Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating

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Aravinthasamy said: (Wed, Apr 20, 2016 08:20:35 PM)    
Hi guys,

The condition of today's generations:

1. Very selfish.
2. Disrespect.
3. Dishope in sprituality especially GOD (Somebody does just for formality).
4. Lust.
5. Money demons.
6. Supporting bad things.
7. In obedient among elders etc.

I see these things on Indian youngsters, they just follow the bad movies. EVIL SHIT!

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Kusuma Kumari G Nellore said: (Wed, Feb 24, 2016 11:43:10 AM)    
Moral values has completely disappeared from our lives. Marriage is now based on money power Divorces happen for school children don't respect their parents Everything is money now. India has lost its traditional values High time we teach our children values of money and family life otherwise our society will go astray.

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Dhananjay Kumar said: (Mon, Feb 22, 2016 04:44:07 PM)    
In my word, We have forgot that we are a human being in race of survival. We are only technologically modern not as human being. We are developing technology not human aspect of life.

So, do not blame others, it's only about how much we aware about self as human being.

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Indira said: (Sat, Dec 26, 2015 09:06:07 PM)    
According to me Moral values should be inculcated by parents from the very beginning stage when the child starts learning how to speak. After all its their responsibility to impinge in the good values and moral ethics. A child learns from his/her parents and after he/she starts going to school learns from his/her teachers.

Also 'survival of the fittest' as stated by Charles Darwin is also there where in the child needs to simply apply his/her learned values in order to maintain his/her good qualities among the bad and vulgar ones.

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Gourav said: (Mon, Nov 2, 2015 01:08:45 PM)    
So the buzz is about morality. ! I remember about ma childhood, my mom use to show me Ramayan and then all elderly people try to glorify his character. Right from the ancient day on-wards what was glorified became the desire for majority of people.

Today the world has changed, technology has key role to play, in India Bollywood and media has key role to play. Am not saying here what is right or what is wrong, am simply making a point that whatever will be glorified will become a trend for youth.

If its the Bollywood actors or actress who is more glorified than everyone would desire to become that no one can change this trend what we call us eroding of moral values unless someone there at the top begin to glorify things which are good or morally right. ! Just thing about what is more desirable to become BSF Jawan or Salman khan?

Ask this to all you will actually come to know that its about what is valued, what is respected, and obviously what is glorified which is going to shape our morals, our values. Lets be not pessimist guys just start valuing what you thing is good n make the world good.

Note: Pardon me for my English, am week in English. Rest I don't care.

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Sneha Dubey said: (Sun, Nov 1, 2015 06:07:08 PM)    
In my opinion, moral values are the base of our life. If the base will get disturb then how the building will be constructed? So firstly we have to make our base strong. Indian moral values are the best in the whole world, so let's follow our own nation's values and build up a new image in the world. I, myself will also try to follow the same.

Thank you.

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Priya Agrawal said: (Fri, Oct 30, 2015 10:59:17 AM)    
Hi all, Moral values should not be mixed with modernization. If you are modern then it does not mean that you have lost your moral values. And moral values is also not remembering your parents birthday. Its how to behave with the people surrounding you. You may be living far from your parents or some people with no parents, some people who does not got a chance to learn from the good teachers.

Morals and principles are such which you learn yourself from the surrounding environment. Books and teachers parents can show you what are the moral values and embedding them in your behavior, its an individual thing.

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Mark said: (Fri, Oct 16, 2015 02:21:34 PM)    
Moral is an individual thing. Moral is not a simple word it encompasses your behavior in social environment and how much you value yourself. When a thing is said to be immoral then it means that that thing can pose you serious problem and the extent goes down to the level up to where no one can think of in that stir of moment or sometimes those aspects never come to our mind.

Some times things so simple can earn you a very big incentive just like few praises, remembering your anniversary and your wife's birthday, going out twice in a month and some random gifts and patiently listening her can make your wife happy (its not a formula but works with me).

We human including the intelligent ones act like a herd of sheep. Let me tell you something and then you can relate it to the topic. One day I was talking to a guy and he told me that he had slept with 7 girls. The way he was telling me this was as if he was telling me greatest achievement of his life.

And to tell you he is a very normal looking guy not a sex god. When I asked him is it not wrong the he said its normal. He dares to treat girls like they are bitches and just object of sexual pleasure and I have seen girls smiling at his double sided and enjoying the so called complements.

I think just because he does not gives your name in public and can make you moaning does not means that he respects you because he makes you moan so that he can feel dominance and i-can-make-wither-under-me type of feeling.

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Anisha Sarma said: (Mon, Oct 12, 2015 08:17:57 PM)    
We often see moral values are declining day by day not only on youth also the adults. In the run of competition we forget to be a human rather work as a machine. Modernity kills morals. We accept the western living style and forget the moral values.

But why we often forget who told to forget moral values for being modern. Moral values are the light in human which always make a people shine. Be modern with rising he status of moral thoughts and value.

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Kukki said: (Sun, Oct 11, 2015 09:57:23 AM)    
From my point of view, youth generation are not responsible for degradation of morals and values because for making a bright career all have to choose a unique path. That may be keep you far away from parents. When we busy with some official work and unable to making contact with our parents then it does not mean that we are avoiding them or irresponsible toward them. So, today also all have knowledge about morals and values different is no one has no time for anyone.

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Saurabh said: (Sun, Oct 11, 2015 12:11:12 AM)    
There were so many opinions shared I could not read all of them all I would like to say is that, yes, There is a cut-throat competition and yes, You have to agree with 'survival of the fittest'. But it doesn't makes sense that just because you have to survive then others have to go extinct. And actually, its not modernity that kills morals, it is our vague attitude towards social glitches that kills our morals.

I will not talk about how kids are brought up these days or about the bad influences that affects kids these days, all I would like to point out is that, we are paying a hell lot in our daily life due to this lack of moral awareness and if we don't change our attitude towards these glitches then we are in for paying even more badly.


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Els Mariya said: (Thu, Sep 3, 2015 05:42:29 PM)    
First of all let ask one thing why blame youth for the degradation of moral values. These are taught by our parents and elders. Also media, networking sites, education system etc. ?The enhancing cut throat competition and 'survival of fittest' type of attitude. But they still prevail though under a veiled. The word "competition" has became an integral part of our lives. We all are in a race. People don't have time to care for others It is true that modernity kills morals.

There is no use on blaming anybody. This is time to think and act SO PLEASE.

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Diya said: (Wed, Sep 2, 2015 11:12:05 PM)    
@Srishti Jaiswal,

I don't think only the 'youth' are to be blamed for the degradation of values we see today.

After all, don't most adults also keep up a facade of hypocrisy? It's really from the environment around you that one is influenced.

A few factors that affect the morale and value system of a young person can be,

1. The Media : In my opinion, this is the biggest factor influencing the youth. Haven't we all seen actors and actresses on the big screen taking long puffs at a cigar?

And this is just one example, to quote.

2. Parents : Once children are taught values by their parents at a young age, there is seriously no chance of going back. Of course, one must not confuse modernization and the value system, because they are aspects which seem the same, but are entirely different.

And nowadays, parents themselves are terrible examples to children! Haven't we all seen parents who tell the child "Do as I say, not as I do" Thank heavens for the good parents!

