Advertising is a Waste of Resources

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Savitha said: (Fri, Apr 15, 2016 09:08:12 PM)    
Hi, friends.

In my point of view, advertising is not wasting of resources because by advertising we can introduce our product into the market and we can give a brief details about our product quality and price so we can reduce the middle persons to introduce it.

Advertisement can reach to each and every person so it is easy to increase our product sales by advertising.

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M Bilal Asad said: (Wed, Feb 17, 2016 10:02:08 PM)    
The major advantages of advertising are:

(1) Introduces a new product in the market,
(2) Expansion of the market,
(3) Increased sales,
(4) Fights compilation,
(5) Enhances good-will,
(6) Educates the consumers,
(7) Elimination of middlemen,
(8) Better quality products,
(9) Supports the salesmanship,
(10) More employment opportunities,
(11) Reduction in the prices of newspapers and magazines,
(12) Higher standard of living.

The benefits derived from advertising are manifold. It is one of the most important components of the marketing process.

This is beneficial to manufacturers, traders, consumers and society as a whole. Advertising offers the following advantages.

(1) Introduces a New Product in the Market:

Advertising plays significant role in the introduction of a new product in the market. It stimulates the people to purchase the product.

(2) Expansion of the Market:

It enables the manufacturer to expand his market. It helps in exploring new markets for the product and retaining the existing markets. It plays a sheet anchor role in widening the marketing for the manufacturer\'s products even by conveying the customers living at the far flung and remote areas.

(3) Increased Sales:

Advertisement facilitates mass production to goods and increases the volume of sales. In other words, sales can be increased with additional expenditure on advertising with every increase in sale, selling expenses will decrease.

(4) Fights Competition:

Advertising is greatly helpful in meeting the forces of competition prevalent in the market. Continuous advertising is very essential in order to save the product from the clutches of the competitors.

(5) Enhances Good-Will:

Advertising is instrumental in increasing goodwill of the concern. It introduces the manufacturer and his product to the people. Repeated advertising and better quality of products brings more reputation for the manufacturer and enhances goodwill for the concern.

(6) Educates The Consumers:

Advertising is educational and dynamic in nature. It familiarises the customers with the new products and their diverse uses and also educates them about the new uses of existing products.

(7) Elimination of Middlemen:

It aims at establishing a direct link between the manufacturer and the consumer, thereby eliminating the marketing intermediaries. This increases the profits of the manufacturer and the consumer gets the products at lower prices.

(8) Better Quality Products:

Different goods are advertised under different brand names. A branded product assures a standard quality to the consumers. The manufacturer provides quality goods to the consumers and tries to win their confidence in his product.

(9) Supports The Salesmanship:

Advertising greatly facilitates the work of a salesman. The customers are already familiar with the product which the salesman sells. The selling efforts of a salesman are greatly supplemented by advertising. It has been rightly pointed out that "selling and advertising are cup and saucer, hook and eye, or key and lock wards.

(10) More Employment Opportunities:

Advertising provides and creates more employment opportunities for many talented people like painters, photographers, singers, cartoonists, musicians, models and people working in different advertising agencies.

(11) Reduction in the Prices of Newspapers and Magazines Etc:

Advertising is immensely helpful in reducing the cost of the newspapers and magazines etc. The cost of bringing out a newspaper is largely met by the advertisements published therein.

(12) Higher Standard of Living:

The experience of the advanced nations shows that advertising is greatly responsible for raising the living standards of the people. In the words of Winston Churchill advertising nourishes the consuming power of men and creates wants for better standard of living.

By bringing to the knowledge of the consumers different variety and better quality products, it has helped a lot in increasing the standard of living in a developing economy like India.

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M Bilal Asad said: (Wed, Feb 10, 2016 10:05:00 PM)    
Advertisements are a waste of money. I go against this topic well basically an advertisement is a representation of what you have to offer. If you have something to show like new shoes from bata you tell it to someone and he tells it to another person like that one person will say my friend's friend has good shoes from tata and the next person will go and say another lata company has good shoes the name keeps changing.

Instead of all this confusion if you advertise about bata it is a better way for the people to understand and is confusion proof!

