Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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Prem Lad said: (Feb 23, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

My opinion on the above topic is that government should spend more money on it and iims. Creating more premier institutes will only increase more number of seats however jobs will still remain unaffected to greater extent. Besides not everyone grows up dreaming about iit and iims, there are other fields which hold equally importance as them. If we take a closer look on the Nations education system it is quite clear that the it is outdated. The main focus of the government should be on creating new educational reform/policy which could focus on the development of circular and co circular activities for students right from the primary stage. They should put large investment in this policy ensuring that students are more exposed to practical knowledge from early stages. This could shape students brain and approach towards life to greater extent and hence making them an ideal citizen.

As it is popularly preached "well begin is half done". Let's just hope for the best.

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Khushboo Jain said: (Jul 20, 2019)  
See, the base of a student starts from the primary education only and if the primary education is good, then the pupils themselves become aware of good secondary and even higher education.

If we compare a student from a middle-class school or even lower than that, and a student from a reputed school, there stands lots of difference.

And moreover, Building more IITs and IIMs will cost the government more with respect to money as these big institutions can't be built in small areas and without much investment as college needs to have more facilities than schools like hostels, a no. Of canteens etc.

But building a school with good faculty and infrastructure etc. Though in small area will definitely make good impact on society!

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Samyuktha said: (May 15, 2019)  
Hi this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, firstly, the government sector should develop the primary education and secondary education sector by spending more money on it.

I think by increasing the IITs and IIMs institutions would help for the people who are studying on interest in higher studies.

It will also helpful for the poor and middle-class people.

Firstly, the government should have to maintain the proper faculty and strict rules to run these institutions.

So, I conclude that the government should have to maintain the proper amount of money in these education sectors.

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Vishal said: (Oct 25, 2018)  
Good morning everyone.

Today's topic is Should the Government Set up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education. I think the government give more preference to primary and secondary school because if a person faces a problem on the basis of an educational institution like as not providing a proper educating system, unqualified teacher, lack of experience. But the government also focus on the growth of IIT and IIM. Because when the people have done the higher education then they will bi joining the IITs and IIMS.

The growth in the education sector will also improve the economic growth of the economy and reducing the number of people which is going outside to the country for their further education.

As per to me the government should take few initiatives to improve the quality of primary and secondary education and also improving enhancing the skills of the people. The IITs and IIMS are helpful to develop a higher knowledge of the country people. So, I think the government should many to step to improve primary school and secondary school and also developing the old IITs &IIMS.

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Prathmesh Patil said: (Oct 12, 2018)  
Hi friends. I am Prathmesh.

According to my point of view, instead of developing IIT'S/IIM'S in not important nowadays. We are thinking to be developed nation so we have to do our base strong and by developing primary and secondary education our base will become strong and on the basis of this strong base one can shine in IIT OR IIMS or else one can be grow up be a good businessman or anything else. I think government Spend money to standarderisation of govt schools insted of developing IIT'S and IIM'S. We the people of India think for a strong base in our house building then why shoudnt we think a strong base for nation building.

Thank you.

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Kahkashan Resham said: (Oct 1, 2018)  
As per my views, the government should take a step forward to invest in quality primary and secondary education, rather than more IITs/IIMs.

In India, the majority of the population is still living in rural areas where children don't even know the meaning of good education since they don't have access to schools. If these children have an exposure of good primary/secondary education, it will definitely build a strong intellectual base for their learning, which might not land all of them in IITs or IIMs but of course, secure their dwindling future. Setting up of really good government schools will help the parents of the children staying even in urban areas, lower down the burden of expenses incurred in private schools as it's not easy to bear the cost of private education even for middle-class people in big cities these days. Moreover, if we look into government's prime purpose, it is to create as much employment in the country as possible and major concern is the lack of a strong educational background in the youth which is aggravating the problem ever more. This issue can only be resolved with preparing the student's mindset right from the basics, not only for cracking IITs or IIMs but for earning their livelihood, sustainability of families and becoming learned citizens of India.

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Payal said: (Aug 20, 2018)  
There are enough of IIMs and IITs in the country. Many people who are willing to take admission there are unable to do so. Some because of not having the required cutoff and some because of very high fees structure. Seats are limited in these institutions but nowadays there are many private institutions coming up and many government institutions are also there. Government should invest more in primary and secondary education. Good number of students couldn't enroll themselves in schools because of fee structure. Some schools have affordable fee structure but the quality of education is not at par. Some schools have under qualified teachers and the teachers to students ratio is also poor. Education at primary and secondary level forms the basis for a person's career. With the help of it, one can make oneself employable. If education is not good at this level, pursuing higher education will not help much.

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Kavya said: (Jun 22, 2018)  
I think the govt needs to set up more IIT's and IIM's because in the primary and secondary education, there will be a limit for the syllabus and no practical applications are required that are meant to reach the countries growth. But this is not the case in IIT's. It is the place where India's talented people come out and they will be recruited if they have skills. So improving IIT's will be much beneficial. Other than spending money for primary and secondary education which has just basics. Everything depends on the student's interest. It's their choice which makes them strong even at their basics.

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Shubh said: (Jul 23, 2017)  
There's no mean of setup more IITS or IIMS teachings facility should be an advance in many IITS teacher are not enough in my point of View, old NIT, should turn in to IITS their ranking is much higher than some IITS and educational system should improve the practical knowledge should more preferable than theoretical knowledge.

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Sathvik said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
In my point of view, if we want to construct a New building. The foundation of building should be strong. Like wise in our lives primary education is more important to us. It is useful to improve the higher education. Primary education is losing it's importance in the Time of growing IIT'S and IIM'S. Can a student go to IIT'S and IIM'S without proper primary education. It is very important to students but at the same time IIT'S and IIM'S are necessary to students because the growth of young talent in India requires better education. By these institutes, students perform their talent on the international front. And also foreign students are coming to IIT'S and IIM'S thus generating income to India.