3. Peer pressure : People always want to fit in and you can't blame them for it, but you shouldn't let your peers affect your beliefs.

4. Other adults around us by whom we are influenced, by accidentally picking up on bad practices without our knowledge.

However, ultimately, it is up to one to determine his/her own path in life and value system. If they are fortunate, and sensible enough to choose and live wisely, good for them and for the society too.

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Baibhab Patra said: (Wed, Aug 5, 2015 09:16:33 PM)    
Hi everyone,

I may be a kid but I wanted to share my thoughts. I think now parents have been more busy and due to that their children don't learn good values which are needed. I have seen parents don't have enough time to even interact but in that case I think at least they could give some time in dinner and even if they talk for 10 minutes it should be qualitative. I believe to make kids understand to learn good values it should be shown by the parents not given only as a lecture.

Both parents and teachers play an important role in learning good values. Nowadays 90 out of 100 kids wan to be teachers as they are a role model to kids so the same way parents should do their duty. Also now Media affects children it is very addictive and can make kids misbehave like if the parents want the kids to stop playing on an iPad the kid will argue and misbehave. So I think the parents should watch this and make kids have limited time so I hope this speech helped you understand.

Thank you.

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Prateek Jain said: (Wed, Jul 22, 2015 05:28:33 AM)    

Almost are saying that our moral values are vanished but no. OK just tell me if anyone of us forget to wish birthday or anniversary of our parents. Can we forget teachers day or any national day of India never why? Because we have got proper education by our parents and teachers.


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Sohini said: (Tue, Jul 14, 2015 06:06:01 PM)    
I think that moral values help us to develop in some matters which we cannot do in the way we do today. Our country needs reorientation it is lost and needs a map.

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Naman said: (Wed, Jul 1, 2015 09:46:07 PM)    
Moral values are an essential past of our culture and by not adopting these moral values, we destroy our culture. A country's first impression is it's culture and by neglecting moral values we neglect our culture and by neglecting our culture we neglect our country.

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Vishal said: (Tue, Jun 30, 2015 07:11:48 PM)    
According to me today there is degenerating in values because the harmony before modernisation we see between person to person is so mutual but the modern world has broken this mutual cooperation among the people due to many facilities in education many have become selfish and think of 'I' MYSELF now people don't allow to grow others rather they compete with each other. So here is lot of changes in their values.

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Zubina said: (Mon, Jun 29, 2015 04:42:45 PM)    
I am really satisfied that we can not blame youth for the degradation of moral values. These are taught by our parents and elders. Also media, networking sites, education system etc. Well since childhood boys are taught that that boys never cry instead that elders must taught them that never to make anyone cry.

So I suggest before claiming anything they must see and give a proper reason for what they neglect to say their words.

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Ajit Jena said: (Mon, Jun 15, 2015 11:21:58 AM)    
Moral values are the set of principles for right and wrong conduct. I think that today's moral values are degenerating. It is because we are highly fascinated by western culture and adopt such habits which seems outlandish for our Indian society.

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Harmony said: (Thu, Jun 4, 2015 12:30:51 PM)    
I do agree that moral values and ethics are degrading due to the cut throat competition and 'survival of fittest' type of attitude. But they still prevail though under a veiled.

When we were young we were told stories about the honest woodcutter, cricket and the ant, and poems of goodness and truth growing up we realized that straight trees are always cut first in the forest, so we have to be a bit selfish.

But if roots are firm then nothing will make much difference. So children should be given the right type of education, they should be told about our cultures and values. The foundation must be strong!

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Adrian said: (Tue, May 12, 2015 08:48:06 PM)    

I disagree. If we need to go anywhere in today's day and age, intellect must trump illogical emotions and values. Its every man for himself.

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Shakir said: (Sun, Apr 19, 2015 11:55:18 PM)    
Hi, One ad is running in media in which we are seeing how to cheat father. Is this way to fulfill our requirements? Is it right? Our media is creating negative influence through the children. How can they gain the moral values? We cannot control them to see the negative advertises. It will creating a distance between children and parents.

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Sagar said: (Sun, Apr 19, 2015 11:41:11 AM)    
What I think is, Morals and Values in Indian social system in not degrading but it's form is changing due to Globalization, changing social dimensions, increasing professionalism, changing family structure, changing work structure, increasing individualism.

And changes does not mean degradation, old phenomenon of good and bad changes, moral and values also changes. So we should not apply old definition of morals and values to today's worlds. I am optimistic who thought that world is changes and it changes for better.

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Sumit Gupta said: (Sat, Mar 7, 2015 02:42:58 PM)    

I feel the same as most of us in the group feel that moral values are degrading these days the reason behind it which I feels is the parents and the teachers are not playing their role properly. Morale value get develop at the age of student, everyone thought us that we should not the feeling of other, pay respect to our elder and may things but there action doesn't shows the same.

When the people around a child is not morally correct then the child will also do the same. So fifthly we have to be the change what we want to change in the world so that the next generation will learn good things form us and follows it.

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Sharad Mistry said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 04:56:34 PM)    
Friends, Read views of couple of participants here. Though online, this is a good effort to at least discuss in group about VALUES AND ETHICS.

My only question to anyone and everyone here - Values and ethics are mostly taught and learned during childhood at home by parents and elders; also by teachers in schools and professors in college; as youth dawns, these values start getting diluted and are almost thrown out.

And then these values, ethics almost completely disappear during adulthood. That's what we call BIG, BAD PRACTICAL WORLD. WHY? How can our fundamental values and ethics be retained during our youth and adult life which is the most productive period of our individual and collective lives?

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Shalini said: (Mon, Feb 16, 2015 12:38:30 PM)    
Hello everyone!

I just want to say that try to become better, bigger and stronger in your life but don't ever forget your roots, don't forget where you have came from. Moral values are degrading and the reason is our fast speeding lives. We don't have time to help a needy person, carrying heavy loads and bags for a pregnant lady, or wishing a elder person passing by. We must try to achieve our goals but we should not forget our values.

The word "competition" has became an integral part of our lives. We all are in a race. People don't have time to care for others. I want to tell you all story that might can change your thinking.

A 100 mts race was about to start. Six girls were participating in that race. The whistle blew up and the girls started running. After 2 or 3 minutes, one of the them fell and started crying because she was injured. The rest 5 girls stopped, returned back, picked up that girl, and helped her to stand. Then all the six joined their hands and finished the race together. This is a real event which was happened in school for MENTALLY DISABLED children.

What have we done if we were in that place? We all would probably finish our race and try to win without caring about that girl because we are not "mentally disables", we call our self "civilized", we all just WANT to WIN.

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Maduri said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 09:37:02 PM)    

In my opinion, morals should be developed from childhood on wards. It means the morals and values depends on how a person thinks about it. It can be determined by the value he /she gives to his parents, relatives etc.

But, nowadays these are degrading because due to western culture and not giving much importance to relations due to busy in job, personal life etc. But it is not correct one has to develop morals and values in his life for well being of his parents and society.

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Girish said: (Mon, Feb 9, 2015 07:21:29 PM)    
Moral values is not degrading, you need to UNDERSTAND why they are important before you can follow them. Contemplate on Morality and once understood, you will follow them at any cost.

