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Head developed by a centrifugal pump depends on its
impeller diameter
both (a) and (b)
neither (a) nor (b)
Answer: Option
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Muhammad Farhan said:   2 weeks ago
The impeller creates a vacuum at the suction side and it increases the velocity of the fluid.

Kamalkrushna said:   3 months ago
Impeller works for create a vacuum in the suction side.

Ashok kumar said:   6 years ago
An impeller is something which is used to create a vacuum inside it due to which we lift the fluid From low pressure to high pressure.

Kirstos said:   7 years ago
What is meant by impeller?

Alok said:   7 years ago
Head = (impeller blade velocity at outlet/g) [impeller blade velocity at outlet-Q/ (peripheral area of impeller * tanB) ].

Since peripheral area includes a diameter of the impeller so the answer is both A and B therefor option is correct.

Shubham said:   7 years ago
How to calculate total head?

TENENDRA said:   8 years ago
Because HEAD is direct proportional speed N.

Rama Krishna said:   8 years ago
Head means the pump discharge the liquid at the maximum height is called head it is dependence on its speed (consider the all friction losses).

Muhammad khurram Altaf said:   9 years ago
As the diameter increases, the centrifugal force tends to increase which results in increase in head of a fluid.

Karthik said:   10 years ago
Discharge press is directly proportional to pump head.

This discharge press depends on impeller dia and rpm(velocity).

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