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Breezy Brian Gregg said: (Wed, Jan 20, 2016 06:27:58 AM)    
The 5 ways advertising hurts us:

Advertising funded media censors content: Media owners, writers and editors self censor so as not to offend the advertisers who fund their work. That is not fair. Citizens deserve to be informed of news events even when the content may be damaging to advertisers.

Advertising funded media is not democratic: A basic principle of democracy is that citizens should have equal access to power. Most of our mass media is Advertising Funded Media. This means that any individual or organization that is wealthy can have a super access to power. If you have the money you can make your voice heard in the mass media simply by buying advertising time or space. That is undemocratic.

Advertising funded media is a rip off: Citizens as consumers pay for the advertising every time they purchase a product or service. The cost of advertising is built into the price. That is only half of the rip off. Citizens pay again by having their time wasted while they wait for advertisements that are interrupting. For 2013 in Canada we are as a nation wasting $420 billion of our time in exchange for $40 billion worth of media. For 2013 as individuals on average we are each wasting $12, 000 of our time in exchange for $1, 140 worth of media. For more on the rip off: Big Rip Off.

Advertising funded media creates unfairness in the market place: A good thing about a market system is that it is supposed to promote progress. When new products or services are developed that are superior they should rise to the top and replace the inferior. Not though when we have Advertising funded media. Established products and services with masses of capital behind them live on long past the time they should. Competition in the market has become a competition for quality of marketing hype instead of a competition for quality.

Advertising funded media drowns out citizen's free expression: How can an individual that has very limited capital voice an opinion to the greater society when that society is polluted with messages that are being repeated by machines that are exclusively controlled by the wealthy? Nice that we can say what ever we want almost and not have to worry about being imprisoned or tortured and executed but still not quite fair that there is nowhere near an equality of voice between the rich and the poor.

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Khushi Khedia said: (Sun, Dec 6, 2015 11:53:15 AM)    
I think there is no use of advertising about the good quality product as people only will become the source of it. It only misguided the people and they get attracted to buy without knowing what is good or bad. So in my opinion we should stop ourselves before getting attracted towards it.

Thank you so much.

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Ankita Kumari said: (Thu, Oct 15, 2015 10:39:54 PM)    
Advertisements ARE NOT WASTE OF RESOURCES. If the companies stop advertising their product then how the customer come to know about their product. Advertising is also a source of employment for a lot of people. Also the producer come to know about the need of the customer. It is a medium of promotion. Through advertisement the company can increase their sale. So according to me it not waste of money.

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Mansi said: (Wed, Oct 14, 2015 12:38:35 PM)    
Hello friends,

First of all we should know that what is an advertisement? It is a media to lunch something or to convey the information about the new things which are available in market and hopefully that all things get advertised are helpful in our daily life.

If the thing is not get advertised we should not get information about that thing. An advertisement is not done by investing money only it may done by people also so there is no meaning of waste.

So according to me it is not waste of resource.

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Priya said: (Fri, Sep 25, 2015 06:03:32 AM)    
Hi friends,

Advertisement is not completely good or bad. It is the best way to launch the new product in the market with believe because consumers should have know about the product then only producer can attain profit. It helps to him.

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Khushbooasawa said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 05:59:10 PM)    
What is an advertisement? There is a myth that advertisement tempts the consumer to buy product sad advertised. But I strongly disagree with the myth. Advertisement is a medium to provide information to the consumers about the products and their utilities available in the market.

A strong example to support my argument is if somebody informs you about crimes happening in your society he/she does this to make you aware and not to tempt you to do the same.

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Chetan said: (Wed, Jan 14, 2015 04:57:10 PM)    
Advertisements does have its own pros and cons, but the pros weight more over the cons. Excessive advertisement helps the brands get recall and it keeps hitting the top of the mind recall of the consumers, viz. , when we talk about toothpaste the first name which comes to our mind is COLGATE/Closeup. This may be a small example of pros of advantage. However, putting ourselves in the consumers place.

People think that advertisement coerces to buy a product. I strongly beg to differ on this, one needs to be rational before taking decisions. Every brand races to be on the top of mind recall of the consumers, it is entirely upto the consumer to not do impulsive buying of things rather act rationally while buying any thing.