We Indian thinks of morality in terms of customs and religious practices. It not only about respecting elders, or ladies or doing certain things. Morality is about killing the beast, hatred and the greedy person inside ourselves. It is holistic development of a person.

In my opinion, our country both people from past and present distracted, due to too many options and choices. We crave for so many things.

What we want is just essential things in personal life and career, we should leave anything which distract us. We then will have a clear vision of what is right and what is wrong. We will have time and energy for us and our dear ones.

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Vikas said: (Mon, Feb 9, 2015 12:35:31 AM)    
Hi all,

I think, as the time changes, changes the need of the hour.

Previously it was considered morally good to stay with the parents, and one who won't would be considered low on the ground of moral values, but we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. It can be any reason, it may be for good, it may be for better career opportunities.

Adding to it, being with them also does not give a so called character certificate to anyone, it should be individuals duty to be there for his/her parents and not to consider 'am as burden.

Also, I guess youth being the pillars of the nation, sees to it in their own manner, I have seen children giving there seats in metro rail to elders or the one's in need, this gives a clear picture that they still have their moral values instilled in them.

It's more of the ability to differentiate between the good and the bad, and going with the good.

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Xyz said: (Sun, Jan 25, 2015 11:03:32 AM)    
The alarmingly increasing number of nuclear families alone indicates how uncomfortable one feels in maintaining a healthy relationship between family and parents. In the earlier times a man had 7-8 brothers and sisters and still he did everything he could do to meet their requirements. But today we visualize a totally transformed state where a man cannot tolerate his parents for more than a second. And moreover his children also follow the same trend !

We feel irritated when an elderly person sits next to us while we are watching TV or playing a mobile game-we wish to push him/her out of the house.

If a needy man passes by us-we do not feel anything for him-as it is a POOR DAILY VIEW for us, and THE FEW who wish to serve the needy one see the attitude of others and move back. This is the condition of today's youth.

Earning money has become one's first and foremost duty, because he has to secure his children's future-and in this tension he forgets everything-all moral values. He would love to impress his seniors by hook or by crook, but cannot endure talking to his children, asking about their problems, inspiring them. And only because of this his children turn out to be disastrous ones in their time.

We do not feel ashamed abusing our elders and get agitated even if they ask "Where were you?" We do not mind cheating others, not even our parents. And the worst is here-kidnapping, harassment and the list is endless.

Today everything we do is just to maintain our status and nothing else. We would admit our ill grandparents to an expensive hospital-not because they would recuperate soon, but because "the world will speak of our financial status"! So is our youth progressing or degrading? The answer is obvious.

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Nidhisood said: (Fri, Jan 23, 2015 02:00:29 PM)    
Moral values which we today (aged 40+) have learned from our parents are far different from today's generation. Have you ever seen any child of today.

1. Getting aside when an elderly passes by.

2. Vacating a seat for a pregnant woman or elderly.

3. Offering help to a neighbor if he/she carries many bags or heavy load.

4. Being silent if any relative corrects him/her or scolds him/her.

5. Reading value based stories.

6. Listening to parents without arguing.

7. Being without a gadget for more than an hour.

8. Helping elderly cross a busy road.

9. Wishing a known or unknown at the meeting.

10. Helping parents at household and market works.

These are just a few in the list if I want I can add a lot to this. The readers are requested to think and implement such small values in their lives so that not only we learn it but become role models for the people around us. I believe that we cannot teach values to our youngsters rather its what they watch they learn.

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Sambhabana said: (Wed, Jan 7, 2015 08:31:40 PM)    
Sorry @Subhash. I partly agree with you. But how many of such kind will you find from our country? Those who really work for their family and country without any personal motive and selflessly? I guess hardly anyone.

So friends- ETHICS AND VALUES ARE THE BUILDING STONES OF ONE'S CHARACTER. We must learn to shape them, without any deformity.

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Sumana Yadav said: (Wed, Dec 10, 2014 07:01:49 PM)    
I want to share my views regarding "How far we must be proud to be an Indian?". Please. Don't be proud about past Indian culture & physical features of India. India has great mountains, the great Thar desert, plateaus, plains, rivers, forests etc. But a country means not only soil and it's features but a country means it's 'PEOPLE'. But there is no scope now-a-days to depict our greatness seeing us (not all but including me).

Firstly I don't have right to criticize others without checking me whether I am correct or wrong. But according to me it's all doesn't matter to give a opinion. Our society was sub-merged in flood of selfishness, in flood of jealousy, in flood of corruption, in flood of passion on money. One more highly effective one is use of modern gadgets excess. These gadgets highly contribute for drowning away of human values in their heartless tides.

The only solution for this is 'CHANGE'. "YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD".

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Mounica said: (Wed, Dec 10, 2014 12:57:53 PM)    
Old is gold, morals are from in olden days. Each and every moral has a practical reason. Nowadays our grandparents telling that don't do that but not the reason. If you say something to a person definitely he/she will ask a question, that is 'why'?

If you clarify his/her doubt with full of clarity then that person will get the moral from that and they will understand that is not good that is the reason they are saying like this.

Thank you.

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Prashanth said: (Thu, Nov 27, 2014 10:21:00 PM)    
Yes, Today moral values, ethics more than that relationship values are degrading. Today maintaining many boyfriends has become a fashion and time pass for girls n in fact some treat it as their achievement. Same apply to the guys.

Atleast we are blessed because we all are born to love and affection between our parents. But next generation children will born to just time pass relationships with many. Therefore strong families are degrading today and everyone just trying to enjoy the life as much as they want. People are not bothered whether their acts are going to hurt people around. They just want to enjoy at the cost of others happiness.

All these things are negative side of life. But there are many good things also happening. There are many good people also following honesty, ethics in their life. But most of them are suffered a lot in their life mainly due to the bad people around. So it our duty to not to allow bad dominating good and follow humanity. Hope for the better tomorrow.

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Manoj said: (Mon, Nov 17, 2014 06:39:23 PM)    
It is evident that kaliyuga is defined as a time where there people let go off humanity, values. Values are those rules which become a foundation of an evolved person. Something which realizes a person of the path he took, it may be diabolical or ethical.

But we are born to follow ethical, moral values because we are from the origin of ethics, no person is born as a daemon, but he became one and why is he a daemon because he didn't follow the ethics he was born with.

This proves that somewhere, somehow one approaches to this values even if he doesn't want to follow them, every drunk person determines to drink everyday but dreams of being sober. And if not, he desires death.

Because he knows that its wrong. Some rules are never meant to be broken. Values are the ones which binds us to realize our value of being here, now, today and everyday.

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Jitendra Kumar said: (Wed, Nov 12, 2014 12:48:18 PM)    
Hello everyone,

This is Jitendra Kumar,

I also wanted to conclude some view on this topics.

Parents and society which are solely responsible to imparting the moral value and ethics which are very important to everyone to have some dignity and responsible life. Which are also responsible to make every one the man of value.

As we also know that Moral Value & ethics are so called big words which are not easy to understand until we all never drop down our self ego, selfishness & so called fantasy life.

