Capital Punishment should be Banned or Allowed?

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Gayatri said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
Hi friends, according to me, the capital punishment should not be banned. If we stop punishing them they take it easy and other persons repeat the same for the next time. And the judgement should be same for everyone either they are rich or some celebrity or some famous person.

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Piyu Verma said: (Jan 30, 2018)  
As per my view, capital punishment should not be abolished. If we abolish it, then many things may be taken for granted and then we feel less secure.

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Neha Sahu said: (Jan 13, 2018)  
The only argument against capital punishment is that it is irrevocable. Justice is not in favour, and at times valuable lives have been lost due to its miscarriage. This calls for greater care and scientific investigation.

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Pooja said: (Jan 8, 2018)  
Hello Guys I'm pooja.

According to me, capital punishment should not be banned. These make fear under the criminals such as a rapist, killer. Through capital punishment, such type of crimes decrease.

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Flaona Davidson said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
No man is a born criminal. Circumstances makes him a criminal. So he can be reformed by giving sufficient punishment and thus, can be turned into an useful human being. Death penalty is irreversible and irreparable. It goes against human rights and human dignity. Therefore, capital punishment should be banned.

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Js Saxena said: (Dec 10, 2017)  
If someone has taken someone else's right to life then he or she should not get the right to life and thus be given capital punishment.

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Chingtham Lelindro Singh said: (Nov 22, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be abolished because those person involved in the heinous crime may use in space exploration for further benefit to the human being and send to Mars part of NASA experiment for habitat on mars. India can earn huge money for selling this kind of man due to large no of incident occur.

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Mounisha said: (Oct 27, 2017)  
It should not be banned as it's best punishment for the people who commit series crimes such as rape.

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Xyz said: (Oct 19, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be banned as someone who kills, rapes, kidnaps or doing other mischievous activity is said criminal and if we kill a person by giving capital punishment than we are also criminals.

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P S R Swami said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be abolished. The body parts of the living beings are precious and one of the organs where there are two and the convicted can live with one should be got donated and transplanted to the needy patient awaiting for such organs. Suppose lever some portion can be cut and it regrows. One eye, one kidney etc, can be taken out and used for some other needy person. Afterwards all these people can be located in specially made colonies along the borders so that they can serve the nation by being the human border. In case they die they laid their lives for the country and become martyrs. In this way the crime rate can be controlled. Earlier people used to be sent to Andaman as punishment and in the same fashion this can be done. In cases of rape the Cr.PC should be suitably amended to castrate them and then sent to the colony along the border. For their security smart fencing can be arranged which protects them from any danger to their lives.

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Aditya Kumar Yadav said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
Hello guys I am Adi accordimg to me capital punishment should no be abolished because this punishment makes fear under cirminals for not to make this type of crime. Death penality is right punishment for any big criminals.

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Sandeep Jangid said: (Sep 28, 2017)  
If the absence of adequate data on the subject, taking into consideration all cases, background of these soldiers, their known problems, age group, marital status, financial state, details of their past ten years tenures, detection of signs of depression and methods employed for the purpose and once signs of depression are observed, steps taken to seek expert help etc, no worthwhile examination of the problem is feasible.

Indian army has an enviable record spread over two cents.

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Charu said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
Capital punishment should not be banned. As the person should be punished for the henious crime he has done. If the person has done rape or murder then death panelty should be given even though this is a very small punishment for the crime he has done. Just as we removes a rotten apple to save the basket full of apples, similary we must get rid of unwanted elements so that we can preserve the society.

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Sujit Singh said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Hello everyone, I am Sujit. I want to speak something on this topic. CP shouldn't be banned because justice won't be achieved by the death penalty. It is a good rule by this rule no one ll go for crimes and murder etc. If there won't any punishment then many people ll involve with crime and then the percent of criminal ll increase. Not giving them the punishment they deserve ll encourage others to be a criminal. If something is making good to other peoples then it isn't bad to a thing like this.


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Batuk Soni said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be given to each and every killer and rapist that also in front of the public so that there will be a threat in each and every person of death before committing crime.

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Ariba said: (Sep 2, 2017)  
According to me, it should be banned because many innocents were also killed in CP.

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Sourav Chakraborty said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
I think capital punishment should not be abolished. Because justice will not be achieved by death penalty. Instead it will be achieved by reforming the person and giving sufficient punishment.

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Sushant said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
In my opinion I think it shouldnot be banned because there are certain cases in which this punishment seems less than what the crime a person had done like rape, brutally torchering and murdering someone. If the person who commits these crimes then the mindset of that person is never going to change throughout his life. He it is not done and he is given life imprisonment then I don't think it will work because today's generation is full of corruption, who knows he might get bailed next day and commits the same crime again. So it's better to kill his mindset of doing these crimes and this is only possible when he will be hanged to death!

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Esha said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
It shouldn't be banned because-.

1) It will vanish the fear from the mind of society leading to more crimes. We should think like criminals first so accordingly me as a criminal, I will have a strong urge to commit a crime and at that time the intensity of fear will be less but then also if there is no capital punishment, I will think like I don't care about life imprisonment. First of all I am not going to be caught and if I got caught then in jail I will think of various methods to break it or live happily there as I will have a lot of time to think and do.

