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In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 25 m and B can beat C by 4 m. In the same race, A can beat C by:
21 m
26 m
28 m
29 m
Answer: Option

A : B = 100 : 75

B : C = 100 : 96.

A : C = A x B = 100 x 100 = 100 = 100 : 72.
B C 75 96 72

A beats C by (100 - 72) m = 28 m.

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Syed Tajudeen.S said:   1 decade ago
When A runs 100m then B runs 75m and C runs 71m and A beats C by 28m. Then how come 29m? please do clear my doubts

Yuvaraj said:   1 decade ago

Here it states that "In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 25 m and B can beat C by 4 m." It mesns that B beat C by 4 m in 100m race. So B beat C by 3 m in 75m race.

Hence A beats C in 100 m race by 28m (25+3).

Khushboo said:   9 years ago
Here it is B can beat C by 4m which means C is far from B by 4m, so it has traveled 21m

Praveen said:   9 years ago
When A Travels 100 m, B travels 75 m => A:B = 100:75.

When B Travels 100 m, C travels 96 m.

When B Travels 75 m, C travels (96 x 75)/100 = 72 m => B:C = 75:72.

Therefore, A:B:C = 100:75:72.

So, when A Travels 100 m, C travels 72 m.

Therefore, A beat C by 28 m.

Kajal said:   8 years ago
Guys, just read the question, the comma after 100 m indicates 100 m is applicable for the statement before 'and' and after 'and'.

Vivek said:   7 years ago
How did you get 72? @Praveen.

Khandaker Sajib Ahmed said:   7 years ago
It means, When A covers 100m, B covers=100-25=75m. And again, When B covers=100m, C covers=100-4=96m.

ATQ, When B covers 100m, C covers 96m.

when B covers 75m, C covers 96*75/100=72m.

So A can beat C by=100-72=28m.

Leo said:   7 years ago
Thanks for the informations.

Prince Raj Kumar said:   5 years ago
Please give me or short tricks in this number. Thanks.

Priya said:   4 years ago
When A covers 100m.
B covers 100-25=75m.

When B covers 100m.
C covers 96m.

Hence, when A cover 100m.
C cover (4+25)=29-1(we are considering it twice), hence the answer is 28m.

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