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The best way to determine the location of protein in the purification scheme is to measure the
rate of ATP synthesis
changes in the refractive index
UV absorption
mass spectroscopy of the protein
Answer: Option
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Enas said:   3 years ago
I think the answer must be D to know if there still any more impurities still present, but answer c is correct to determine concentration of protein especially when purified in gel electrophoresis.

Jas said:   4 years ago
UV detectors are used along with the purification system to measure the protein conc. There is no clear relation between protein and ATP synthesis.

Eyasu.k said:   4 years ago
I also agree it must be C.

Uche said:   5 years ago
Yes, I too agree. It is option C.

Ssk said:   5 years ago
Answer must be C.

Majo said:   5 years ago
Please anyone explain this.

Vomique said:   6 years ago
I Can't understand the relationship between the location of protein and rate of ATP synthesis.

Please anyone explain me.

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