Just imagine how would life be without advertisements, we won't have the awareness of any thing and ultimately blindly believe the retailer for whatever they have to offer. Advertisements helps in making informed move.

Things have really improved of late with the consumer forum in place, should you feel misguided about a product you can knock on the doors of Consumer forum and get a resolution on your door step.

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Ann Strickland-Clark said: (Wed, Dec 24, 2014 08:30:08 PM)    
The previous comments have been heavily biased towards approval of the function of advertising, While it is true that it has the virtue of informing the public of products and their advantages over other products, one should never forget that the best advertisement is word of mouth.

When one consumer tells another of their good experience with a car or a shampoo, it is worth any amount of advertising.

And the money spent on advertising is nothing short of criminal. It has s deleterious effect in politics. When one candidate has unlimited resources, it almost goes without saying that his/her name will be more recognized, regardless of that candidate's worthiness. And it is a given that he will win the election.

Advertising also encourages overspending. Indebtedness is one of the major causes of marriage breakdown and suicide when one is sued in court for money that is owed everywhere for "goodies" that were not necessary. It is after all a cause of gambling - trying to pay off these crippling debts.

Advertising also diverts funds from improving products through research and development rather that just saying - "buy me, I'm best".

Creative people are seduced into advertising and while we may enjoy slogans like "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with this toothpaste" - only a fool would believe that other toothpastes aren't just as good.

How much more worthy their lives would be if they used their talents in fine art, in writing or in teaching.

I was in Russia before Gorbachev, the breakup of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The lack of advertising was refreshing. In both the Moscow and St Peters burg Underground Stations the walls were covered in beautiful murals, real works of art.

While admitting that advertising has its uses, I think one should not forget thee disadvantages.

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Jyo said: (Mon, Nov 3, 2014 11:45:30 PM)    
Good morning friends.

As per my knowledge advertisement is not a wasteful expenditure because through advertisement people I will come to know the product advertisement are educates customers increase profit.

It promotes the product word of mouth important tool for advertisement fame and name for company built's reputation.

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Mohan Ig said: (Thu, Oct 2, 2014 08:05:17 AM)    
Hello Friends,

As per my knowledge, Advertisement is the best medium to expose the product in the market.

It will gives the Knowledge about the product and it makes a great impact to the people. Not only through the Telecommunication, Advertisements are given through the Internet also. You may consider the GOOGLE AD-SENSE. It makes the product to advertise whole along the world. It gives the brand.

Advertisements about the Automobiles are awesome. It will update the knowledge about technologies in automobiles. In daily life, unconsciously we were updated by this.

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Abiansh said: (Fri, Sep 12, 2014 04:58:04 PM)    
Hi friends,

You have all said valid points to justify your views on the topic. From my point of view every attributes has an negative side of it, as we all know excess of everything is bad, same is the case of advertisement. All that glitters is not gold a idiom that perfectly suits to the occasion.

To sustain in the competitive world of marketing company needs to advertise or promote their products, this makes customers aware of the goods and prices of the products. But wasting money by excessive promotion using stars, celebrities, will certainly not help the company, rather if that amount of money if is used in the betterment of the quality of the product, with a little advertisement it will certainly increase the brand value of the company.

Wasting your money and resources by advertising the products that are not up to a certain level might create an negative image of that company among the customers. Selling a bad product by advertising it may affect the life of customers which may lead into legal loss to the company.

So I conclude it by saying that by proper use of advertisement betterment of an company can be achieved but excessive use of advertisement may give that company a negative image in the market. So they should act accordingly.

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Piyush said: (Wed, Aug 27, 2014 10:00:20 PM)    
Hi friends.

You all said that advertising is good or bad, I agree but everything has some vachus and vice so thats why it depends on your mentality if you think that advertising is bad because, by which, the cost of any product increases its right but if you want to purchase a good and quality product even then you will have to pay.

I would like you get an example suppose it you have a glass and it is filled half to water then anyone asked you that this glass is filled half or empty half? Some people.