Values do have different meaning for everyone which could be described in many forms or terms like life, Respect, Responsibility, Relationship, Honor, dignity etc. Yes this is also true that these value are degrading day by day which are making the every section of nation weaker.

Adoption of some good thing from the individual culture of the nation is really good thing but sacking of these value we drop down your won culture, ethics and moral values etc. Which are not good at all.

Moral value and ethic are the most precious ornament for everyone. So, do respect and impart these value & ethics in to your next generation to make them Man of the value.

Jai Hind.

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Kuldeep Sharma said: (Mon, Nov 10, 2014 03:41:13 PM)    
I am so happy to see so many thoughts and views on this topic. What I am thinking is that all of those who shared their views must be having this realisation that things has to be changed. We talked about what is wrong. But we should also think how to make the wrong right. Why not all such thoughtful persons unite themselves and serve to humanity and mankind. Trust me bad can be turned into good. What we need to show is true love, for it has a great power to shake the whole world. :).

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Anila Dewan said: (Sat, Nov 1, 2014 02:21:26 PM)    
First of all what is morality?

Adhering to old practices or practicing what is right. If in a given situation a daughter- in - law refuses to maintain relationship with her in laws because they constantly harass her. Then standing up for her self respect is wrong only because the society does not support children going against their elders.

The need is to construct a virtuous definition of the word 'value'. Let our values make us better not bitter. Lets keep questioning ourselves and our value systems. Even they need to evolve with time.

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Samanpreet Kaur said: (Sat, Sep 27, 2014 10:37:42 AM)    
Moral and ethical values are said to be those qualities which makes the person responsible and respectful in the society. We must have gone to deep for understand the moral values. But today these values are seems to be degenerating. Every person is becoming selfish and never think about others. According to my contribution very rare people have moral values today.

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Pratyashu said: (Fri, Jul 11, 2014 06:57:35 PM)    
Desire is the root cause of all devils. The three important aspects of life are now with man that are food, clothes and shelter. But man wants more than that in order to live a cozy life. Today man has become puppets in the hands of his own desires. So he is depending upon materialistic goods which has lead to declination of moral values. The influence of machines has made man a machine which is emotionless. Love has turned to hatred, friends to enemy in this age of cut and throw competition.

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Raj said: (Sat, May 3, 2014 06:14:38 PM)    
There are so many in todays society that have lost the boundaries that would have helped them in times past to determine between right and wrong. Children are now exposed to so much information which in many ways have molested them of their innocence, and have deprived them of a pure and healthy childhood.

Tomorrows Newspaper reads that an 11 year old child was gunned downed by his fellow student simply because he wouldn't give up his coat. These are a few of the teachings learned by this information generation. That material gain is more important than another human life. The degradation of moral standards starts not only from within the home, but in the Media and Educational system as well as Environmental structures play a significant role as well. To reach a generation that has been exposed to so much with so little maturity or understanding will not only be challenging for its teachers, but overwhelming for those that seek to control them.

Degradation simply means to lower ones standard of lifestyle, to make one a degenerate and to demoralize not only in standards, but in character as well. Greed has become the forerunner in the world today. There is so many that now hide behind this image call success. That it doesn't really matter what it took to get there, at least this is what they think.

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Subhasish said: (Mon, Mar 10, 2014 10:05:28 PM)    
India, traditionally a religious, non-individualistic, closed society is going through the 2nd phase of economic transition. People are for the first time having the taste of economic & individual freedom. It is a volatile time when 'old ideas' are dying & the 'new ideas' are still a minority community. Whether the 'new' is 'right' or not, that is something subjective. But, in my opinion if it turns the Preamble of our Constitution into a reality in the long run, then it is good enough for me.

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Sher Muhammad Anwer said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 11:42:57 PM)    
Morality of education system in our societies states us the way of serving the human beings and secondly ultimately having judgement between destruction and construction for the others.

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Himanshu said: (Sat, Feb 15, 2014 08:37:51 PM)    
If health is gone, something is gone.

But if character is gone, everything is gone.

Teaching moral values is very necessary for the all-round development of a person. It includes discipline, manners and etiquette, behavior, control over oneself, politeness, strength, patriotism, love and care for each other. It also includes speaking truth, no stealing, becoming a good citizen. Moral values are also necessary for developing healthy and friendly relations with everyone. Loss of moral values is a direct loss of the country. A child must be given moral education at an early stage. He must be taught the importance of moral, ethical and family values.

By Family Values, we mean to have good thoughts, good intentions and good deeds, to love and to care for those whom we are close to and are part of our groups or communities, like parents and other family members and friends too. They must learn to treat others with the same set of values with which they wish to be treated. Ethical values define a set of principles of right conduct. A child must learn moral values in school, many of the schools teach the students to develop their character through books, moral stories, essays, plays.

An easy and one of the best ways to impart moral set of values and principles in a child. The child must be taught so as they must be filled with moral virtues such as wisdom, courage, justice. These days, we see some students misbehaving with teachers, people go on strike burning buses, including in bad politics or doing other kinds of harms, thus deteriorating moral values. They are having just opposite qualities of these moral virtues such as they start believing in injustice, tyranny, or may be cowardness. A child gets to know and can easily decide what is right and what is wrong for him, learns to behave mannerly in a society, he understands his responsibilities through moral values.

Moral principles held the world together. So, there is a need of set of moral principles and values to be imparted in the children to make them a better and a responsible citizen.

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Binu said: (Fri, Feb 7, 2014 12:44:53 PM)    
Hi friends.

I am also somewhere in my mind is in support of the topic.

I just want to say that these values have become the things of the past. We all are focused upon money and fame.

No humanity, no love, no respect, no care. THESE ARE THE MOST FAMOUS WORDS IN OUR MIND DICTIONARY.

But the question is why we have just become like this, have forgotten our real culture, our ethics. And are blindly following what was never permitted in our culture.

Some of the animalistic things which can prove that. " yes we are not humans on this earth".

1. Honour killing (its really a shame for our elders our society. And is a prove for no moral value inside in their heart).

2. Rape (nowadays gang rapes are more popular. Boys have been muscular, and what would be better place for them to show their strength. And kill the victim mercilessly, enjoying the blood comes out of the body. This can't be human behavior. Hence a prove that we are animals. And is very much clear that animals have no moral values. ).

3. And the most famous is chain snatching, killing for money, cheating. And our elders said that they have not learnt such type of lessons to their kids. But the thing is even they have not got the time that they can spend with these young minds.

4. And the controversial one is WHEN THE PERSON ENTER INTO POLITICS, he is filling only his pockets, take bribe, DO SCAMS, do RIOTS. They have just one priority to have the MONEY only FOR EVEN THEIR HUNDREDTH GENERATION TO COME. I mean let that generation to do something by themselves. You need not to worry for them, they will be having same brain, 2 hands, 2 legs. And that would be enough. DO SOMETHING FOR WHATEVER YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED. And if little bit humanity is left with you then bring all the money from swiss bank to our people.

QUES is from where we would be expecting moral values.



Supportive reasons are:

1. Discrimination between girl and boy. It gives an unfair advantage to them that they are the superior ones. And is having every right to molest, to rape, to kill.

Because they always feel women to be the materialistic things, so they use them proudly.