2) We are a part of a group or society to achieve something. We are not free to harm others as a whole. A society shouldn't sacrifice due to one person if one person is affecting all the humanity then it is better to remove that particular criminal from the society. (As in case of apples).

3) We can't say that we don't have any right to kill a person and only the god has that right. Because god can never be a caption of that particular society we have a freedom to decide whether a criminal should be allowed to live or not.

4) By taking his life not only the society will get rid of him but also many who are going to do the same offence for them it will surely a scary one.

5) Capital punishment should be for severe cases only because in small crimes their is hope for criminals that they can change over a period of time. But big crimes not only show severity of crime but also severity of wrong thoughts too. And as we know involuntary action requires thinking and that thinking is not a byproduct of one day and one idea. So to break that cycle of thoughts in that criminal is a very long time process and if the criminal is not ready to change then his thoughts will die only when he is died.

6) By capital punishment we can develop a system in which whole society can understand severity of such crime and by this parents are sure to protect their children from such thoughts and actions.

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Vatsal said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
I think the capital punishment must be given in rarest of rare cases i.e. when the degree of measure is same for eg if some one has brutally murdered someone and it is very much clear that he is the only criminal than it must be given, in all cases it must not be given because it can give an adverse affect on today's generation. I must say that it should not vanished from our Constitution as then it may feel to someone of bo fear of life.

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Zeeshan said: (Jul 20, 2017)  
What kind of double standard is that most of the people say that Capital punishment is barbaric and it should be banned. But for eg suppose if someone rapes your sister and you are the judge what punishment would you give to the culprit? 1000% people will say we'll give him death punishment, many will say I will kill people ruthlessly. But if one rapes someone's sister then you say, no capital punishment should be banned so why it's a double standard, Law should be same for all. Isn't it?

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Ujjwal Chauhan said: (Jul 16, 2017)  

My name is Ujjwal Chauhan and according to my view, it is a right method to punish the criminals because if we abolish capital punishment. Among common people like us have not any fear that what will be done after doing a crime. And yes it's a right method to abolish crime from the world. And I want to tell you that the criminals have not any fear that what will be after doing a crime like rape, murder, etc. So, guys don't give them another chance to do such a matter again & again even. And we have not to increase their mighty minds.

And with the capital punishment they had a fear & they will think more than 100 times before doing such a crime.


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Dhivya said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
I would like to say capital punishment is not needed for an hour. Because who is getting capital punishments?people who involve in crime like the killing of people, terrorism, and in some serious threats. If we do the same to the person what is the difference between them and us. Also, everyone has right to live. We are not God to take their lives. In some cases, innocent people get capital punishment instead of the right criminal. What an injustice is this. In my opinion, criminals should be given life imprisonment so that they can know the meaning of life. Also, our jail and police station infrastructure should be enhanced. So that no one would escape during imprisonment. That's all I want to say. Thank you all.

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Zahra said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
I believe that capital punishment should be banned. As Gautam Buddha has said. We have no right to take what we cannot give. While scrolling through I also saw that someone referred to the Ramayana. Well here's the thing: The Ramayana was written by Maharishi Valmiki who before he met Buddha would cut people's fingers and make a necklace out of it. If we come to think. Did he not deserve to die? Did he not take innocent lives? But Buddha forgave him and so he attained enlightenment and wrote the epic Ramayana. Secondly, Ramayana is about a war. A war in which soldiers who had done nothing wrong had to give their lives. And after bringing Sita back she was sent away as she had been in captivity of another man. What wrong did Sita do? Is the respect that should be given to women?

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Stylo Man said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
It should not be banned as it's the best punishment for the people who commit serious crimes such as rape.

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Gauti said: (Jun 27, 2017)  
It shouldn't be banned at all.

Rather than banning there should de proper judgement before reaching to any conclusion. It is the best punishment to be given to people's who commit serious threat like rape, terrors, corruption.

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Shubh said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
According to me, capital punishment should not be banned because terrorists like the ones who would be executed will think 10 times before doing a crime.

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Eelu said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
I think capital punishment should be abolished. Capital punishment is not the only way to reduce crime rate instead of capital punishments we have to change the thoughts of criminals and make them realise about the mistake. Only way to reduce the crime rate is to change the thoughts of people but not severe punishments.

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Ksg said: (Jun 16, 2017)  
Capital punishment should not be banned. It application in some serious cases is useful. Cases like terrorism, capital punishment is necessary. If we not hang them, then we spent lot of money for their security and other things. Which is wrong. If we hang them then we can save lot of money. We can use this save money for the developement of India. So why we keep them in Prison And waste our useful money.

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Akhil said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be banned. I have many reasons for saying this. Firstly, man does not have the right to kill. It is up to the gods alone. Secondly, the death penalty does not entirely deter crime. Those who want to kill will do it whatever the consequences. Thirdly, innocent victims are being killed, sometimes. They may have not been capable enough to prove their case, so they were called guilty. Finally, the families of those killed go through severe mental trauma and loss. I am sure I wasn't the only one who saw the mother and sister of Myuran Sukumaran on the day of his execution in Indonesia for a drug case.