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Abhishek Nair said: (Jun 13, 2017)  

According to my opinion, the govt should invest more money for primary and secondary education, since every child doesn't choose to be an IITian. Therefore I believe it would be an injustice done to other children in future, cause more focus will be on developing IITs and IIMs. Also, I think that government should set-up money for primary and secondary education because it is builds the base for knowledge which helps a student in whichever field he/she chooses in future. If more IITs and IIMs are set-up and primary and secondary education are not focused then I think the fundamental basics will be lacked by the students, even for the ones who dream to be in IITs and IIMs.

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Hrudaya said: (Jun 13, 2017)  
Enough IIT's and IIM's.

Now the government should concentrate more of primary and secondary education I want to ask the government how many students of IIM's and IIT's got admitted who did their primary education from government schools?

The answer will definitely be less than 10% because the primary and secondary schooling of government schools are worthless. They don't have enough qualified teachers to teach the students, now no person from middle class family or rich family admit their children to government school why because of lack of qualified teachers and facilities, no quality education is provided to the students and therefore no poor can be an IItian or IImian just because of such condition of government schools.

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Ajay D. said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
This is Ajay. In my point of view, if building base is strong enough then that building stable over his whole life. Similarly if primary & secondary education is of quality then one can shine in IIM/IITs (OR) one can grow in his business or any other job/in any of the field.

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Stupid Simian said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
You know what, when you are at door step of the MNCs for job, your IIT/IIM knowledge will help you to crack it. It will take too much time to change the system right from the root. So if we have little sense then we should start it from reverse. From the last level of education. So that we can produce more intelligent people. Then they will automatically help the nation by making their children smarter. Apart from that, till primary I would say that no SERIOUS education required. "just play my child it is your right age. Don't run for rank now." so just basic knowledge will be enough. And the right time to shine is in the IIT/IIM. They will make you knowledgeable.

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Anonymous said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
According to my opinion, the basic root level of education should be improved first. Is it useful that we improve higher education but basic education suffers? The condition of education in Indian government school is under crisis because neither the quality of education is adequate nor teaching level of teachers is adequate. Moreover, there is great shortage of good teachers in our country. Government invests only 10% part in education but investing more in improving FDI, which is not sufficient. Therefore, we must work for basic elementary education. I can give you an example of my 10th class student studying in government school. He even does not know spellings of teacher and can not do simple elementary addition and multiplication. It is very serious matter of concern.

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Gourab said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Its been nice to hear all your opinions about this topic.

Well personally in my opinion as because as because both are important issues there comes the question of priority. And hence first cones the Basic education which we get from our primary and secondary schools level education. And hence the government should not only increase the number of primary and secondary schools but should also improve the quality of education in this schools especially the government schools. Second comes the IITs and IIMs because if a student's basic is clear then no need for him to study in some additional institutes to get chance in IITs and IIMs. If also he could not make it to IITs he'll will surely get a good college and can explore his potential as because he has got his basics clear and right knowledge.

Thank you.

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Shipra said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
In my opinion, it is more important to focus on basic primary education. In files, facts and figures government may have already invested a lot for this purpose but when we look into real life all this has ended up in black money. The quality of education and the facilities in primary schools is not how it is supposed to be. And when the future of the country doesn't have quality education how will they make it up to IIT or IIM. We all know the entrance to such esteemed institutions is very tough then it is obvious that only those students can be there who are qualified for reaching there but how can they reach there if their base is not strong. Thus it is an important aspect to first improvise the primary education and then think for subsidised IIT's or IIM's.

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Lava said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
In my opinion, they spend more on primary & secondary education for the quality education so that it will reflect on all the sectors like engineering, medical, management, etc.

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Ajeet Kumar Singh said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
The government should invest money in primary and secondary education and if it is also possible, should provide higher education for free till master degree in traditional courses like B.A, B.Sc etc. Then there would be no need to increase for IITs and IIMs.

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Samara said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
In my opinion, they should open more IITs and IIMs because every year around 14 lakhs students applies for 20, 000 seats. The proportion of seats to the number of applicants is too small. Opening up more IITs and IIMs will also reduce the number of students applying to foreign universities for admitting. It will reduce the burden of large fees which the students are forced to pay in foreign universities.

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Neha said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
In my opinion, the government should first concentrate on improving the quality of primary and secondary education. Very few government schools provide quality education. This in why parents always think twice before sending their children to government schools. The plight of government schools has to improve. The education in primary level has to be more knowledge oriented. Of course, the IITs and IIMS have to be increased because a quality education in graduate level does matter a lot. But first priority has to be given to primary education because we hardly see government school children getting into IITs and IIMS. The reputation that IITs and IIMS have should also be earned by government schools.

Thank You.

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Monika said: (Apr 20, 2016)  
I think that govt should invest in IIT's and IIM's instead of investing in primary education. Already govt has set up primary schools in almost every village of our country, but the problem is there are no properly qualified teachers to teach them. In some primary schools absence of teachers in classes has become a major problem. It's better to increase the teaching standards of existing primary schools. But many of the talented youth are unable to pursue further studies because of a limited number of IIT's and IIM's in the country. Not everyone could afford to study abroad. In such a case the talented students with low financial background are forced to stop their education in the middle. Therefore, I strongly feel that govt should make efforts in setting up new and better IIT's and IIM's in our country.

Thank you.

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K Madhan said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
Hai everyone my name is Madhan.