2. From these they have forgot to show respect to women.

3. No one can deny the fact that more than 90 percent crimes are being done by the SO CALLED MASCULINES of our society.

And the main reason behind is that somewhere or the other parents are lacking in.

Providing them VALUES, they only restrict their girls for every wrong and right.

Would that they have understood this fact than the crime rate would have decreased, and ultimately the MORALS AND VALUES WILL BE FOLLOWED BY EVERYONE.

I am not really saying that the boys are only behind every wrong thing. Girls have also forgot their culture, the way to show respect and many more.

So be an indian, live like an indian, don't show lackadaisical attitude towards everything.

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Pulkita said: (Sun, Feb 2, 2014 03:57:33 PM)    
Yes, according to me its true that moral values are day by day degenerating. Moral values are hidden and this is just the thing that our youth cannot see. Just for a once we should try to choose the path of moral values you will see your life becoming much easier than the complexity.

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Rahul said: (Sun, Jan 26, 2014 04:10:08 PM)    
Moral values are good and positive attributes and at Positive moral values are important because they allow you to have an overall feeling of peace and joy. Moral values can give meaning and purpose to your life. You are able to direct your behavior towards beneficial and fulfilling activities.

When you live your life according to moral values that are based on honesty, compassion, courage, modesty, and forgiveness, then you can also form positive bonds with other people.

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Atreyee said: (Sun, Jan 19, 2014 11:46:07 PM)    
Yes moral and social values are degrading. We are so selfish now. We should bring the hidden morals up. The future, the students should be careful.

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Balwan Singh said: (Thu, Jan 9, 2014 11:31:01 PM)    
Its fact that the morale values in society are degrading.

In earlier days joints family system was there. Grandparents used to tell the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata to children so they always followed them and understood the value of respect and truthfulness. But today parents don't have time for their son or daughter.

So today's youths learn everything from friends which is all incomplete values.

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Ipsita said: (Sat, Jan 4, 2014 02:46:21 PM)    
Morals and values among Indians today is definitely changing. Today the youth values the importance of speaking up rather than being silent onlookers to whatever goes on in the society. People are more aware of what's happening around them and are ready to act against them. It is also true that people today are more materialistic today but that is what comes out of the fierce competition and the necessity to make one's presence felt in today's world. Associating value to money is not altogether bad because money can also be used towards helping people and the development of the society. So, values are changing but not degrading.

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Meenakshi said: (Mon, Dec 16, 2013 08:38:10 PM)    
First of all, what are morals and values? In my opinion, morals and values is the art of distinguishing right and wrong and having the courage to take the right path despite facing obstacles.

Such morals and values are not affected by late night partying, wearing western clothes etc. Rather, they are affected or formed by our thoughts, beliefs. Our family, friends, colleagues play a major role in shaping our thoughts and beliefs.

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Priya said: (Mon, Dec 9, 2013 04:53:14 PM)    
Yes, Moral and values are degrading.

The condition has become very worse in todays life. There is no trust between individuals. Competition and selfishness has increased even between siblings, friends and relatives. There is no sharing of happiness and sorrows. People feel happy to know about others sufferings.

All want to climb up the ladder pushing everyone down. Life was a lot better, people had good understanding when they had less money as in the olden days when other persons suffering was considered as your own suffering and people used to rejoice in others happiness. In the present world, it is exactly the opposite.

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Vijay Kalyane said: (Thu, Dec 5, 2013 08:20:32 PM)    
Moral values are really degrading in Indian youths. The recent cases of crimes and corruption are violent examples of this. To become a superpower at the cost of its moral culture and traditions is not at all justifiable.

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Abhishek Goel said: (Mon, Dec 2, 2013 08:50:28 PM)    
Moral Value are just two words today for indians because if you see a accident and injured person nobody would stop and help him. Many times we see wrong things happens but we don't care about it. We pay bribe to police man and then say system is bad and corrupted. Its depend on individual what he want to take from society and what not to take. Our parents taught us moral and values well but how many implement it and use it in our daily life.

Thank you.

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Priti said: (Mon, Dec 2, 2013 07:26:40 PM)    
Morals are not degrading, India's younger generation is just not ready to carry the orthodox public opinion, they are exploring new ways of world, rebeling the hypocrites. In my opinion this is exactly what country like India needs today!

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Vipul said: (Sun, Nov 24, 2013 12:24:09 PM)    
Traditional source of inculcating moral values in children are too busy or falling too short of their role.

Parents-Too busy in their own job.

Traditional joint families are becoming non-existent.

Education -All about learning science, math & language skills. Moral education is out of curriculum.

Society-Defines your success based on your position & number of zeros in your salary. End becomes important than the means.

Leaders -Political leaders -Most hated species in India.

Media- Believe that cricket, TV stars etc are topics of national importance.

Youth can not be blamed. If its a moral degradation, it is collective failure.

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Abhijeet Mishra said: (Wed, Oct 30, 2013 07:19:29 AM)    
It is true that modernity kills morals. The days when we were not modern we had not so many problems like rape, stealth, murder etc. Someone says that sati pratha, child marriage uprooted due to western culture. I want to remind you if you go through history you will find that their culture were more defile than ours. Now the child have no times for their parents, grandparents, teachers. Children are not obeying parents so the graph of their character is going down. Man is different because they help each.

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Deepti said: (Mon, Oct 21, 2013 09:02:05 AM)    
Moral and values among Indians are really degrading, the cause for this are many. These days youngsters spend more time on their phone, talking, operating Facebook, Whatsapp. Than with their elders. , who used to teach them good values. They talk about big issues like corruption, politics, rape, but they themselves have no time for the guests, for celebrating the festival in real sense, for respecting their older grandparents.

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Jasmeet said: (Sat, Oct 12, 2013 02:00:42 PM)    
Well friends I think along with other measures we can utilize our Holy books in order to sensitize our students in schools for social and moral values. References of quotes and thoughts of our great leaders of humanity, in education can be of great use. I am in favour of referring general social and moral values from all the Holy Scriptures irrespective of religion it is related to. What is your opinion? please share.

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Ajinkya said: (Thu, Oct 10, 2013 04:48:29 PM)    
WHY is your mind searching for these materialistic desires?

Is it for happiness? pleasure? to be better? To be less bored? To show off/impress? To please someone?

It's perfectly true, money cannot buy you happiness. Because if you THINK it does. You will never reach happiness.

Happiness, Peace, Fulfillment, Love, etc. Can never be found on a piece of green paper, or a Mercedes.

It's found right inside of your heart.

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Sana Shaikh said: (Sat, Oct 5, 2013 11:29:53 PM)    
Yes, it is rightly said that today unfortunately the roots of Indian culture i.e.moral values have started being degraded. As India is said to be 'cultured country' and the speciality of India lies in the fact of various religion existing and their teaching. Today festivals are only meant for enjoyment purpose. Let me make it very clear that the festivals which were intro. By our ancestors served only as the source of gratitude towards God and humanity not for intro. Of various pollution. ITS A HIGH TIME GUYS WAKE UP! SAVE INDIA 4M DEGRADING AND LOSING ITS ROOTS.