But this doesn't mean that justice should not be served. People should face the consequences of their wrong doings. Someone who has taken the life of another doesn't deserve to live. But is is not us who should make the ultimate decision, it is God.

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Bansal said: (May 26, 2017)  
Capital punishment should not be banned in India rather it should be used only in only certain cases where the criminal deserves a hard but not harsh one whereas in cases of rape, honour killing the criminal should not be hanged to death rather should be given life imprisonment where the criminal should be beaten on a daily basis where he would cry for death, but death would be given to him so that every person who thinks of raping a girl would first think of its consequences.

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Pkt said: (May 15, 2017)  
It should not be banned, while in the case of the rarest to rare, execution must be on public place.

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Ravishankar said: (May 8, 2017)  
According to me, one that has made the justice system fail in India is the doctrine " RAREST OF THE RARE'. Because of this 99.99% of mass murderers get away scot free and retributive justice has become a non-sequitur.

In my opinion, the only way punishment would work would be 'retributive justice' and all other objectives such as rehabilitation and reformative justice are bull-shit and need to be scrapped.

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Rax Ritik said: (May 7, 2017)  
It should be banned because in India. We all aware of the Indian judicial system, our's is the system in which you are a celebrity then it doesn't matter what is your crime?

So when we can't able to punish the rich, then we should also not discriminate against other sections. And it is also a cruelty to humans, although criminals are also an enemy of humanity but we are civilians so how can we go with jungle laws (as capital punishment) !

Come forward and protest against it.

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Vkc said: (Apr 27, 2017)  
Capital punishment is necessary, and applicable in India, as this will set an example to others, securing not only peace but the confidence of the citizens in the government. Confining a person with capital crime in prison leaves the victims or the family of the victims in fear and distress and later develop lack of confidence towards the government and also maintaining a high security prison and protocols for such convicts is expensive for government maintenance (whereas we can use this funds for the development of the nation) and India is capable for initiating capital punishment because we have an independent judiciary (so no politicizing of justice and capital punishment will not be misused). In conclusion, I don't want to know that Osama bin Ladin or any other terrorists and rapist running around or sitting in prison with a chance of jailbreak.

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Mike Kaushal said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
We can stop rape in India, there is only one-way Indian parliament should give permission for brothels in India. Then I am 1000% sure innocent girls will not become a victim, Even boys will stop looking the girl, Even stop talk with girls. All boys will think there are only 1000 rupees for go to a brothel. Then there is no any boy who will take the risk to do rape of the innocent girl. If the government allow the licenced brothels in India. Then there will no any rape happen with the innocent girls.

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Viren said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
It should not be banned in our India because it is a good rule by this rule no one will go for crimes and murder etc.

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Abin Baby said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be banned. Humans do not have the right to take a persons life. The punishment is given not only as a punishment but also it gives a chance to lead a new life by realising previous mistakes.

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Vinay Karotiya said: (Apr 2, 2017)  
According to me, it should not be banned it should be there for serious crimes, after all there should be lesson for criminals who are there to harm us our country our people, our country spends lots of money on these criminals like 26/11 (Ajmal Kasab) India spends money on him seriously a lot of money if he had to be punished earlier that money had been saved. So it should be there.

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Ashis Sardar said: (Apr 2, 2017)  
I think capital punishment system should not be banned. If there will not any punishment then many people will involve with crime and then the percent of criminal will increase.

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Shailesh Kumar Dubey said: (Mar 26, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, capital punishment should not be banned but it should be applied for big crime and an enoshen. If a person is doing something worth which is not good for our society, He should be punished like this.

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Aparna said: (Mar 12, 2017)  
Capital punishment should be banned because nowadays the people have money can easily escape from the crimes. In front of money there is no rapist, no criminals and no crimes, then why should we support capital punishment? sometimes the non-criminal persons became the part. Now so many countries abolished or banned capital punishment and introduce new laws and new punishments for different crimes.

Capital punishment should be banned, am not supporting the criminals. The criminals who is doing cruel crimes should be punished cruelly, very cruelly.

Most of the criminals are not afraid of punishments, because there is no problem for food, proper shelter, and safe too. Today the world and laws nothing in front of money.

So many of them doing crimes for money and for others.

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Sir Brymex said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
NOT be abolished because it is the evidence of safe living and crimeless society.

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Gaurav Kaushal said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
Hi, I want to convey this message to everyone come forward & do protest against death penalty. Death penalty is cruel, It is in human. Kindly stop it, It is law of jungle. So kindly abolish death penalty.

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Anchit Chauhan said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
According to me, it should not be banned.

Our world is overpopulated. People are starving and living in poverty all around the world. Criminals are sitting in jail cells, living comfortably with their free health care, cooked meals etc. They have killed people, raped children, committed acts of terrorism and who knows what else. All Criminals need to be killed, there is no need to keep these disgusting, vile, sub-human scumbags alive. Make them all death penalty and should clear the world with criminal trash. Then, maybe we can start using our money to develop our civilized society, instead of wasting it on putrid scumbags. We are not trying to get revenge instead we are trying to give them what they deserve.