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Maduri said: (Sun, Aug 3, 2014 03:21:48 AM)    

In my opinion advertisement has some advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages are: we can get to know about the product.

The uses of the product, its benefits etc. And also the importance is also known to us.

We can get to know about different brands like coming to dresses, shirts, latest trends etc.

Disadvantages: we get attracted to what is shown and think to buy it.

We do not decide what is the use of it.

We cannot know about the quality of the products shown.

We buy many beauty products shown in the ads like creams, cosmetics etc without knowing the value and benefits of it and suffer due to it.

Therefore, it is our responsibility ie consumer to choose a product carefully before buying it so that it can reduce the harmful effects and also loss to the consumers due to it. And also they get to know about the quality of the product.

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Smita said: (Sat, Jul 19, 2014 09:12:44 PM)    
Hello friends,

Advertising is the art of drawing the attention of people, to promote the sale of a product, by using attractive pictures, slogans, or by demonstration. It has today become a highly specialized activity for creating customer awareness, increasing curiosity, co that he finally buys the product. It's influence can be gauged from the fact, that the government is also using this medium, for educating the masses on important social issues, as family planning, aids etc.

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Vinita Goswami said: (Sat, Jul 19, 2014 11:32:58 AM)    
Hello friends.

It is good to learn that everyone has great views regarding the given topic of advertisement. In my view advertisement is necessary but upto certain limits and for certain products which are essential to be advertised. Many products in our country are over advertised even though they do not need that much. Lots of money are spent on a single advertisement by paying actors and actress to endorse the product. If that amount of money is spend on the improvement of the quality of the product it will be more beneficial for the producer as well as the consumer. A good product or service need not to be advertised but yes initially it can be needed to let the people know about it.

Advertisement cannot be totally ignored because it is a media through which mass can be informed. Many products and schemes launched by the government need to to be informed to the people especially those living in the rural areas. Ads related to vaccinations, new schemes, new products for farmers etc needs to be advertised.

Concluding my views I would like to say that advertise that which is in real favour of the society and which can benefit them. Otherwise wasting of money on unnecessary ads is of no use.

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Nimit Gandhi said: (Wed, Jun 18, 2014 12:31:11 AM)    
Hi, Advertisement means bringing something in the eyes of the public by the use of media and I believe that advertisements are not a waste of resources if they are limited to the true meaning of advertisement. With the vast competition in the market advertisement has become a necessity. Spending crores on endorsements and the involvement of celebrities in advertisements does not really help in increasing the value of a product.

The people are literate enough to realise that. It is the quality of the product which matters the most and thats where this money should be invested. Social networking is a very efficient and cheap platform for advertisement these days. Thus advertisements should involve choosing the right platform than the right people.

Thank you.

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Tappu said: (Mon, Jun 2, 2014 05:38:52 PM)    
Well advertisement is a promotional technique. It is the only mode of communication between the producer and consumer. So it is not a waste resource. Every things have positive as well as negative side. If I talk about the positive sides of advertisement then.

1. It allows the producers to promote all the good things about the product.

2. It allow the consumer to know about the product. Basically it educate the consumers.

3. Advertisement can directly attract certain section of peoples like kids or teenagers etc.

4. Advertisement is the only tool to fight the battle in the competitive market. That is why all the best companies in the world like NIKE, PUMA, Apple continuously invest on advertisement.


1. It is a costly techniques.

2. Some time it mis lead peoples.

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Ragavi Bala said: (Sat, May 17, 2014 07:05:31 PM)    
Hi friends,

I think Advertising is not waste of resources, because competition in business is going on increasing. So each companies are in the need to advertise their products to the customers. And also to sustain in this competitive world companies have to improve their products on any criteria and they need to advertise their improved product to the consumers.

So, advertisements become the most important thing for all the companies to attract the new customers and to retain the existing customers.

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Sahil said: (Wed, May 14, 2014 01:23:58 PM)    
As per my opinion, in this real world it become necessary for every company to advertise their product to increase the sales of the product and make every consumer to know about product clearly with a few lines of advertisement.

Advertisement emerged as a boon for company to sell their product and to get know about the product to vast area even in the rural area by telecasting it on TV which is best mean of advertisement,

But advertisement also through many disadvantage as the company who's product is not good but by the mean of advertisement they will be able to sell their product which may have harmful effect for consumer.