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Gangesh said: (Wed, Oct 2, 2013 08:29:54 PM)    
Being morally good is definitely a road to success. But looking forward in today's society, it is very harassing to see moral & ethical values getting degraded. It can be only inculcated by taking vow of not listening to the inner soul which forces onself to maintain one's dignity.

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Vineeta Rawat said: (Wed, Oct 2, 2013 08:06:41 PM)    
Morals & Values have never degraded from our society but we are lacking in expressing them. The most common reason is lack of humanity, yes we have to accept that there are some people in between us who should not called to be human. Now the time has come to re-generate our morals and values among them & if not possible then they should not be a part of our society. We are Indians &even today also we live in a era where we treat our Guest as God so the only thing we need to do is to keep our culture and ethics alive. Our thoughts and emotions should be more modern and true than our cloths and livelihood.

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Shubham Mandal said: (Tue, Sep 17, 2013 04:53:15 PM)    
The only reason here is not foreign attraction but the INCREASING COMPETITION. As people have become so competitive they don't celebrate festival with heart, the reason they celebrate is to show off, my statue is more decorative, big and all that stuff. The people responsible for this is as usual HUMAN GREED FOR POPULARITY yes Its NOT MONEY it is also a way to gain popularity.

So it nothing to do with foreign attraction it only a way to gain popularity. The disease is in our mind not foreign culture.

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Harshika said: (Fri, Aug 16, 2013 11:03:30 AM)    
Morals and values among indians are degrading. This is true because all the peoples are following different traditions, culture and values forgetting there parents. These morals and values are degrading and making the countrymen seperated from their family. Countrymen are not enjoying their fruits of labor but they are going on the illegal direction to earn money like corruption, fraud etc.

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Anusha said: (Wed, Aug 14, 2013 01:24:41 PM)    
Yes moral values are definitely degrading now a days. The main reason is everyone is selfish. No one wants to take care of other human beings. In good olden days education system is quite different, it totally includes reading of holy books so that they can cultivate moral values right from their childhood. But it is not so in the present case. No educational institution gives importance to morals. In turn they are much interested in marks and ranks. So what I feel every person should cultivate these values right from the childhood.

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Vagisha said: (Thu, Aug 8, 2013 01:17:20 AM)    
Morals are definitely exasperating (degrading). Well this was the reason that today a girl from my class stole money from my purse. It was really a bitter experience for me. I mean it was only a week since my college started, but this definitely taught me a lesson, not to trust people easily you know after all it is KALYUG. Its pathetic that today most of the young people resort to stealing someone's hard earned money to fulfil their useless desires of drinking, smoking & all such illegal activities. This is because their parents don't teach them all these morals & values & so they end up doing all such evil things. I feel theres a strict need for teaching value education in schools & colleges especially for all those spoilt & screwed up youngsters who not only harm themselves (by you know all that drinking & smoking) but also others (by of course stealing money).

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Harry said: (Mon, Jul 29, 2013 11:34:41 PM)    
In our country, there are variety of people living together. Every religion.

Teaches moral values in its point of view. But no one aware of such kind of moral values in The Holy book. For example, how many children's know the religious thought from their school days!Though school has mold a good student to the society, they are not considering the student contribution on society. Then how do they know Moral values in their life. Moral values should be taught by school. The Government of India should include the moral value as one of the subject. Then only Moral values spreading over the students.

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Parki said: (Thu, Jul 25, 2013 08:55:22 PM)    
- Nowadays, smoking, hukka parlours, drinking, late night parties, exposure of physical beauty, pubs are considered as status symbols. Persons not doing these things are considered old fashioned or stereo type. Simplicity and etiquettes were things of the past.

- People want to earn either by hook or crook. They don't care if their acts are in agreement with moral values. They can sell their moral values for money because money now buys status.

- Everyone knows the dirty game of politics that is being played nowadays. If our "respected" politicians had good ethical values, they would have not been only concerned with filling their own pockets in place of developing our poor country.

- To be religious is now mocked at by most of the people. Instead of learning some good things from "Satsang", people enjoy criticizing the Saints.

- Chain snatching and horrendous acts like rape are common terms in newspaper and news channels.

- Physical appearance is all that matters in a person. Even players are not identified by their runs and goals but by their looks.

Thus it will not be an exaggeration to say that morals and values of people are degenerating.

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Saikat said: (Sat, Jul 20, 2013 10:44:57 PM)    
I think that moral values of the youngsters of India is degenerating day by day because of our mimicry of the western culture. Moreover we are all aware of the fact that crime against women are increasing day by day. This is because of our narrow mindedness towards women.

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Shruti said: (Fri, Jul 19, 2013 07:50:57 PM)    
I believe that modernity is not the reason for decline of moral values. Modernity is just the way of a newer and a fresher thinking while morality comes from inside. Today Indian youth has a civilized manner of talking, walking and all their actions. It depends on person to person how their morals are. While one person might respect the elders, the other may not. This is not because of modernity.

Our youth still respects our culture and thus never forgets to greet elders and respects religion. My dear friends I would like to throw light on this point that partying and wearing what one likes is not something related to morality. Today we our more informed, of newer thinking and have advanced mentality.

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Singh said: (Sat, Jul 6, 2013 08:29:35 AM)    
Degenerating or Evolving? The caste system, Sati, 2000 years of servitude, child marriage, female infanticide, etc etc etc. Is westernisation so bad? Is corruption westernised or Indian by nature. Which western culture glorifies a band of brothers who gambled away their wife, let alone share her amongst themselves? Is this our yardstick of values. It's our choice ultimately as an individual not the society as a whole. Collectively as individuals we make this country and its values.

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Shariqa Nida said: (Sat, Jun 15, 2013 05:25:18 PM)    
I think this "moral value degradation' phenomenon is considered as one of the major problem faced all over the world. Of course, the degree or intensity may vary, but with the availability of the modern means of communication, entertainment, travel and such thrill-seeking amenities we can hardly do anything to protect our culture from the invasion of morally degrading trends those we used to abhor (detest; regard with disgust) in the recent past.

Consider the smoking habit of youngsters while still in high school or colleges and universities which were totally absent elsewhere. But in these days you will find almost similar degradation in many part of South Asia as well as in developed countries.

Another thing considered degrading is ear and body piercing and wearing ornaments by young males which were non-existent even a decade ago. Use of gel on hair to stiffen them is considered as fashionable in these days but these were considered as out-of-taste a few years ago.

Therefore, it is now very difficult to identify the criteria of 'moral values', besides those which could affect oneself or their environment, like smoking, to earn a protest or scorn (disdain, contempt, derision) from the society.

In my view, we need to educate our youngsters with bare minimum of High School level, considering the cost to the parents of low income group and the government patronizing of schemes like 'leave no child behind' in respect of education, food, shelter and health areas those may wean away the very poor people from doing morally degrading things to earn their living. About the middle class and upper class people, the parents have little guardian-control mechanism left to impart moral values in their ward.

Therefore, if the children of rich people decide themselves to be morally upright in their way of life then only it would be possible for them to 'behave'. Otherwise, there is hardly much 'control' left to influence them to abide by the code of the moral values.

Sorry for the long post, but this is what I have seen how the timid society got slow-degeneration right after we achieved our independence in 1971. The struggle for freedom has made us audacious in almost every sphere of lives activities.