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Pooja Bansal said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
It should obviously be abolished. It's an inhuman act. When we can't give life to anyone, we don't have any right to snatch it. Capital punishment is not the only solution because it doesn't give chance to realise the mistakes. The need of the hour is to make people responsible for better nation and initiate them to involve themselves in hurtful acts. Instead this the victim should be given chance to take his revenge from the criminal but not as a mean of death.

Capital punishment should abolish.

Unless lives of others will flourish.

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Rashu said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Although we are not here to decide that the person should live in the society or not or we can say, we are not "GOD". But if we see the epic "The Ramayana" Ram killed Ravan because he kidnapped his wife and misbehaved with her and also he mistreated the people. The Epic shows that Victory of Good over evil which leads that we will get JUSTICE some day. We thought that law will take strict actions against the wrongdoings. I support Capital punishment is allowed in our country because if we give a chance to the criminals it will lead to increasing crimes than before. But it is also true that this will not be justified if we gave the punishment without any pain to them who are doing these heinous crimes. Therefore, Stringent laws should be made and these criminals should be first tortured day by day so that they will repent their evil deeds. And afterward, they should be hanged. As in the case of Acid attacks or Rapes, the victim has to suffer the whole life and to survive with that pain and the humiliation they face lifetime. Rich Criminals released very easily and others are only having rest in the Jail.

If we see the highest rape crimes countries involving Canada, Sweden, Germany, South Africa where the capital punishment has been abolished. Still, the rate of crimes is very high there. Therefore, Abolition of Capital Punishment may not help to eradicate the crimes in our country.

Our Government also spend lots of amount in surviving the criminals. This will affect our economy as well. As these funds can be used to reduce poverty and develop the underdeveloped section of our society.

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Sujeet Sagar said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
Yes, Of course, it would be banned because today we see so many crimes such as "Crime against women" development and so many other crimes the development of our country will be slow.

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Mohit Gautam said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
In my opinion I think capital punishment should not be banned.

We can take the example of countries such as Pakistan and Iraq, every 5th day a terrorist attack takes place. Because of abolition of CP.

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Aashi said: (Feb 3, 2017)  
Hey, I am Aashi.

I think capital punishment is given to those who committed a big crime.

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Neha said: (Jan 13, 2017)  
Captial punishment should be there for those who deserve it. For every crime we have some punishment as well as fine but are these punishments or fines enough for a terrorist who take our thousands of people lives away and leave their families in unbearable pain. Should government spent too much money in their maintenance, or for rapists who destroy women's life or for killers who kills a person only for money.

Every year we hear about many cases but most of them are frequently taking place. Why? because ignorance of law is making them fearless. They commit crime easily and get free and ready for another one.

Only one step we need to take here is a firm punishment or it may be CP, I will go for CP.

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Lekshmy Nanda said: (Jan 10, 2017)  
It should not be banned. Because nowadays women should be more alert after the case of Jisha, Soumya. And Govindhachhammi and Ameerool, they are not to be escaped. They must get the punishment at maximum. Then only these men study a lesson. So that we need it.

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Abhishikta Choudhury said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
Death penalty or capital punishment means a punishment that ends one life forever and Life is the gift of God. No one, not even the state has the right to take away one's life. According to most of the critique, the death penalty is unsuited for a civilized society as morally it does not make us better if we kill those who kill? It hypocritical. It is a barbaric way to who believe in the principle of "eye for an eye tooth for a tooth limb for a limb and life for a life". Sir James Stephen draftsman of IPC mentioned that no other punishment deters man so effectively as the punishment death but in the general Assembly of US stated that there is no credible evidence that death penalty deters crime more. In places where the death penalty has been abolished, statics do not show any rise in a homicide, on the contrary, it shows a reduction in the number of homicide than the country where it has been retained as in Canada 40%drop in the murder rate.

The death penalty also violates The article 21 of the Constitution ie right to life which is the most basic of all human Right, however, the same article provides that it must not be opposite to the procedure established by law which is off course Rarest of the Rarest cases. Punishment according to the majority jurists should not be destructive to the offender. They agree that it is not the severity but the certainty of the punishment that deters. If the offender can escape or think or belief that he can remain undetected or untouched he may plan the murder. Sometimes even in the case of Predetermined and cold blooded murders of the most brutal types, the true offenders remain undetected or if arrested then for want of sufficient and relevant evidence given the benefit of doubt and acquitted. When so many people go free and roam free, what deterrent even in the case of cold blooded murders can the death penalty bring about Hardly any. So even if the death sentence is abolished there is no danger.

Human beings are ought to make mistakes so as our judges if Judge makes mistake in the course of deciding judicial proceedings than that mistake can not be remedied after execution. The Supreme Court has itself admitted on several occasions that there are confusion and contradiction in the application of the death penalty. Last year 14 eminent retired judges wrote to the President, pointing out that the Supreme Court had erroneously given the death penalty to 15 people since 1996, of whom two were hanged. The judges called this "the gravest known miscarriage of justice in the history of crime and punishment in independent India". The opponent of capital punishment also said that death penalty mainly sentences to the person who belongs from economically and a social backwards section of the society. Studies conducted by Amnesty International and the People's Union for Civil Liberties have shown that the process of deciding who should be on death row is arbitrary and biased. Therefore, there is no need for a punishment of such and so it should be banned.

