and several minerals are polymineralic rock.

Ganesh Chaudhary said:   2 years ago
Explain the right answer.

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