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Harsh said: (Wed, May 22, 2013 10:07:55 AM)    
In my opinion Indian youth is distracted all because of foreign culture. They are attracted towards the things that are gained without any special effort. On any social site we actually can predict very easily what's going on in our youth society. They say INDIA will be the youngest country in 2020. But what's the use? Do Indian youth is giving all it could? NO!is the answer. Our Youth is getting lazy day by day and some who work hard, study from the top institutes (iit, iim) and move abroad in search of better opportunities. What is the benefit of being youngest country then?

Our youth especially teenagers are very much attracted towards nudity. Showing himself above others is becoming the most important goal of Indian teens. They feel its good to be bad, Its cool to study one night before exam and just pass it, its royal to smoke and drink and its maturity to go against their parents. ITS NOT!. I seriously don't know what is the solution for this but all I know is that this situation must change.

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Priya Malhotra said: (Fri, May 10, 2013 02:01:24 PM)    
Of course, morals and values in Indians are degenerating.

It is the youth which very well epitomises this situation in India. Every child just thinks of his own gain at one point of time. Morals and values have just become words that exist in dictionary with no definite meaning.

Teens abuse their parents, insult their parents, betray their parents and disrespect their parents.

So yes, values and morals in Indians (especially teens) have degenerated. (exceptions excluded).

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Khadra said: (Sat, Apr 27, 2013 08:24:04 AM)    
Yes most definitely the morals and values of our youth is regressing day by day. How can you argue with me when its the plain truth. What can you conclude upon seeing a group of teenages sitting at a restaurant together and instead of talking they are texting on another. Doesn't it seem obvious to you my dear reader, that morals and values are declining as a result of advancing technology. Families stopped visiting and merely communicate via social networks. Its ridiculous. We are slowly but surely falling prey to technology and its about time we get our facts straight. Ponder over it. Our world Is in our hands. We either choose to be victorious or fall victims.

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Pritesh said: (Wed, Apr 10, 2013 10:56:43 PM)    
Teacher or parent is like a train engine. In classroom first three benches are vip executive, next two benches are of general category and next three benches are of sleeper classes. But this train will not have any bad effect on student if he is learning good moral values from teachers, maybe he is sitting on last or front desk.

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Arun Kumar Raju said: (Sun, Mar 3, 2013 07:53:07 AM)    
We can bend a plant, not a tree. Parents and teachers should observe the attitude and behaviour of child and correct it at instance. It is better to appoint a psychologist in every school and his duty should be observing every student and able to eliminate negative mind by giving smooth and adjustable solutions.

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Anusha said: (Mon, Dec 24, 2012 03:04:54 PM)    
Morals and values are important things we cannot change and learn from any where. The values and morals which are hidden with us we must built our self and be giving respect to the each human being in the world.

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Shambhavi Tripathi said: (Thu, Nov 29, 2012 10:00:40 PM)    
See moral values start degrading just because of your company. When a person steps into the stage of a teenage then they have different people around so they follow them. When a person is at the age of childhood then he is much in the company of their parents so they watch and follow them and maintain themselves a good, moral-valued person. But being much busy and after seeing not be rewarded for the good values shown and instead being much harmed, they don't concentrate on moral values. Also in this generation it seems that people following moral values get harder times than those who does not. But every person wants to talk and be with a person who has great values. Moral values should be followed, they take every person at a higher level in life also he is respected and liked by all.

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Adharsh Dev said: (Fri, Nov 16, 2012 12:56:13 PM)    
In my opinion morals and values are actually degrading. The main reason for this is, we are living in a materialistic world. Materialism can be defined as a dominating sense of desire to pursue wealth and other tangible things that can provide physical comforts that ignores the importance of spiritual value. People in the present generation are becoming more selfish and greedy, they need everything for themselves.

Some of my friends here already said that moral values arent degrading, and had given the examples within their family. But what I have to say here is, Materialism always takes place outside your family, it often take place in your society.

Thoughts of getting westernized is another reason for degrading human values. We being in a nation that follows various culture are forgetting our spiritual values.

Its truly said that we know about the morals and human values, but we don't implement that because of our peer group.

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Yamini said: (Thu, Nov 15, 2012 01:20:51 PM)    
Yes now a days people become selfish. As a human beings we should show some difference between us and other living animals. I want to tell a situation from film godavari in Telugu. In that film one kid used to selling balloons one proud person cut the thread of the balloons and the balloons are flied. That kid saw that person and want to take revenge on him. That kid having a street dog with him. He and that dog came along with a barber and try to remove his hair but at last that kid stop the barber and left him. That dog thinks that oh this may be called as humanity my mother used to told me that there a humanity which lies in humans. We are the only living beings having common sense if we loss it we can considered as animals.

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Panoli said: (Tue, Nov 6, 2012 08:29:58 AM)    
It's not the lack of morals, its because there is no reward for being strictly akin to the morals. Forget about the reward still worse is when cheats, thugs and plunderers get away with all the crime that they do to our society. LIke someone said before, you cannot teach morals without examples or the consequences of being immoral. Remember human brain only care about the logic, the reward and the punishment. It always looks for shortcuts, and when rewards gets bigger than punishment, your brain gives a go, throwing your morals out of the window. Evolution has taught only one thing to your brain, survival, doing anything for ones survival comes in the blink of an eye.

Its our system that needs to be changed, the corrupt politicians, sloppy judiciary, politically biased media, and above all the poor under educated class who are exploited by others on a daily basis. Like that anything and everything. Until then those who strictly follow moral value will always be a handful of people.

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Narsireedy Kasireddy said: (Wed, Oct 31, 2012 08:16:35 PM)    
Every person should develop moral values by reading good books or from good people. Before causing harm to others, think what would you be in that place. Degradation in morals leads people into hell one by one.

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Dhruv said: (Sun, Oct 28, 2012 11:13:07 PM)    
I think that the downfall of Indian Cultural Values is not as important so much as basic humanity morals. I don't care whether you are getting more westernized in your dressing, in fact you're being quite the hypocrite when you're talking against westernization while typing in a western language wearing western clothes on a western medium. What I care about is the fact that humanitarian values are degrading in our countries in a bid to keep onto Indian traditions. Women don't get raped because of western wear but because men seeing them as equals or even bigger than them get threatened, they feel that a patriarchal society where men are the supreme beings should be allowed to rule the way they wish to see fit, if they can't keep it in their pants then it's their problem and they should be dealt with extreme severity. Instead of focusing on teaching our children what to wear and how to "remain Indian" we should teach them how to behave with people, that everyone is created equal. We should tell them whats wrong or right from a humanitarian perspective rather than a cultural perspective that was established my mortal men who wanted to be at the top, even if you read your holy books there is no mention of these cultures we keep following brainlessly, if you want to follow culture follow it but with a deep understanding of it instead of a superficial one.

Also I feel easy money in most hands, and the desire of easy money more than anything has lead to this moral decline.