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Puneet Singh Sarkaria said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
Capital punishment is in human. It is a law of jungle. If man calls him civilised, why should we follow the law of jungle? There are other punishments good enough to meet the end of justice. Why not content a life sentence? In fact, it will be more effective because life sentence is example for others. No doubt, a strong case can be made for life imprisonment which gives a man a chance to repent himself. Only one life may ostensibly be taken by capital punishment but economically, socially, psychologically, and morally the lives of entire family are seriously effected. By the way, what has capital punishment done for us so far by way of eliminating murder? A person should be given chance to repent his deeds. No doubt, it causes some extra expense but it better results.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen capital punishment should be abolished.

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Sam Singh said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
Capital Punishment should be banned. It is inhuman & it is cruelty, kindly stop capital punishment.

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Name said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
Shooting should be prevented also, tranquilizing the problem felt better.

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Pavan Phad said: (Dec 9, 2016)  
The use of capital punishment is one of the best ways for a civilised society to make sure that it remains civilised long term.

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Khan said: (Nov 21, 2016)  
It should be banned give justice not death.

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Morenikeji said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
According to me, it should be eradicated.

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Annu Ahlawat said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

Truly, everyone has given a great point of views about this. Indeed I think that capital punishment should exist as I think that it's true that morality still relates to the law but morality on the cost of law is not right I think. Some of us argue that "eye for an eye make the whole world blind" but we should remember that we can't apply the theories of an idealist in reality so in case if C.P is not given to a terrorist then it's very dangerous to our economy and faith of the victims will set away from law. Soo I think C.P can be justified but it's also true that in same cases it can be replaced by some other grave punishment as a rapist is not truly entitled for C.P because taking his life in a second is not justice to the victim, but some grave punishment should be given to these type of heinous criminals. But the complete abolition of C.P will reduce the threat of punishment and encourage further crime.


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Nikhila Muppana said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Capital punishments should not be banned because I think at least some members may be having a fear that if they commit that crime they will be killed. MY DEAR FRIENDS LET US SAVE SOME INNOCENTS THAN CRIMINALS.

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Manish Tiwari said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
Yes, According to me, the capital punishment should be allowed.

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Nikang said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
Punishment should reduce crime; did hanging of Kasab reduce terrorism? Look what happened in Pathankot and your; did hanging in Nirbhaya case deterred criminals? Look what happened to Monika Ghurde; our laws nd policing need improvement; criminals gets courage because he knows the loopholes in our system. He knows that he can get out of it; if it is such that the criminal will surely get punished or convicted ie. If there is certainty of punishment then the law will act as a deterrent; but if there is no certainty of punishment. Which can be created by people with money? Getting best manipulative lawyer. WHICH IS THE TREND IN OUR COUNTRY. INDIA. Then, law doesn't serve as deterrent; when people are angry or frustrated. At that high point, they are unable to think about d consequences. Even if its death punishment. So this punishment doesn't serve purpose; but if our system nd law can prove that. A punishment is SURE if committed crime. Then it will deter people; some petty thieves stay in prison for many years even without conviction because he doesn't have money to get bailed. While some rich rapists nd murderers roam free and runs our country; I serve as a police officer and I swear that law in our country is very very very very very inefficient in giving justice to the poor and putting a rich criminal behind bars; NETAS are the father and BABUS are the mother of this country and the poor are like refugees.

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Bhoomija Dwivedi said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
According to my point of view, it carries no doubt that CP should be allowed. It's not like that criminal who are committing heinous crimes should b given another chance those insensitive criminals who didn't even bring a thought of those innocent people who died of no cause. In my concept, all these criminals should be awarded death sentence so that it can set an example and push all the criminals into deterrent zone.

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Masooma Sultani said: (Oct 10, 2016)  

I think it should be allowed because if it should allowed then no one do the same crime again.

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Annie Rea said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
I don't support Capital Punishment. I am aware I am just a thirteen-year-old but listen.

As a kid, I grew up thinking fairy tales were real. I believed in happy endings, I still do. You could all predict the shock in me when I came face to face with reality. There was a time when I was watching television and I came upon a channel that displayed medieval times. They were about to hang people.

I was horrified. It just made me feel so disgusted to even watch it happening. I sooner found out that the man they hung killed somebody.

They hung the man for murder.

But please explain to me, what right do we have to take one's life? Just because he killed someone doesn't give us a good excuse to kill him. Actually, there will NEVER be a good excuse to kill someone.

What does it make us? Killing these criminals? Is it okay just because they too have sinned?

If it is, then doesn't that make us no better than them?

Before you do it, think. Think about the example you are setting. Think, will there really be a difference?

If you killed this criminal, then you are a killer. What this criminal did or signed for doesn't matter. If you killed this criminal. You killed this criminal. You killed someone. You took a human life.

