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The minimum thickness of walls built in cement mortar (1 : 6) for a single storey building, is
10 cm
15 cm
20 cm
25 cm
30 cm.
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Suresh Mandal said:   2 years ago
The given Answer is right.

Because we use 1:6 mortar for load-bearing walls and 1:4 for the partition walls so for partition walls 10 cm and for load-bearing or external wall 20cm or 23cm is the minimum wall thickness.

Bijkumar Yadav said:   2 years ago
I think the Maximum thickness brick wall 23cm.

Izaz said:   3 years ago
For all type Building with RCC frame structure, for non load bearing wall, minimum required wall thickness should be 8 inch (200mm) thick for outer wall and to reduce the cost, we can reduce the thickness to 4 inch (100mm) for interior wall partition in RCC frame structure.

Atif Baloch said:   5 years ago
1"=25mm here unit is given in Cm so 1"=2.5cm.

So 9*2.5=22cm but here close answer is 20cm so 20cm is the right answer.

Manoj said:   5 years ago
For external wall we provide 23 cm wall and for internal wall 10 cm. Then minimum thickness should be 10 cm.

How 20 cm will be the answer?

Anomies said:   5 years ago
20 cm is right. I agree.

Apcivilian said:   6 years ago
10 cm is answer, as we can provide stretcher bond.

Explain me if I am wrong.

Sachin ghodake said:   8 years ago
Is it for traditional brick or standard brick?

Aaba said:   8 years ago
But one size is 9" so how can build that? I can't understand that.

Kuldip patil said:   8 years ago
It will be minimum one brick thickness as 20 mm.

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