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In a 100 m race, A beats B by 10 m and C by 13 m. In a race of 180 m, B will beat C by:
5.4 m
4.5 m
5 m
6 m
Answer: Option

A : B = 100 : 90.

A : C = 100 : 87.

B = B x A = 90 x 100 = 30 .
C A C 100 87 29

When B runs 30 m, C runs 29 m.

When B runs 180 m, C runs 29 x 180 m = 174 m.

B beats C by (180 - 174) m = 6 m.

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Manish said:   1 year ago
Thanks for explaining it @Vinay.

Vinay said:   2 years ago

Definition of defeating C for B is a time when B reachs 180m how far behind c is.

If you are getting 5.4 as an answer that means only "A" has reached the finish point of 180m, "B" is still at 162 meters, that is "B" has not completed the race.

Subhajit said:   4 years ago
In 100 m race, a beats b by 10m
a beats c by 13m

So b beats c by (13-10)=3m
Same configuration carry forward to 180m.

So if in. 100m race b beats c by 3m.
180m race b beats c by (3*180)/100.
=5.4m(probable ans).

Another method:

In 100m race a finish 100m at the same instant b finish 90m at the same time c finish 87m
The same configuration carry forwarded
180m race a finish 180m at the same time b finish at 162m at the same time c finish at 156.6m then difference between them is (162-156.6)=5.4m (corrected).

Priyaa said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Rohit.

Sana said:   6 years ago
Another simple method.

B=behind A by 10m or travel-90m,
C= behind A by 13m or travel-87m,
Common difference B and C(90-87)=3m,
Now Follow the question its asked 180m.
B=90m*2=180m so, common difference=3*2=6m.
So, This 6m is the actual beating distance of C by B.

Ramm said:   6 years ago
Good explanation, Thanks @Rohit.

Pranay said:   7 years ago
Simple & of easy to understand @Rohit.

Akhil said:   7 years ago

That was an awesome trick thanks!

R.SUBASH said:   10 years ago
Rohit your method is too great.

And Pintu kashyap in the last line you have one simple mistake, that's not 172 it is 174.

Manmohan Pal said:   1 decade ago
It is given that.

B runs 90 m, C runs 87 m.

If B runs 180 m, C runs (87*180) /90.

C runs = 174 m.


B will beat C by 180-174 = 6 m.

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