If you didn't, if you gave this criminal a chance to change for the better, then thank you. If you chose not to kill this criminal, there would be at least half a chance he would stay the same. But think about the other half, that he could do better. Think about the example you have set.

To be honest, whatever his crime may be, it should have an equal punishment. You know the statement, 'An eye for an eye'?

That's still not the answer. Did you know, 'An eye for an eye makes the world blind'?

CP isn't the equal punishment of any crime. It is a crime itself.

It's better to switch a light of hope in others than burn fear into them.

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Qwerty said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
Cp should be as people will not be transformed until they learn a lesson. So this can be very helpful in reducing the crime this is the severest punishment that can be given to a criminal for indulging in a heinous crime. It entails death to the convict either by hanging or any different way.

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Anshita said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
"An eye for an eye makes the world blind".

I am against capital punishment. Yes, it should be banned. How better are we from the ones who commit such crimes. Ironically it's like we murder someone who has murdered someone else just to show that murder is an offense. Learning from the past, how helpful had it been in reducing crime? Did imposing capital punishment reduce murder, rape or terrorist attack cases in our nation or collectively the world? No. Then why are we even practicing such laws which yield no result yet at a cost of one's life? As also, can saving funds of a nation and not wasting money on criminals be a just explanation to take a life? We as humans have no right to take a human life. There might be many other options to replace capital punishment with. We must look upon them and get over with avenging a life as it neither does any good to the family of the victim nor sets any example to reduce further crimes.

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Simmi said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
In this case, if you give the second chance to the terrorist or criminal then there is no doubt that they will get another chance but what about those people who were suffered from this above crime. I support capital punishment because if we give one chance to a person means we support the crimes and criminals, yes it is true that crimes increasing day by day but can you think that why it increase?because for our silence. We should be aware of this.

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Ayush Tandel said: (Sep 13, 2016)  
For my opinion, capital punishment should not be banned because in my point of view C.P is necessary for each and everyone how is doing the small or big crime. If we give CP to criminals once and next time other criminals will think thousand of time before going on the wrong track. I think C.P is very necessary because without C.P criminals will be fearless as we can see the best example m our country, there are few cases we listen to give C.P of culprits. So they think they will go in cell and again out and start doing the same thing they did before like crime. I know that some religious behavior might Chang their mind because sometimes innocent get killed instead of crisps.


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Henry said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
According to me, definitely Capital Punishment should be allowed. Because I think this can be a strong step which we can take to eradicate this dirt from our society. Capital Punishment saves fund and environment from being exploited and gives a hope to the victim's family. The culprit who doesn't fear death does not deserve a second chance. They are totally unsound and also I would say totally brainwashed!

For this, we can take up some other solutions but the easiest I think is death i.e. Capital Punishment. Criminals commit crime because they know that they won't be killed and that they spend a short time in prison. Terrorists should be hanged to death in front of the public, not in jails in early mornings, they will get sympathy and publicity for free of cost. Capital punishment is a right way to reduce the terrorism as well as a crime if the government take the decision for imprisonment to terrorist and murders We all know that criminals commit a crime only when their mind is unsound and are anxious and not in a right state of mind. They do know it's wrong. But they can't control their emotions. If there is Capital Punishment Certainly they will have a fear of death. It is a fear factor which makes make them think twice before the decisions. It is like saying people can do crimes, harm others for their benefits, takes rest in jail, and comes later few years out from prison and do things again. Not giving them the punishment they deserve will encourage others to be a criminal. The government will have to spend billions of rupees for their The jails in India will be populated. Rights of our country if we give them severe punishment then they will free after some years and they try to take the revenge which leads to rape and murder and also a terrorist who get caught in our country. If our country doesn't give them capital punishment then they will think easy. Capital punishment must be given on the basis of the crime of the person, not on the basis of the age of the person must be like what we do we do for other we get it back in the same way. Capital punishment means death penalty which could not be banned for terrorists because of its matter of nation.

At last, I will say that if capital punishment will give to terrorist then terrorist will think thousand times before committing any terrorist activities.

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Amisha Singh said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Hello friends,

I am strongly in favour of capital punishment because the criminals who do the crimes don't have the right to live on this earth, before commiting such crimes they don't even think about the effects.

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Prashant said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Capital Punishment saves fund and environment from being exploited and gives a hope to the victim's family.

The probability of the occurrence of the crime would reduce due to the severity of the punishment.

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Queen Victoria said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Hello, friends!

According to me, definitely CP should be allowed. Because I think this can be a strong step which we can take to eradicate this dirt from our society.

After all, it's a severe problem and thousands of people a highly affected.

And I would also like to answer to all those who wrote life is all about second chance. Yes, I agree with this. But my dear, about whom we discussing are the culprit who doesn't fear death. They are totally unsound and also I would say totally brainwashed! For this, we can take up some other solutions but the easiest I think is death(cp), "Because fear makes and stops a person to commit many things".