I think instead of increasing IIT'S and IIM'S it need to increase primary and secondary education because everyone need minimum awareness to read and write to lead successful life in society that we get from primary and secondary education only.

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Dejalin Sahu said: (Dec 6, 2015)  
I think IIT and IIM Should not be increase. We have to invest more money in primary education, so that very good quality student is studied in IIT and IIM. Primary education is the backbone of education.

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Tavleen Sudan said: (Nov 21, 2015)  
Hello friends, I am Tavleen ans my view:

I believe that primary and secondary education is far more important than IIT's and IIM's because they are the foundation of the education system. If the mortar used for the foundation of the building is not firm the building will one day or the other will definitely collapse. So first we need to make that foundation of our education system firm and strong. Then only the engineers and doctors will be formed and then we can have tremendous amount of IIT's and IIM's.

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Ansh said: (Oct 7, 2015)  
All of them who has said in favour of primary education, in my opinion are duffers, I m sorry to say that but if any child has lost his primary education by any reason, he should have a second pinion to join a institute like IIT. I think our government should work on IIT. I m not saying that no work on primary education but first for IIT.

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Aditya said: (Aug 1, 2015)  
Hello friends, I am Aditya.

In my point of view with the amount of engineers produced in India, its quite hard for us to really say whether it's wrong or right.

It all depends on how we see, if we go by the number adding IITs would be helpful, But if we want a quality engineer to be produced rather than Introducing a new IIT, Its more acceptable that they should invest in Primary education and secondary education. The syllabus should be updated regularly and the pay scale of the school teachers should be increased. For teachers also their should be a proper test to calibre of teaching.

Now since we are moving towards a digital India, net accessibility in schools should be improved and courses like NPTEL should be started at school level so that the student can interact and learn more.

Other than this online courses for Others should also me made available with that and more and more courses should be introduced. It will be a boon for a student who couldn't make it into IIT but still feels privileged to be taught be them through online courses.

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Samir Kumar Singh said: (Jun 6, 2015)  
No. I think improving primary and secondary education would be better. IITS and IIMS are premier institutes and I feel maybe increasing a few seats in the present institutions would be better rather than setting up altogether new institutions. The money could be spent to improve schooling of children to make them equipped to get a seat into these institutions. I feel we should consider removing reservations from IITS so that only the best can get there.

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Arka said: (Mar 24, 2015)  
Hi all.

According to me, there is no need of increasing IITs and IIMs. People are saying the quality of these institutes is reducing so it is better to maintain the quality of IITs and provide more research facilities and stipends etc.

IITs have to attract good students to do research in IIT and it is recommended to remove reservations at least in IITs. The surveys are showing that the un qualified students are facing problems in IITs due to lack of standards.

So, it is better to take efforts improving primary/school education. Now the primary education is becoming a business because of some private institutions. So it should be taken seriously to improve the school education especially in villages then automatically the quality of IIT.

Students won't reduced. If they wants increase IIts better to increase new institutes like NITs with other name and try to provide facilities and quality of education good.

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Pallavi said: (Mar 20, 2015)  
I don't think that increase in IITs and all should be encouraged, just think once that each year we have suppose 10 lakh student coming as freshers but IITs and IIMs have seats less than 60000 only, so what about all other its not that they are not talented or intelligent, but they can be many circumstances also as there is reservation fr backward people so just think about general quota people they know more but still can fail sometime.

Rather govt should uplift other colleges and make it efficient, also first if you don't know A,B,C I mean basics then how will you know engineering so huge it is, lets build the pillars or the basic support and later think about the building. Govt should try to renovate old colleges rather than building new. Also students have various scope in many fields for shaping their carrier.

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Shivam Gupta said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
Increase in IITs and IIMs means, once again government is going to spend money on manufacturing a new one rather than renovating the old IITs and IIMs. Instead of this they should spend money on improving the quality faculty members and providing better instruments and jobs for practical. As we know IITs are not only known for their name and fame but also for their work, better quality should be maintained not the increase in quantity.

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Peterparker said: (Dec 11, 2014)  
Yes, the government aid for IIT and IIM must be said, if, people are using this subsidized education for their own selfish growth. After all, IIT/IIM were set up by the government to make Indian government and public institutions function better, which in turn would have made Indian society strong.

But at present, the mere interest of IIT/IIM are to increase the rates in marriage market and enjoy the life of luxury by clearing exam, that too, getting trained at the public expense. This is nothing, but creation of a class who are exploiting the resources of the state. This is not how democracy functions.

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Jaydev Singh said: (Nov 18, 2014)  
I think Primary and Secondary education should be provided more because it is the basic need for country it will also increase the literacy rate of country. Instead of it IIT and IIM need some classification which is given by primary and secondary education. Also IIT and IIM cost a lot of money.

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Nikhil Kumar said: (Oct 30, 2014)  
No, the government should not open more IITs. Even the old IITs are still not well-established, they don't have proper facilities then how can be think of more IITs?

Opening IIT cost government Around 200 crore if this money is used in improving the quality of old IITs or in primary and secondary education much more can be achieved.

Also opening of new IITs by the govt. Instead of not much success by old IITs opening is just a way to increase their vote bank.

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APS said: (Oct 14, 2014)  
According to my opinion today India needs a boost in its primary education rather than opening new IITs and IIMs.

Without watering the roots, you can't expect a good fruit. So only concentrating on the higher education will lead to the development and advancement of certain age group and that to for a certain period. But if we enhance our Primary education system we would be able to build up a strong educated foundation for Indian youths.

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Ayan said: (Oct 8, 2014)  
According to my view, India needs so many primary schools to develop the primary level education. There are so many children, (almost 40%) are out of this ground level system. Government should first think about how to develop the primary educational system and how to increase its quality, so that 100% children will get the proper education.

