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Enzyme-driven metabolic pathways can be made more efficient by
concentrating enzymes within specific cellular compartments
grouping enzymes into free-floating, multienzyme complexes
fixing enzymes into membranes so that they are adjacent to each other
All of the above
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Liznahadi said:   6 years ago
Enzymes are general specific substrate one chemical reaction.

Basiru s umar said:   6 years ago
The enzymes are highly specific interacting with one or a few substrate and catalyzing only one type of chemical reaction.

Micah said:   7 years ago
The enzyme should be specific to its substrate.

Pankaj said:   8 years ago
It's not about comparing the methods. Each method by itself is increasing the efficiency of the reaction. Yes, it's true that some are more efficient than the other.

Rachel said:   9 years ago
If the enzymes work better adjacent to one another. How could they also work best in a free floating, multi enzyme complex?

Ayele said:   10 years ago
What is the answer?

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