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Tista Nath said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
A crime should be treated as a crime, the criminal is NOT the victim who is need of counselling! the problem in this case is that the crime in question is not balanced with the necessary punishment and hence the crime to the perpetrators loses all severity as an act against justice against nature itself. The people who commit these atrocities lack empathy, they lack morals and as such they are a direct threat to the very fabric of society and should be first and foremost treated as such. With the flimsy laws in place we lay helplessly vulnerable to such vices. We must first remove such elements and having removed them. Having said that not all crimes are the same, but every case should be put through severe scrutiny and not in a biased light with the policy of keeping the accused in a "benefit of doubt" until proved guilty state. Punishment is a must and as per the severity of the situation in terms of the criminal's position capital punishment worth consideration. Then and then only can we afford to consider if redemption is even possible. Capital punishment is an undeniable necessity which cannot be ruled out if we ever hope to cleanse society and the lack of it only goes to show weakness on the part of the law of the land.

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Sahil Reza Khan said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
According to me, Capital punishment should be banned because even if they are criminals but they are still humans, we as a human should have no right to kill someone this way, everyone in this world deserves a second chance.

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Charani said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
It's the crime to be eliminated from the country, not the criminals. The criminals should be given counseling. Killing them doesn't give anything to the country.

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Lindokuhle Mfazwe said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
Capital punishment should not be abolished, instead, rapists and terrorist criminals must be killed.

Death penalty reduces drugs, murder and rape.

Criminals commit crime because they know that they won't be killed and that they spend a short time in prison especially here in some countries criminals use witchcraft for their terrorist activities.

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Vikas Dongre said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
Yes, capital punishment should ban. Are we still out of the crime are we still out of the terrorists?

No because only criminals are being eradicated not the crime.

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Sayyed Khalid said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
Capital punishment should not be abolished, instead, modify it to the way Government of Saudi Arabia does.

Rapists and Terrorists should be hanged to death in front of public, not in jails in early mornings, they will get sympathy and publicity for free of cost!
Thank you.

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Prince Gupta said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Capital punishment is a right way to reduce the terrorism as well as crime if the government take the decision for imprisonment to terrorist and rapist. Then it will be increase the cost of government. Thus for reducing the rape case or terrorism.

The government should take the decision of capital punishment against rapist as well as terrorism. At last, I will say that if capital punishment will give to terrorist then terrorist will think thousand times before committing any terrorist activities.

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Rahul said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
According to my opinion, It should be there in a rape case and in terrorist activities. These type of people should be hanged till death in public place incase of jails.

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Forever Anonymous. said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
This is a confusing question for me. I'm in favor of CP but then, there is one question that boggles me all the time. We all know that criminals commit a crime only when their mind is unsound and are anxious and not in a right state of mind. They do know it's wrong. But they can't control their emotions. Certainly, they must be having a fear of death but if they overcome it, it surely means their will to kill is greater than the fear of death. So How does killing criminals work to reduce crimes?

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Debate Addict said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
Hi, I am Shruti.

I think it should be allowed.

Rape rates, murders etc are increasing day by day.

1. Jails would be populated and life imprisonment isn't cheered for our economy. We have more important fields where GDP is needed.

2. The criminal mush is tortured. Made to repent and then hanged to death. This would create a fear in the mind of people to commit crimes.

3. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. But leaving that person unpunished won't get you back your lost eye! The pain given by a criminal must be returned to him with a penalty of death punishment.

4. Freeing a criminal * (including the juvenile 16-18) according to Indian CP will only support the youth to commit crimes without the fear of GOI.

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Victor Kayode Jonesicial Commission Should Ammend said: (Aug 1, 2016)  
Capital Punishment should be allowed to stay because Eradicating it will mean that Nigeria will be subtly towing the path of Sodom and Gomorrah. Furthermore, Eradicating it will me that we are telling God who authorized whoever kill somebody should be killed. It should be noted that the 2 (two) Thieves with Jesus on the Cross were Armed Robbers. One of them repented But Jesus told him that he should face the Death Penalty first, then He would be with him in Paradise.

What I think should be done is that the Judicial Commission should amend the Professional Ethics for Legal Practitioners to the effect that any Lawyer who want to obtain the title of S.A.N. (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) should try to win at least 2 (two) Criminal Cases with Capital Punishment attach to them. This is because Our Lawyers are Lazy! and this is shown in the Judgement that is pronounced in the Court.

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Aniruddha said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
I believe that CP should be abolished.

Life is all about being given a Second Chance.

In this view, A person committing a crime should be subjected to Rehabilitation Rather than Imprisonment.

A person should be made aware of his wrong deeds rather than being subjected to rigorous imprisonment and CP. A person commuting a crime has certainly Numerous Reasons behind it-may be unhealthy background, greed, jealousy, or any other motive. Everyone is aware of the fact of Judicial System and thus No one would Commit any sort of Crime for Fun or Experiment ation. And so it's necessary to understand the Criminal's mental state and treat accordingly to provide him a Better and Secure Life in Future. Our Constitution doesn't provide Right to kill any Human, and why should it?

If God is the one who gives us Life, it's He who should decide when He wants to take us Back to Him.

Thank You.

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Shayaha Sivakumar said: (Jul 29, 2016)  
In India, capital punishment should be banned, because, even if they are criminals they are still humans.

