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Bitwise & can be used to check if more than one bit in a number is on.
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Shreedevi said:   3 years ago
1 & 1 = 1.

Pavan said:   4 years ago
Thanks for explaining @Divya.

Satya said:   9 years ago
We have to follow & truth table: 1 & 11111111 then we get 1.

Asif ali said:   1 decade ago
Bitwise operator is used for check one bit in a number is on or off both.

Divya said:   1 decade ago
Checking if more than one bit in a number is on, is nothing but counting no:of 1s in a number..

int c=0;
{ if (num & 1)
printf(" no:of bits on=%d",c);

Datta said:   1 decade ago

Sreejith said:   1 decade ago
Could anyone please explain me the answer?

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