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One card is drawn at random from a pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that the card drawn is a face card (Jack, Queen and King only)?
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Clearly, there are 52 cards, out of which there are 12 face cards.

P (getting a face card) = 12 = 3 .
52 13

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Nishidh SOni said:   1 decade ago


In this we are given to draw a single card from J, Q, K means
J OR Q OR K means 4+4+4.

Hope you are cleared.

Praveen choubey said:   8 years ago
Total there are 16 face cards jack, queen, king and ace.

But according to question it is mentioned only (jack, queen and king) so we have taken 12 instead of 16 I think you might have got what I mean to say.

Sushmitha said:   7 years ago
Ace is also a face card. But in question, they have clearly mentioned (king, queen, jack only).

So we consider only these to get the answer.

So it is clearly 3/13.

Partha said:   1 decade ago
Yes you are right because the term face card relates to the images of human faces that can be found on the Kings, Queens and Jacks in a regular deck of cards.

Frank said:   1 decade ago
There are only 3 face cards in one set and there are 4 different sets, face cards are cards on which pictures are printed like jack, king, queen.

MAYURI said:   1 decade ago
In the question the thing asked about is (jack,queen & king only) so 4*3=12 face card,they didn't ask about aces(total face card=16).

Sikkanthar said:   1 decade ago
No dude check the wikipedia there are only 12 face cards in deck cards.

So total number of face cards are only 12.

So answer is 3/13.

Kishore said:   8 years ago
Once observe the question clearly, that jack, king, and queen are 3 cards than each one 4 so 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 I think it may help you.

RITS said:   1 decade ago
A deck of modern (Anglo-American) playing cards has the following face cards:

* Jack
* Queen
* King
by wikipedia

Sumit chatterjee said:   1 decade ago
Yes dude there are 3 face card in a set i.e king,queen,jack...
So total face card is 12 ,
Hence 12/52=3/13..

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