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Faiz Ahmad said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
Capital punishment must never be condemned but this is to be executed in severe crimes. Likewise, rapists must be either hanged or punished on the roadside as practiced by the gov.of Saudi Arabia.

Through such a strict penalty a criminal/rapist would think thousand times before committing. But friends there is an issue, there must be a proper jurisdiction with no corruption because it often happens that an innocent is put to punishment.

Rate this: +43 -4

Unknown said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
If your not doing anything wrong and you feel fear about rape, murder, theft etc so it's not your living style its failure of law and justice.

If the government gives me permission to punish the criminal for ten days I will show that he will beg to you for kill himself and I will also have lots of plans about it for it will not going to happen in future, I am dam sure., if the government gives any authority.

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Andrew said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Hi, everyone.

Most humans think that if they ruled the world, everything would be better, and that's because we tend to think that our opinions are absolute.

Many of us can say "we are all humans, we have the same rights", "we need to change them so we clean crime from the root" as well as we can say "fear is the best way to obey".

CP may be terrible as it is for some people, and yes, killing is cruel, but sadly, it's the most effective way to decrease crime. Trying to reinsert criminals to society may be effective for some, but most criminals just won't repent (or maybe they will fake their repentance). The best way to end crime is to eradicate it from its root, but that "root" can be taken as two different things: "education" and "life". So if we try to uproot this corruption, we can try to,

- Educate people to know what is right and what is wrong, and rehabilitate the corrupted, or.

- Exterminate corruption as deeply as possible.

Sadly, in a world already corrupted, the first one cannot happen. As cruel as it is, killing criminals is the best way to end this up; the easiest and the most effective. You may think "but people can be blamed for a crime they did not commit", then 1-the executed died innocent and that is what counts 2-we can try to make the "unproven criminals" stay in jail. In fact, they can be used as workers. Everyone has their own opinion, but an experience is what makes us think of an actual pseudo-solution.

As unperfect as it is, CP should be allowed.

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Gs Chandy said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
My personal opinion is that it is uncivilized for the 'state' to take life: that is "murder by the State". But this' only my personal opinion - and probably does not adequately consider the pain of the relatives of the people who've been murdered, who probably want the murderer (s) to die.

It's yet another complex societal issue, which we've not learned how to deal with properly.

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Rushabh said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
Studies have proven that capital punishment isn't an effective deterrent from crime.

Punishment should be more severe and painful for serious crimes; for examples,

If a person rapes somebody, he should be castigated with a hot iron rod mark on a visible body part (face/hand) so that in the future nobody trusts them because they can see the mark. All this should be done publicly.

I know that the punishment is very violent. And yet those who might oppose this view may have a subconscious thought that they might end up raping somebody.

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Ayush Tandel said: (Jul 12, 2016)  
Capital punishment should be banned because by mistake many innocent people get kill and that make suffer their family.

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Palvinder Singh Gill said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
According to C.P should be banned.

Suppose if I ask my dog to bite you and he does whatever I say.

Then who is responsible the dog or me?

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Siya said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
CP should be allowed for extreme criminals depending on their crime intensity. We all know that life in prison is pleasantly bearable if you have money, you live a content life there. It's like another home for the criminals, they make contacts there and live a camp life! Just imagine if the victim was your mother, father, brother or sister. Would you want that criminal to live a peaceful life in prison?

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Imran Ansari said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
In my view, C.P is necessary for each and everyone how is doing the small or big crime. If we give to C.P to criminal's once and next time the other criminal will think hounsand of time.

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Aman Singh said: (Jun 26, 2016)  
Hello, friends, I think that capital punishment is very necessary because without cp the criminal and both will be fearless as we can see best example in our country there very few cases we listen to give a cp of culprits so they think they will go in cell after that they will again get out and start the crime.

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Sanghamitra Pathak said: (Jun 14, 2016)  
Hi everyone who is reading it.

I don't know why the government is following the strict law of killing people when they do any criminal offense. Even lord Jesus has said that "Don't hate the criminal, but hate the crime" still then why is this sort of cruelty to the criminals! If a criminal is killed then the person just dies but the thoughts don't die with him only! The quality of mercy is more important than the king's crown & scepter. A person with the quality of mercy is compared with the Divine power. So one must be given a chance to rectify his mistakes. That's all what I wanted to say. Thank you.

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Deeznuts said: (May 31, 2016)  
Hello everyone, let me ask you a question "have you ever thought of killing someone" or thought you were going to be the one executed. Have you ever thought how bad it is to suffer when they shove a needle in your arm to stop your heart? Getting electrocuted at 100kilowalts or watching someone getting electrocuted is still wrong. They say it what's right, its justice. It isn't justice its just wrong why should they kill, to show killing is wrong? The fact of the matter is that this shouldn't be allowed. Almost 2% of our population has died from lethal injection. That might not sound many buts that are almost more than 30 thousand people.

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Rohil Mahajan said: (May 23, 2016)  
There should be more strict laws for criminal offences. Torture law should be imposed and capital punishment shouldn't be banned. A criminal who has committed the severe crime should be treated brutally and should be tortured.

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Capital Punishment should be Banned or Allowed?

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