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Radhakrishna said: (Sep 11, 2014)  
The government should have taken this initiative in the 90's, when the population of India was increasing, I mean, the population of young work force. Now it does not hold any significance. The reason for increasing the IIT/IIM in numbers is that general category people are not satisfied with the limited options of the seats with the current numbers. But people have forgotten that the number of applicants have risen and thereby, the competition has increased. This is the real problem. If anything, the basic education must be made better. It is better to teach kids skills, so that they can plan to earn by the time they are 15 years old.

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Nikhil said: (Aug 21, 2014)  
Hi friends, this is Nikhil. I think opening new iits and iims is very stupid idea. The government in most cases, opens new iits and iims to increase their credibility among students fraternity. The fact tells us that nearly half of the students studying in iits are joining mainstream core engineering. So, here iits is just a means for them, to secure their future. Many are not happy with their streams.

So, instead of opening new iits and iims, government should increase the standard of old iits and iims. We stand nowhere in terms of quality education in the world.

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Sonu said: (Aug 19, 2014)  
NO. There should not be any more IIT, IIMS AND AIIMS. The quality in existing institutions are deteriorating. Institution fees are nearly doubled. Most of students getting admitted are from middle class family so it becomes pricey for them. Similarly jobs generated are also less. There is no need to bring so many students in engineering, management and medical field. All other areas will remain vacant.

Talking about IITs, if more IITS are opened then value off NITS will reduce. Average or below average students will study. Then there is no need for IIT at all. Now a days a student from newly IIT can be compared to a state government engineering student, then what is a need of such nit. Instead increase a few seats in old institute. Renovate it. Similarly increase seats in nit's and state government Engineering college. State government Engineering college are in very bad shape. Lack of fund from state. Center should capitalize fund also to state government College also, as they are taking income taxes and other taxes from us also.

Few best IITS with better nit's and average state level engineering college also are better for country rather than top level inefficient institution. Do not please waste our resources on making this premier institutes. There values are decreasing. Do not make their values to zero at all. And what is the value of making this institutions if 6o percent of students passed out goes to abroad. Are we making good candidates or better work force for developed countries. India is such a country where the best goes to foreign as there is no scope here.

Is there is no analysis what our students passed from these premier institute will do after they have graduated. We study so hard in these institutions but no jobs in India. Hundred good students has to compete for one post. Improvement in quality of education in diploma sector, pharmacy and bachelor in business administration is also required, they will do the fieldwork. Their education level is poor. The infrastructure for them are in bad shape.

Sir. Mam. Please forward my message that IITS, IIMS are needed but first develop the basic education level at higher secondary level. Otherwise a day might come, when a Person securing zero will be admitted in these institutes in order to fill up seats. Or a passed out students will be jobless as there is shortage of jobs.

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Shiv Kumar said: (Aug 19, 2014)  
We all know the pathetic conditions of many children who are struggling with their life and finally are left illiterate. There are lakhs of students who don't get proper education, in many parts of the country there is no sign of educational institute. A tree will stand firmly if its branches are strong enough, so government should first make ensure that every child in this country is getting his primary education. They should first invest money on development of schools in many areas, IITs and IIMs can later be cumulated but before that we should invest more money in the educational purpose of all children who are forbidden from schools.

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Asit said: (Aug 17, 2014)  
I have seen all opinion. Only one thing I want to say. Why not we concern on both means government should open IITs and IIMs as well as central university. Primary and government school also because in IITs and IIms seats are very limited due 2 this lots of students are not getting chance to take admission on this. And they finally always chose better private colleges. And day by day they are increasing fee structure. So government need to do work on this parallelly.

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Shankey Kumar said: (Aug 7, 2014)  
Hello friends, according to my point of view, it is good to open new IIT, IIM, primary and secondary schools, but more important is government hold a full control on currently running school, colleges and universities whether they are able to provide all facilities to student or not because if the currently running school, colleges and universities are not run properly, then what's the need or fun of new IIT, IIM and schools and colleges. As we see in the government schools and colleges where no one is Serious and teacher not doing their duty properly.

Teachers/sirs come their Mood and if they come in the school, then they are not willing to study. That's the biggest reason why today in our country, the students who are study in the government school and colleges are not able to compete with the private school students. I think only 1-2 teacher out of 100 who is doing their duty properly. Also the same is also true in the government colleges.

Also there is need that government should take full control on giving the permission for the opening of new colleges because as we seen in the last 3-4 years, a large number of new engineering colleges are open as a result of which the value of good engineering colleges are goes down. So government should hold a full control on the universities which give permission to open new colleges and check whether the new college which is going to open is able to provide all the facilities the student or not.

SO I think government should open new school college, IIT, IIM etc but after taking survey whether there is a need of that or not. And also take a strict action against the school and colleges who are not run school and colleges properly.

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Ram Singh said: (Jul 27, 2014)  
Everyone has their own way of thinking, so please excuse me if something I said is objectionable, If any.

Need is to highlight every profession available in our society. Today few professions are in highlight like engineer, doctor or a management. These are highly paid professions in India which lure a huge population of youth whether it's in their interest/talent or not. Where as professions related to other areas, arts, music, literature, even I can't recall them all, but I think there should be more. We only hear only few professions, engineer, doctor since our childhood, during school, during college and even now we are hearing these few professions. Is there no other profession in India, very limited professions? I doubt whether opening of new IITs and IIMs will improve the situation of employability of growing population of youth. I think this will double the confusion among the youth and will manyfold increase the uninterested (Students with different skill talent or interest) to these areas. Again only few among the lacks will be given chance to get admission in IIT and IIMs.