So I think it has both advantages and disadvantage.

If one see advantage then.

* No company can increase their market value and selling of product without advertising their product.

* The great brand like Apple, Microsoft have immense value in the market domain but still they advertising their product with their own way of Course.

* Advertisement provide a platform to extend the reach of their product overseas by other means like social media like Facebook, Google+ so on and by using different tools.

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Farhatkausar said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 03:05:03 PM)    
Hello friends.

Advertisement means providing adequate knowledge about some products to potential consumer. So that they are motivated to buy the products and services. With the help of advertisement a manufacturer can spread information about their product to vast area. Through this medium manufacturer tries to establish superiority of their product in comparison to other manufacturer product and increases the demand of product by the old as well as new consumer. THANK YOU.

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Piyush said: (Wed, Feb 26, 2014 10:10:24 PM)    
As per my opinion advertisements are not wastage of money, as we all know the competition in business is increasing day by day as government allowing FDI and liberalizing the laws for the globalization. This results in the immense competition for that there is needs of advertisement.

1. Let me explain this in with example i.e. NIRMA which was famous brand in the India but the now with products of the HUL and P&G but nirma couldn't survive reason may meany but important reason is publicity advertisement that foster these brand to lead the market.

3. Advertisement comes under the promotion and the promotion is one of the P of marketing which play huge role to promote the brand, products feature, innovative products.

4. Advertisement is boon for the business for sale the product overseas with help of social media marketing and many more tools.

5. Advertisement is tool to create the create good image of products in mind of customer by hammering the products brand as we always buy well known brand though the feature are same as the non advertisement products bit what matters is the the trust and awareness of the company.

Thank you.

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Subrahmanyamdaita said: (Tue, Feb 25, 2014 10:27:29 PM)    
Hi friends!

My opinion that for a company to promote its new product, there is no better way than advertising it. Yes I do agree that if the product is good there is no need of an advertisement, but on the very first hand how would one know that such a product exists? Most of us love Apple and we know that it's one of the best products in its domain, but the company doesn't stop advertising, in their way of course! Hence I would put weight to the point that advertisement is not only good but also important for a company through appropriate channels.

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Nani said: (Sun, Feb 23, 2014 11:56:35 PM)    
Hello friends,

Advertising is the best way for marketing to the companies and it is also helpful for the people in choosing a product.

Companies are investing a lot of money for advertising their products to increase their sales.

Advertisements regarding polio vaccine, do not smoke, follow traffic rules are non-profit advertisements which are useful for the people.

Investing money on manufacturing of product gives better quality rather than investing on advertising the product, if the product is good the sales will automatically increase.

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Vicky said: (Mon, Feb 17, 2014 11:28:41 AM)    
Hi, advertising is one of the best way to launch a product in a public. Within few minutes the concept is explained with the best attributes of the product and their quality benefits.

In advertisement brand value also plays a important role to catch the attention.

Advertisement increases number of consumers in a short time of period.

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Harshit Nayyar said: (Sun, Feb 9, 2014 05:41:14 PM)    
I feel that advertising is a progressive tool for companies to spread awareness not only in the rural areas but also within the urban circuit. It may give a projection of wastage of huge amounts of money but on the contrary its only making the consumers more knowledgeable and informative.

With each advertisement carrying its own message a consumer is able to differentiate rationally between two products of the same category. For example, dove soap is one of the most preferred brands amongst all the soap brands as it takes care of the skin better than the others as demonstrated via the ads and and is also available to the consumers at nominal rates whereas the other soap of brands like lux etc rope in celebrities to endorse their products but the quality is not comparable with that of a dove. So a consumer can act wisely in his selection of the products with the help of the tool of advertisement.

There may be several cons on this subject matter but the pros supersede the cons and hence one can say that advertisement provides the customers not only added knowledge but also provides a great sense of judgement. Advertising is just a promotional tool to make the presence of your product felt in the market but in that process a company should not neglect the quality of their product which is in itself a huge loss of resources as such products won't be selling huge volumes leading to wastage and dumping of such products.