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Ritika Thakur said: (Thu, Oct 18, 2012 10:39:07 PM)    
Yes, of course the moral values are degrading. Every person tends to be very swanky and hence doesn't care about the moral values. For them, modernity means westernization. The always want to wear western, eat western and speak western which seems to be a mere pump show. They moreover concentrate on their attires and looks. These things mostly exhibit in the teenagers who will become the future of our country and run it. It is a real threat to India's further development. It may lead to an excessive decline of moral values in the society.

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Aarya Vaidya said: (Thu, Oct 18, 2012 08:51:25 PM)    
My friend says that the moral value are not left in our India, I do not agree this because we when wake up in the morning first we touch the legs of our elders. Then we prays to our god, see take my mother example, she when saw the elders ones the older one she feel so bad that no body talks with them she feel so bad she thought that we should.

Entertain them so she opened a club the club name was you tern all the elders ones come there and they so much enjoyed the club.

Now this means that the moral values are left in India, it is right or not, now it is your decision.

Thank you :).

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Smita said: (Thu, Sep 27, 2012 07:38:10 AM)    
In my experience and opinion, values are not to be taught like some lesson to be mugged up like classroom material. At best, it will make you pretend respect for others, at worst it will instill a sense of fear/resentment towards others. Our elders should have taught these values through practice, not through preaching alone. Children learn through observing their parents and teachers and emulating them. I can't remember more than 2 teachers in my entire school-going years that spoke to me and my class-mates with respect. There was a lot of anger, some teachers were famous for yelling, hitting, pinching and other more unique forms of what would be classified today as child-abuse. So also at home. If our elders didn't treat us with respect, how were we to truly experience, learn and reciprocate it? Requiring the younger generation to respect you just because you are elder is no different from how the masters required slaves to bow down to them just because they were "supposed to".

What I think we are seeing today is people who have burst under the pressure of having to put on an act their whole lives. People are rebelling. People are exploring. People are retrieving their personal power from the clutches of age-old ideologies, dogmas and doctrines. Some mess is inevitable. Good for us all. People are getting to discover their true selves. People are journeying towards their innate values. Values that truly spring from within. Values that don't have to be forced on us. Values that don't bind us, but effortlessly remind us of our individuality as well as our interconnection. Values that free us all. Values that connect us all.

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Jyotika Sharma said: (Wed, Sep 19, 2012 07:20:53 PM)    
I do not think that the moral values are degrading. Because no parent want their children to go on wrong path, they imbibe them with all good values, but it is the surroundings and peer pressure some times that a particular person is doing something wrong or not showing the right values. But inside he also knows that it is not correct. Only their (youth's) way of looking at things may be little different from elders. Some times they are confused also what is right and what is wrong. Parent's duty or responsibility is only to keep giving advice and keep showing them good path. I am sure somewhere they will realize. Values are always with them only we need to revive.

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Avaneesh said: (Sat, Sep 8, 2012 05:53:09 PM)    

We are human being with a brain what is good and what is bad. When we apply the value in life then it become the morals. Before we start talking first of all we should know the origin of these things from where the value originates what is it how is it. The basic nature of beast is to eat sleep reproduce and fear for life these are the basic act done all living things. Man is differs in one act he got a brain and the media to convey his expression there the diference starts between beast and man. Now the greater question is Why we are here ? what is the diifference between we and the beast it is a lengthy discussion so please keep the discussion I will keep the discussion on with kinds.

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Abhishek said: (Mon, Aug 27, 2012 06:15:14 PM)    
Hello friends according to my views in today's world there is lot of competition in this world and in this world some people are really selfish, proudy and bad mannering so in this competitive world when someone is following moral values then he remains backward in his life and continuously he lost his abilities, his thinking capacities and get irritate from life and then he think that moral is not anything in this world to survive. So when a man is purely concentrate on earning money then he found morals a worst thing so in this moneyseeking world survival with morals is very hard. When all peoples not have greed of money in their mind than morals are the bestest thing to be honoured.

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Kanav said: (Sat, Aug 25, 2012 03:56:31 PM)    
Do you think kids now are not taught about values, morals and ethics? Yes they are. Kids have been taught about morals since the ancient ages. Yet we say they are degrading in India. There must have been selfish people in the preceding ages too. There must have been greedy, abusing people then too.

The only reason we say that morals are decreasing is because we know about incidents which we have not seen. Too often we see on Facebook an account of a horrific murder and wonder where the world is going. It is where it was, the CONNECTIVITY has increased which enables us to be updated to events which occur thousands of miles away. I am not criticizing social networking, just throwing light on one of its aspect.

Earlier you knew about 'degradation of morals' only from your locality, now you hear it from the television, newspaper, etc. Obviously it will seem like morals have degraded.

Due to connectivity, there is an overemphasis on money, food, hate, love, sex, EVERYTHING leads to 'degrading of morals'.

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Siddhu said: (Fri, Aug 24, 2012 09:10:35 PM)    
1. Online fraud: When you use internet for online transactions, there is always a possibility of being a victim of online fraud. As for example, impostors may steal your credit card information and use them for their own monetary gain.
2. Dependency on gadgets: People are becoming mechanical as they are getting more and dependent on gadgets. Nowadays, human beings cannot do a simple work without taking help of a gadget.
3. Integrating new technology: It is often difficult to take a business related decision about whether to buy the latest technology or wait for some new invention. Moreover, implementing new technology in a business can be quite expensive; therefore, you need to decide whether or not you actually need it. Above all, integrating a new technology in a business is quite a difficult task in itself.

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Nanditha said: (Wed, Aug 22, 2012 01:16:13 PM)    
Now a days we get to hear the phrase "BEING PRACTICAL" a lot which is making people forget about the moral values. It also depends upon the parenting. Importance should be given to moral values that is being given more to money now a days.

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Ramya said: (Wed, Jul 4, 2012 10:00:36 PM)    
Yes, now a days the moral values are degenerating. So, in my view point it depends on us to go in the right or wrong path but if we are in the wrong path then we must not let others to go with us instead we must follow the right path.

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Shivam Soni said: (Tue, Jun 26, 2012 09:45:32 PM)    
I think that the society is to refer to members of specific groups. "Society is a system of usages and procedures, authority and mutual aid, of many groupings and divisions, of human behavior and of liberties".

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Maha said: (Tue, Jun 19, 2012 03:17:17 PM)    
Morals as many of them have stated above has just become a word sleeping in the dictionary, I would rather say it has disappeared from the dictionary as well as people's life. Reverence, obedience, kindness, love, affection together make a person but nowadays its lust, jealousy, anger, cheat that people like and have imbibed in them.

I would like to quote an incident that happened in our locality a few weeks back, there was a fire accident nearby, nothing was serious because people around had already helped them extinguish and none of them were injured, after hearing this we all came out to look at what was happening, I was just feeling bad for being a mute spectator of that because I couldn't be of any help.

I overheard one of them talking, Don't think of calling the fire services now because if there is nothing serious they might demand money from the person who made the call, I was just taken aback by the statement!where has the values and morals we learnt gone, helping someone the first thing we must ever consider. Everything is buried deep under the ground with not even slightest of the trace left behind.

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Sristi Jaiswal said: (Sun, Jun 10, 2012 11:48:34 AM)    
The younger generation has an attitude of "I don't care". Degraded moral values has become a fashion for them. In schools, students proudly admit that they smoke or have indulged in some sort of bad activity.

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