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BRACl, an inherited form of breast cancer, regulates cell division by
binding to a DNA sequence
complexing with cyclins
binding to the cell outer membrane
binding to the protein RAD 51 which repairs DNA damage
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Sankarsan said:   4 years ago
In the nucleus of many types of normal cells, the BRCA1 protein interacts with RAD51 during repair of DNA double-strand breaks. These breaks can be caused by natural radiation or other exposures, but also occur when chromosomes exchange genetic material (homologous recombination, Eg: "crossing over" during meiosis). The BRCA2 protein, which has a function similar to that of BRCA1, also interacts with the RAD51 protein. By influencing DNA damage repair, these three proteins play a role in maintaining the stability of the human genome.

Rekha said:   7 years ago
I want a full description for this question, if someone has answer please explain.

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