I raise question whether only these few hand full of graduates/post graduate students will participate in the growth activity of economy. What about a large portion of youth who will not be selected in IIT's and IIM's. They will be like burden to the economy and will keep on increasing year after year. Don't we have other institutes in India? only IIT and IIM. Yes, We have lot of education institutions. Even govt don't trust on these institutions in terms of generating skill equipped youth, that's why need is felt to open new IITs and IIMs. Why don't we improve the existing one rather than opening new. As earlier, friends said our basic education is poor, why don't we look at root level, why don't be improve our primary and secondary education. By opening IITs and IIMs we are reducing the importance of other institutions as well at the same time, a sheer wastage of what efforts been made so far. How every youth who has graduated whether from arts, science, civics, social science, economics, management etc be made participative in the economic growth of our country rather than involving few participants (IITians or IIMs) who eschew the role of other and also the employment and give very less to country if to look in terms of quantity. What to those students who pass from IIT or IIM, sometime they leave country to serve other country or change their professions later in life. Only minimal of these actually contribute to the nation. What is role of these institutions in serving nation then, just to create another creed of IITians IIMians to sell outside? Need is to think differently and by taking each group in mind.

Need is to provide clear vision to the youth by highlighting each profession suiting their interest/talent rather than luring them by shiny few institutions catering to few interest/talent holder. I myself find in a situation that I am not able to think what to do next. The shine or brightness of these few professions are so much that my own true interest got blurred and I don't know where can I go to pursue my interest, other professions got blurred or get tiny with less or no earning prospect in future.

Need is to get the students aware of what profession they can choose in future if they pursue particular subject of their interest (whether arts, science, philosophy, management, economics etc). It will provide confidence of doing what they are doing instead of confusion, whether this course or subject will help me to earn my living in future. I believe students don't posses all the information regarding the future professions or availability of jobs. For that there should be separate department in every school to guide them properly(whether Govt or private schools) or institution equipped with all information about the professions available in our society and the degree of securability. Govt has to come forward for the securability of each profession. Need is to bring confidence among youth that whatever they do will help secure their living in future rather uncertainty in future.

I will repeat again, stop creating these selling brands like IIM(management) or IIT(technology) just to lure the population or catering to few areas. Encouraging two three areas will encroach upon other areas which will result in huge wastage.

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Ramyasri said: (Jul 18, 2014)  
Hello everyone.

We as the citizens of developing country should give importance to both these sectors of education. Most of the percentage of the people of our nation are in between the age group of 18-30. What they need is the useful and best education to attain which IIT's and IIM's play very important role and to fulfill the educational needs of present grown up children establishment of new primary schools is also important. What I feel is that if we establish these by proper utilization of funds at proper places and maintain them properly, we can reach our goal successfully.

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Vinay Kanchan said: (Jul 10, 2014)  
First of all we have to look into the conditions of the new IIT and IIM which opened few years back. Most of them have not even moved to a permanent campuses. Considering about the faculty, these colleges are lacking a good faculty as compared to the older ones. As compared to the new IIMs I think IIT is in better position. So instead of opening new colleges we can do few things in old colleges like starting classes in two shift and increase batch strength.

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Paul said: (May 30, 2014)  
I think that the idea to create more IITs & IIMs is really stupid & should be nipped at the bud. These institutes are reputed mainly because of the difficulty in getting admission to them. So, in effect only the cream of the cream go into & come out of these institutes. By increasing their number, we are only diluting the brand value & pouring water on the hard work put in by previous graduates & post graduates in securing degrees from these prestigious institutions.

I sincerely hope that they don't increase the number from the current number (which in itself is quite high considering the fact that the newer IIMs (6 of them) are finding difficulty in attracting companies for placements.

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Siddharth said: (May 29, 2014)  
I think, the government should focus more on improving primary education. Few years back, 8 new IITs were established. We need to ensure whether the existing IITs have proper infrastructure, good teachers, sophisticated lab and research facilities. We need to make sure that the quality of students graduating from these new IITs is at par with those from older ones. Research should encouraged by allocating funds. If we set up more IITs and ignore the quality of older ones, it will lead to degradation of the brand.

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Sidhartha Mahapatra said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
Hi friends this is Sidhartha. I think government should give more importance primary education. Because if our base is not so strong them we could nt get stable. Because of poor primary education so many talented students couldnt further improving. So govt should try to improve that as well as they should also think about secondary education. Both are related to each other. India is a developing country. So to make it developed country education standard should be increasing.

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Sonal said: (Mar 28, 2014)  

Even I think India should focus more on primary education as it is said what the use of fancy building without strong foundation so the quality of primary education should increase instead of increasing IIM and IIT.

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Abhilash Mathew said: (Mar 26, 2014)  
Primary education should be given more importance as we are missing lots of smart brain who all my contribute a lot to development only due to lack of proper primary education. If we don't concentrate on primary education out IIT'S and IIM'S seats will not be filled in years coming. So sit before extending the legs. Spend on the base and later we will have a strong building as well in future.

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Gaurav said: (Mar 24, 2014)  
One thing I will like to mention here that if there is no proper primary and secondary education, then it might be the case that some students miss out on the opportunity of getting selected in IIMs and IITs. So the government should spend more on primary and secondary education.

Other thing is that even if they do not make it to IITs or IIMs they can still life in which they are not fooled by others. They can understand the situation better.

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V.malini said: (Mar 5, 2014)  
This is Malini. In my point of view. Primary education is better as well as secondary education. In primary education we doesn't know more knowledge apart from that in secondary education we know more knowledge.

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Rishabh B said: (Mar 1, 2014)  
Hii friends.

If we really want to get better India then first we should concentrate on quality not on quantity (no.of schools, colleges). In our country we have sufficient number of school at every place. We should concentrates on this school and college. First government should invest for improve the facility like sports, cultural, technical in the existing schools and colleges.