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Mehak said: (Sat, Feb 8, 2014 05:35:09 PM)    
Hello, according to me advertising have their own pros and cons. People in rural area get the brief idea of product so they can choose the best. Advertising is necessary for social awareness for example add of vaccination, Shiksha abhiyan and so on. One should choose the correct media for advertising. Instead of wasting papers or paying crores of rupees to film stars one can advertise its product on social sites, as the whole world is accessing these sites. People are not so much illiterate that if the famous film star advertise any product that doesn't mean most "revital". How many of you are having this product?Lot of money get wasted by promoting the products by celebrities. This money should invested in improving the quality of product.

So finally I want to say that advertising is important but not wasting lot of money. One should choose the best media.

That is all I want to say. Thank you.

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Pooja said: (Sat, Feb 8, 2014 04:21:48 PM)    
Hi friends. According to me advertising is not a waste of resource. Through advertising.

People get the knowledge as well as information about the new product and new brand which comes in a market. At home we get all information about the product, we no need to go in a market and search it out their.

Advertising is a way through which company advertise their new product and the innovation which company has done in their old one.

Advertising is a medium through which a company either its is large one or small or medium convey their message about the product and other thing which is related to the product. Advertising is a best-est way of introducing the product.

Even most of the company through advertising tell us their social services to the public.

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Birendra Swain said: (Wed, Feb 5, 2014 08:39:45 AM)    
Hi friends according to me advertisement is a medium where the product should be more marketable. And before purchased any product you should know about it properly otherwise it will be greater bad products. Thus the advertisement is a very needed think for today's world.

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Sushant Surywanshi said: (Tue, Feb 4, 2014 11:21:07 AM)    
Good morning friends.

The advertisement is the process of the express the our product in better fashion. Advertisement is not money wasting because using this we can express information about that particular thing. It is nor mean that advertisement is used only promoting the product. Lots of other thing which in the advertising is used. For the awareness of the social message it also can be used.

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Khuram said: (Sun, Feb 2, 2014 11:27:40 PM)    
You know Sony or apple or Microsoft or LG or Samsung or Cree are relatively big companies. If they hire a brand ambassador and giving them money it means they are wasting money.

I think Sony and apple are the big names rather then any brand ambassador. These both companies making the reputation of brand ambassador not the reputation of their company.

I think companies should focus on providing the solutions for person's problem. They should come up with innovative ideas to make their product reliable and cheaper.

Let me give you guys an example. Last night I just try to decide to buy led lights. While searching on Google I find so many companies. I am going to invest almost $10000 and may be I will spend this amount of money only one time in my life on lighting. So I have decided to search on Google to buy cheap and reliable lighting. I checked so many things.

The Lumens.
The price.
The Wattage.
The warranty.

There is a brand giving 10 years warranty and price is reliable. I searched more and find another brand which is relatively cheap and giving 5 years warranty. I choose the one which will give 5 years warranty and cheap. But if a brand who is giving 10 years warranty will give cheap product I will surely buy it.

I do not check who is the brand ambassador of this company. Lol. Why china is spreading all over the world. Who is the brand ambassador of China. Lol. Or are there any brand ambassador of Chinese products. No! they are focusing on one factor which is price. There are only few ppl in this world who are not price conscious. They may care about brand ambassador but most of them are price conscious.

You know what the strategy of these brands is to generate the demand of their product. But they fail to realize that there is always a demand of their product now focus on quality and price.

There are two type of ppl in this world. Those who showoff and those who do not showoff. Those who showoff buy only those product which are doing showoff and those who do not believe in showoff buy cheap and reliable product.

I can explain every thing in detail. Now days Microsoft windows is good company but when someone come up with a new product which will be relatively cheap and better then the Microsoft the ppl will surely switch towards it.

I know there are few software are there in the market and ppl are not switching towards them. Because they are not publicizing them self. If they publicize them self that our software is better then the Microsoft and the you will not face the same problems in our software which you face in Microsoft then ppl will surely move towards them. I know these relatively new operating software do not understand marketing tricks because they do not understand human nature.

Human being always search for perfection. The one who try to make his product perfect will be the best. There is always room for new ppl but if they have talent.

