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Stud(s) of a common wooden partition
are vertical wooden members
is the upper horizontal wooden member
is the lower horizontal wooden member
are the intermediate horizontal wooden members.
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Ratna lohkare said:   2 years ago
Right, Thanks @Gomathi D.

Gomathi D said:   4 years ago
Vertical wooden members - Studs.
Upper horizontal wooden member - Top plate.
Lower horizontal wooden member - Base plate.
Intermediate horizontal wooden members - Noggins.

Sameer sopori said:   5 years ago
Stud: Stud is a vertical support for the glass, gypsum, wood partitions.

Runner: Runner is a horizontal support for the glass, gypsum, wood partitions.

RAMLAL DAS said:   7 years ago
Studs are a fundamental element in frame building.

Deepak said:   8 years ago
Studs may be frame partition of door and Windows to which shutter (movable portion) are attached so for common window partition they must be vertical member.

Leo said:   9 years ago
Studs are working like columns.

Atiq Ur Rahman said:   9 years ago
What is studs?

Shiv kumar said:   9 years ago
An upright support in the wall of building are attached which sheathing.

Abhishek said:   9 years ago
Are studs provided in doors also?

Ravi Mehta said:   10 years ago
An upright support in the wall of a building to which sheathing, drywall, etc. are attached.

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