I think new IITS or IIMS which have been open before 2-3 years is also not required we can easily increase the strength of students in existing IITS because every iits have sufficient area to develop the hostels, academics for new seat admissions.

After thinking on it we should develop both primary & secondary education schools or higher studies colleges equally because both are related to each other. Proper development is not possible if we miss one between both.

So in my views first we should concentrate on existing schools & colleges then think about both primary & secondary education, higher studies equally.

Thank you.

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Monika Messey said: (Dec 30, 2013)  
Today in our developing economy government is making such good efforts by coming up with the IIT and IIMs, yes its a good sector where government is investing because a job oriented education is needed, to participate in the development process but the no.of institution should be increased to reach all the areas and sections of country. If we talk about primary and secondary education then yes government need to invest more in this sector of education because this education will prepare students to go for the further skill related education.

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Waseem Raja said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
Hi I am Wasim in my point of view I think first preference is given to the primary education because if there is strong base then we can make the building strong as my friends has already discussed that literacy rate of India is very low.

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Ankit said: (Jun 11, 2013)  
As we all know primary education is the basic need of every citizen like food and shelter, So I would like to say central government should funded for primary education.

As you know sentences comprises of words and words comprises of alphabets, so better you know alphabets first instead of sentences.

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Babita said: (Feb 23, 2013)  
What I think is, primary education is the back bone of education system.

And funds should be given to construct more primary schools for providing the basic level education. The village people should be able to give their signature rather giving the finger prints and understand what is written there in legal court papers before signing in it. So rather constructing more iit/iim govt should provide primary education.

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Thilagi said: (Feb 14, 2013)  
Hi friends, this is Thilagi. I would like to share my view about the impoverished conditions of the primary education setup in our home country. Primary education is the backbone for any developing democratic nation. India being an emerging economy in a global scene, IT should concentrate much on funding the primary schools. The building goes weak with dwindling base. Spending in infrastructure, best qualified skillful teachers, increasing the motivational level of the students by awareness program, transferring the funds for poorer economic background will make the India prosperous in future. The dream for 2020 become true only by research and invention which is possible only by strong base.

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Abhitha said: (Nov 24, 2012)  
I would like to say that government should allocate fund in such a way that the states already having a higher rate of primary and secondary education should be selected to set up IITs and IIMs and on the other hand States having lesser rate of literacy must be funded with money to start schools to provide primary education. Kerala is the state having highest rate of literacy and is still lacking an IIT.

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Muskan Agrawal said: (Jun 9, 2012)  
Definitely I think that government Should spend the money for primary and secondary education because to build a strong building, we need a strong base also. So if there is more iits and iims and not good primary and secondary education then iits and iims are useless. And govt. Is there to serve the people not to suck the people. Thank you.

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Riu Sharma said: (May 31, 2012)  
In my point of view govt. Should concren on primary education rather than establishing more IITS &IIMS. Since many children are not getting basic knowledge yet. It means one side government promoting higher education but on other hand many people are still uneducated. SO IT Would not be whole development of our countrY. In present 15 IITS are enough and if govt. Opens more IITS & IIMS than there should be proper management and faculty.

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Asish Badhei said: (May 26, 2012)  
I think Now India need not more iits. Ten are enough, the government Should focus on higher secondary education where the talents are made for iits & iims like institute. But now a days the govt. College's wings have broken, private sector is doing excellent job to produce talent. So, correction of secondary education system should be the primary demand.

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Santosh said: (Mar 24, 2012)  
As IIT's and IIM's are premier institutes in india, number of them should always remain limited to maintain standard. And government should concentrate towards primary and secondary education. Because if we will be sucsessful making education system strong on core lewel automatically standardds for IIT's IIM will increase.

And government should think on making layer of secondary universities as per the standard of IIT's and IIM's. By this we will be able to provide higher education to as many qualified students as we can and at the same time we can maintain the world class standard of our IIT's and IIM's.

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Sangeet said: (Mar 13, 2012)  
DEAR, Friend I would like to ask you all a simple question what you will do if you have crores of rupee but you don't have any market to invest or expend. And the second scenario you don't have one rupee and your expenditure is rs 100. In the same way increasing either number of iit, iim or spending money will not be the answer. But a balanced approach should be taken so that increment in any one field is fruitful, for example if we have more number of students with strong base of basic education then we need to increase seat in higher education institutions. If we go on increasing seats in iit, iim and don't have students with strong base with basic education then this higher institution are bound to fall on its feet.

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Simran said: (Jan 18, 2012)  
According to my view seates should be increased, because in order to get a seat in IIT, there is only two chance. And students loss their seat because of even 1 or 2 marks. It is also necessary to make primary school very tridious because they are the base. But if we talk about today education, there are many institute opened to provide entrance exam education. So seates should be increased. So that students who are so intelligent and bring our India still develop to developed. They should be provided.

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Ku2s said: (Jan 11, 2012)  
The government had started allocating a part of the budget for funding the iim's and iit's which started 50 years back. The moot agenda is whether it is applicable now. When a large section of the country is suffering from unemployment and lack of the growth of the manufacturing sector, the government should think twice before spending the tax payers money on these institutions. Most of the iim grads settle abroad without contributing much to the development of the country. So whats the point in wasting the tax payers money on those. If the point of improving the structure, faculty and facility of the iims and iits surface the government should look upon to the alumni. I mean when will be the such great alumni associations of the iits and iims come to any use. It should be also kept in mind that other top b schools like Symbiosis University, Narsee monjee, Vinod gupta school of management and several other privately funded or trustee funded institutions are at per excellence with the iim's. These schools are churning out excellence each year and with out any government funding.

