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Which of the following is the most suitable for extraction in a system having very low density difference ?

[A]. Mixer-settler extractor
[B]. Centrifugal extractor
[C]. Pulsed extractor
[D]. Packed extraction tower

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Sandip said: (Aug 23, 2012)  
Can anyone explain this?

Jayesh Desai said: (Sep 26, 2013)  
Same as centrifugal decanter used in low density same for in extraction.

Pyas said: (Nov 5, 2013)  
As additional work needs to be done to separate as the density difference is low.

Khawal said: (Sep 13, 2014)  
The density difference is very small so that having same melting point so that it difficult to separation.

Ashok said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
To make butter at home by wooden centrifugal extractor from buttermilk.

Gajendran said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
Please explain this answer.

Vishal said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Anyone, explain the answer clearly.

Nirav Soni said: (Apr 11, 2020)  
Also we can use evaporator to separate the liquid based on density difference.

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