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One card is drawn at random from a pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that the card drawn is a face card (Jack, Queen and King only)?


Answer: Option B


Clearly, there are 52 cards, out of which there are 12 face cards.

P (getting a face card) = 12 = 3 .
52 13

Rashmi said: (Aug 11, 2010)  
Isn't Ace also a face card? in that case it would be 16/52

Frank said: (Aug 12, 2010)  
There are only 3 face cards in one set and there are 4 different sets, face cards are cards on which pictures are printed like jack, king, queen.

Partha said: (Aug 20, 2010)  
Yes you are right because the term face card relates to the images of human faces that can be found on the Kings, Queens and Jacks in a regular deck of cards.

Srinivas said: (Nov 2, 2010)  
I think face card means which are don't have numbers.

Rohit said: (Nov 11, 2010)  
Ace also includes in face cards.

Sateesh said: (Dec 2, 2010)  
Ace doesn't comes under face card. King, queen and jack are called as face cards. There are 12 face cards.

Ramya said: (Dec 28, 2010)  
In R.S agarwal the ace is specified as face card. So totally we have 16 face cards.

Souvik said: (Mar 23, 2011)  
According to my opinion, ace is a face card, thus the ans is 16/52.

Rits said: (Mar 30, 2011)  
A deck of modern (Anglo-American) playing cards has the following face cards:

* Jack
* Queen
* King
by wikipedia

Rahul said: (May 31, 2011)  
Ok dudes either it is 16 or 12? Which one we shud follow. Every one are correct.

Sumit Chatterjee said: (Jun 13, 2011)  
Yes dude there are 3 face card in a set i.e king,queen,jack...
So total face card is 12 ,
Hence 12/52=3/13..

Rani said: (Jul 28, 2011)  
In RS Agarwal it is given that there are 16 face cards.

Sachin said: (Aug 4, 2011)  
in Aces there is no face... like king, queen, joker
so aces shouldn't count.

Ronnie said: (Oct 22, 2011)  
No the answer is right. !

Swetha said: (Nov 8, 2011)  
But in this question they mentioned face cards in bracket na? so no confusion. Answer should be 3/13.

Mayuri said: (Feb 19, 2012)  
In the question the thing asked about is (jack,queen & king only) so 4*3=12 face card,they didn't ask about aces(total face card=16).

Sikkanthar said: (Aug 28, 2013)  
No dude check the wikipedia there are only 12 face cards in deck cards.

So total number of face cards are only 12.

So answer is 3/13.

Nithin said: (Oct 3, 2013)  
Face cards are J, Q, K.

Rajarshi said: (Oct 9, 2013)  
Why it is 4+4+4 why it is not 4*4*4. Please anyone tell me.

Nishidh Soni said: (Mar 6, 2014)  


In this we are given to draw a single card from J, Q, K means
J OR Q OR K means 4+4+4.

Hope you are cleared.

Geetha Raj said: (Feb 12, 2015)  
How does 4*3=12? I'm not getting it. Can any one explain it?

Ravi said: (May 16, 2015)  
Hi dear I will give you an easy method to solve such kind of problems. Total cards 12C1/52C1.

Saira said: (Sep 18, 2015)  
Tell me when two combination are multiply and plus.

Prem said: (Dec 12, 2015)  
When there is "end" use multiplication and where there is or use +.

Blaise said: (Feb 19, 2016)  
How did you get 4+4+4? Where you find 4+4+4?

Prajakta said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Can anyone tell me that how 12 comes?

Kishore said: (Jul 29, 2016)  
Once observe the question clearly, that jack, king, and queen are 3 cards than each one 4 so 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 I think it may help you.

Praveen Choubey said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
Total there are 16 face cards jack, queen, king and ace.

But according to question it is mentioned only (jack, queen and king) so we have taken 12 instead of 16 I think you might have got what I mean to say.

Divya said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
Yes, I got it. As per the question, it is 12. But actually, it is 16.

Abhishek Khajuria said: (Feb 14, 2017)  
Correct answer 3/13.

P(1/13+1/13+1/13) = 3/13.

Sushmitha said: (Apr 22, 2017)  
Ace is also a face card. But in question, they have clearly mentioned (king, queen, jack only).

So we consider only these to get the answer.

So it is clearly 3/13.

Rk said: (May 9, 2017)  
Ace also a face card.

Shaktiman said: (Jun 6, 2017)  

If the only king is mentioned as face card then you have to solve as per king only.

Nagu said: (Aug 8, 2017)  
n(s) = 52c1.
n(e) = 4c1+4c1+4c1.
p(e) = 12/52 = 3/13.

Srikanth N said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
In the question itself they mentioned that face card (king, queen and joker) so 4c1+4c1+4c1/52c2=3/13.

Ashwin M said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
King, Queen and Jack are called as FACE cards.

King, Queen, Jack and Ace are called as HONOR cards.

Sarita said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
Thank you @Nagu.

Anna said: (May 6, 2019)  
No, only 12 cards.

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