It is a matter of utilizing the tax payers hard earned money into something that would benefit the the tax payer in return. There are a whole lot of issues in India which needs tremendous funding, rather than the iit's and iim's. I think the government should realize this more than anything else.

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Arpit Seth said: (Jan 10, 2012)  
I think that Government should be more concerned towards Primary Education, because India's Literacy rate is not good. Moreover, primary education is the child's first step towards education, he is not directly admitted into IIT's or IIM's by his birth. There are many children in Villages who are not getting proper education and this is the reason why we are still counted in developing Countries.
A good primary Education is more important for building the whole career of a Person.

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Mukesh (TIM) said: (Jan 7, 2012)  
Ya. Thats right according to me, government should be more responsible and has to be coserned about other clgs or institutions. They also have the potential to provide as much as quality enginners those provides by IITs & the magament holders as comperativaly level as IIMs.

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Aman said: (Nov 7, 2011)  
According to my point of view Government should more focuses on primary education. we can say that primary education is a root of tree. if a tree's root will not strong how will it grow. Elementary education should be given the highest priority because this is the children’s stepping-stone for them to pursue higher goals. If they are able to undergo their elementary education, there will have a great probability that they will continue up to high school or even a higher degree. Remember that your journey to a thousand miles can begin with your first step.

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I.Rajeevi said: (Oct 9, 2011)  
Hi in my view preference of iit, s/iim, s is better than to give the preference of primary education, because it is the basic of each and every person or a child. After the completion of our primary education we will be eligible to the iit/iim. If there is no quality in primary education we cannot produce a better educated person. So, first preference will be given to primary education than iit/iim.

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S Sale said: (Sep 6, 2011)  
I think that government should invest more money on primary education because india's literacy rate is not very well. To increase our literacy rate we must pay attention on primary education instead of IIT's or IIM's, because student that are studing in IIT's or IIM's are already very well educated.

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HIMANSHU said: (Aug 26, 2011)  
Hi everybody.

Talking about setting up more IITs and IIMs, its not the solution cause we are compromising with quality, why not rather provide better resource in previously established IITs and IIMs so that we can compete with MIT, Cambridge.

Now our country has not produced any great research and invention in last 2 decades, why is it happening? I think here comes the role of primary and secondary education, we need to improve our primary and secondary education, creativity in a child remains till 14 so if we want that creativity be utilized then we have to make great reforms in primary and secondary level education.

I believe the "spirit of India lives in village", the children their have much curiosity, much eagerness to learn and if we will provide good primary education to them then definitely will produce next J C BOSE, RAMANUJAN, C V RAMAN.

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Nitin Agarwal said: (Aug 8, 2011)  
I have a moderate opinion in respect of this topic, so I would say that we can not compare IIT/IIM with primary education. This is because the scope of primary education is very vast while IIT/IIM are concerned with a small group of people in India. So I would say that the ultimate concern of government is to develop India and these both are necessary for the growth of India, so govt. Should work for development of both the fields of education.

I would not directly say that govt should stop financing to IIT/IIM but would say that most of the people going for these institutes are self capable, so govt. Should make them self financed. Why primary education is to be developed is also man imp. Question because a child does not join IIT/IIM from his birth. He first gets primary edu. & then on the basis of his capability he reaches to IIT/IIM, so unless the quality of primary education is developed there is no meaning of IIT/IIM.

The other thing why IIT/IIM is needed is also need to be understood. Our India is still a developing country plus we have the largest democracy system in the world so to run them we need smart policy makers and brains which can be provided only by quality education of IIT/IIM.

So I conclude the concern of govt. Should be balanced development of both the fields of education.

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Sumati Khanna said: (Jul 2, 2011)  
As per my suggestion, IITs and IIMs must be increased because they produce qualified youth who in turn will help our country. Private colleges are increasing at a rapid rate where education level is deplorable. Today the competition has increased a lot but due to the lack of seats and foundation of time i.e. age, students ultimately choose private colleges. This spoils their career and brings down the quality of engineers and MBAs produced in the country. Therefore for a developing country like India it is the need of the hour. If the point of good lecturers arises, then if good colleges are more, obviously they will give good teachers to the country.

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Sravankumar said: (May 25, 2011)  
Lets ask ourself one question why are we prefering iit or iims? it is because of the the quality education, placements they offer. It is the quality and brand name that is attracting us. I feel there are enough colleges in our country and now lets focus on the quatity of educatn and not on quantity.

One most imp thing is Primary education is very very important and more money should be spent on them.

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Prashant Dhakate said: (May 19, 2011)  
Hello friends I am Prashant Dhakate. The creation of more and more IIT's and IIM's are now in line with the demand of the present scenario where quality education is getting diminished. The rise of many private colleges have hampered quality of bachelors coming out. I fully support the idea of creation of new IIT's and IIM's if they are to maintain the same standard or follow the lineage of sister IIT's and IIM's and not like be the condition of many private colleges where students take admission because they don't have any other option due to their poor performance in qualifying tests. In India lakhs of engineer pass every year but still there is dearth of quality education. Actually quality education in quantity is what we require.

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Shyamal said: (May 18, 2011)  
Hello friends this is shyamal solanki. In my opinion there is simultaneous requirement for both quality education at primary level as well as at the higher level. As primary education has become right to education under art. 21 it has now become the duty of govt to provide primary edu. To every child of India. Unless and until there is good primary educational facilities available what is meaning of making more and more iits and IIMS. But we should also keep one thing in mind that India is now growing at 8% gdp rate and one of the major reasons for this is that the industries have grown very fast rate which requires a good amount of skilled manpower who can run them in organized and profitable way so that this growth can be maintained. And generate this manpower we need institutions which are capable enough in terms of facilities, infrastructure ect. And we all know the standard which is maintained by the institutes like IITs and IIMS. So there is requirement to make more IITs and IIMs.

