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Why does the glycolytic pathway continue in the direction of glucose catabolism?

[A]. There are essentially three irreversible reactions that act as the driving force for the pathway
[B]. High levels of ATP keep the pathway going in a forward direction
[C]. The enzymes of glycolysis only function in one direction
[D]. Glycolysis occurs in either direction

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ayubu said: (May 3, 2012)  
Although most of the reactions in glycolysis are reversible they markedly exergonic and therefore must be termed as irreversible.

Aron said: (Dec 26, 2012)  
What are three pathway are irreversible?

Otile said: (Sep 6, 2015)  
The most important and very crucial steps in Glycolysis are Phosphorylation of Glucose upto the stage when Fructose 1-6 bisphosphate is formed and the irreversible step 1 i.e Glucose Phosphorylation that helps Glucose to remain in polar state not to exit the cell (Hexokinase & Glucokinase),

And Phosphorylation of Fructose 6 phosphate into Fructose 1-6 Bisphosphate (PhosphoFructoKinase 1) which is actually under regulation very close stimulation and inhibition of (ATP, Citrate) and AMP respectively and ofcose Fructose 2-6 bisphosphate (formed by PhosphoFructokinase 2) avery powerful stimulant of PFK 1, and and inhibitor of gluconeogenesis enables the cycle in one direction.

Abdyaw said: (Oct 16, 2018)  
Yes, Right @Otile.

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