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Rahul Kushwaha said: (Apr 21, 2011)  
In my opinion number of IIT and IIM shouldn't increase. Government should concentrate on the improvement of Primary/secondary level education. Because if our base is not strong then how our building would be strong. If our primary/secondary level education are not up to mark then students can't put themselves according to the level of IIT and IIM.

If government want to do at higher education level. It can improve other colleges and make them in the category of iim and iit.

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Himanshu Kumar said: (Mar 19, 2011)  
Hello friends, this is himanshu & I think the government must increase the number of iits and iims as nowadays the number of students are nearly 4-5 times as compared to previous ten years. So obviously the talented students also increased but some of them not qualify the exam as seats are less and take admission in other college which are not giving any exposure as compared to iit and iim. The number must increase as the ratio increases. Otherwise we can loose some talent required for our country and even world. So the government must increase the no.

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Nikninja said: (Mar 4, 2011)  
Hello friends,

First thing I wanna to say that a building can not build on the weak foundation, our government is spending lots of money every year for primary and secondary education system but the condition of primary schools are still miserable because of some.

Currupted politician, they divides the government funds among them. Our higher education system is one of the most renowned education system all over the world, every year we are producing hundreds of technical and management intellectuals. Increasing the no. Of IIT and IIMs is totally depends upon government policy whether government have enough found or not?

But there is a need to take special care of primary education system.

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Wolf said: (Jan 10, 2011)  
There should be no more IITs absolutely,because being an iitian i know how the brand value of the iits is being seriously damaged and the quality of the students coming in is also declining rapidly.KAPIL SIBAL is a useless pain for the country.He has to realise that more iits would ruin everything the alumni has built so far.Its high time kapil ass.

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Aakash said: (Jan 6, 2011)  
A strong foundation of primary/secondary education coupled with better quality education, faculty, infrastructure facilities & management in other colleges to bring them to the same standard of IITs & IIMs is a better option..

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Murali Naik said: (Jan 2, 2011)  
I feel there should be a fewmore IIT, S AND IIMS in the country as well Govt should spend more money on Primary and secondary education. If we see the statistics the growing population'demand for the primary and secondary education is not met by the Govt. It reflects our country's literacy rate of 64% still there are people who are in need of primary education. Any nations development is mainly depending on the quality of the population. There should be more primary and secondary schools at the convenience of the people on the basis of the population of the area.

Govt should spend more money and should come forward regulations to stop the school dropouts, and the child labour shall be curbed completely in the nation. The other side quality of education as per the international standards is being cultivated in the students by the IITs and IIMs, we see in many of the students of these institute are taken away by the MNC's. Hence, there should be proper allocation of funds by the govt towards primary education and the premier institutes.

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M Gupta said: (Jan 2, 2011)  
I think government is taking proper measures in the field of education by opening new IITs and IIMs.Establishment of these new colleges will hamper the quality of students in the country and develop the nation as a whole.But government should also improve and invest a greater sum of nation's GDP for primary and secondary education.After all our country is still facing the problem of illiteracy in many parts.

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B Shankaranandh said: (Dec 18, 2010)  
Instead of increasing the number of IITs and IIMs our government can take steps to increase the standard of other government colleges. Nowadays everybody wants to join either IIT or IIM or IISc or NIT because other institutions are not that good. If the government increases the numbers of premier institution, then the standard of these institutions will not be as good as it is instead the standard will be worse.

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Mohit Salecha said: (Nov 23, 2010)  
Hello! This is MOHIT SALECHA, & I think that government should use money on the primary & secondary education as it is the base of any person, without base how anyone think to build the building. If the base is weak the full structure will not grow in the proper manner.

If the person is not able to qualify the entrance test of IIT's or IIM's then what is the meaning of establishing them, they are just useless for everyone, no one can get benefit by that.

So, instead of moving forward government also see what they leave behind.

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Akhilesh said: (Oct 10, 2010)  
Number of IIT's and IIM's should be increased as well as performance of other colleges should also be increased.

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Prashant said: (Oct 4, 2010)  
A good primary education is very important for building the whole career of any person. In early age of any person it is easy to enhance his/her interest in a particular area or subject. If the person has not taken a good primary education it may change his/her whole life it may also happen that he/she is not able to even participate in the entrance examination of the top level institutes like IITs or IIMs. If we analyse the present situation of primary or secondary education in India we can say that there is a firm need to assist it.

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Rahul Yogi said: (Sep 15, 2010)  
No need to increase IIT, IIM there are already a lot of institute, if we increase the efficiency and management then they will treated like as a IIT or IIM, so why we invest the money to open the new institute.

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Priyanka said: (Aug 19, 2010)  
No, IIT's and IIM's should not increase in INDIA. We should increase the performance of other college and provide faculty and study like IIT's AND IIM's.

Rate this: +4 -2

Suba said: (Jul 21, 2010)  
Yeah IIT's and IIM's are important because the students in IIT's and IIM's are very intelligent and get more exposure than the others.

Rate this: +1 -8

Thilak said: (Jun 30, 2010)  
In India the IIT's and IIM's are running very few places. So we need to increase that.

Rate this: +4 -11

Prasanth said: (Jun 26, 2010)  
I think there should be increase in IIT's and IIM's because ther are only 7 or 8 IIT's or IIM's running in India. So there will be the reduction of many diplomat in both these top institution. Increasing of these will result in many diplomat and the standard of the student will also increase. Since our student don't have much stuff in education increasing of these will result in tremendous improvement.

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Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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