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Renjith said: (Thu, Jan 30, 2014 07:33:10 PM)    
Hi guyz,

I read almost all the comments and most people have supported advertisement and I thought so I will go against them but the truth is advertisement plays the major role in the introduction as well as the publicity of a product without which the product may just stay in the storage itself. So I have agree with the most of you that advertisement is not a waste of resources but a boon to the media and all kind of businesses.

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Vinodhini said: (Mon, Jan 27, 2014 09:51:03 AM)    
In my point of view, advertisement is "not waste of money", because when a product launch the market, how the people to know about the product. By the advertisement the quality and quantity of the product will reach the people. Advertisement is the best way to communicate the people.

So, the advertisement is not waste of resources.

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Mounika said: (Mon, Jan 27, 2014 09:15:05 AM)    
Hi friends, I think advertising is not a waste money because they provide a very good way to know about the upcoming products. But now a days the ads were really disgusting. The ads should be meaningful. The present ads were taking a long time even to understand what the product was being advertised.

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Hema said: (Fri, Jan 24, 2014 09:32:03 PM)    
I think advertisements some what useful. Now a days for any new product advertisement is necessary. For expansion of new product sales it is very useful. In rural areas people know updated products by using it. By using it we can order anything from online by this way it reduces transportation costs.

So, advertisements are useful.

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Ash said: (Wed, Jan 8, 2014 10:25:51 PM)    
Hi friends,

Most of you said that advertising is a good one. I agree that. But I want to discuss with some unknown side of advertising. I should say it is not totally good. There are lots of money are invested to advertise a product. But most of the time the quality of the product is not so good.

Nowadays advertising of a product is very plentiful in TV channels. Just we are seeing and enjoying them and we want to buy that too. But when we come to know the price of the product, it will really high. So a middle class man can't afford for this. Why these goods cost so much? We see these ads with celebrities, models, super heroes, heroines. And they are get paid lacs of lacs and crores of crores. But this is our money.

If it will be curtailed, the prices should be automatically reduced. Shouldn't they? So much of money is wasted here. We are deceived by purchasing some cheap ones. And also some big companies have shares with foreign companies. We have to be aware of this. Why should we instill that?

And one more thing, a good and quality product need not to be advertised. After you buying a product, you found that it is a very good one with best quality. Then you'll inform about this to your friends and neighbours. Here the product is automatically advertised. Because of its good quality. Apparently speaking, this is the fact. A best one needs nothing to be fame.

Conversely, ads are important in some situations. For instance, the villagers should be aware of vaccination. So ads like this by the government must be accepted. Then small businesses have to publicized. If you start a business like photocopying, browsing, tailoring, dancing, then initially you have to let people know about this.

All I want to conclude that "quality should be improved and prices should be reduced". Instead of wasting money for ads, just put them in quality and also reduce the price. Do you agree?:).

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Balwan Singh said: (Tue, Jan 7, 2014 11:07:15 PM)    
Hello everyone according to me advertisement is not bad but it provide awareness among the people for example sensodyne is latest toothpaste which proved better than other product of teeth.

For illiterates also it is good because they can see advertisement on television and can understand.

But advertisement of quality less product give bad impact and leads to opposite discussion.

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Gkt said: (Fri, Jan 3, 2014 01:25:32 AM)    
Hi friends,

From my point of view everything has its pro's and con's and this also happens in the Advertisement world.

Advertisement is the only marketing policy of company to get profit and making presence among people.

As we know before the product lunch company consult with the advertisement company to spread knowledge about the product among the people.

Advertisement are possible by three means.

- Print media like newspaper, magazines.

- Radio.

- Social Network like Facebook, Google plus.

As we have seen in few years social network become the hub for advertising world. Nowadays, company are concentrating more on the social media because every people in the world are connected on social network. On the right side there is option for like if you like that page you will get latest product lunch and its features about that company.


For CON's.

Advertising is not wastage of resources because company is investing in advertisement world to produces information about product among people so, that people can get best quality product and know about the features of product and so, people can compare among similar type of product before buying product and people will get good quality product.

For new comer company, advertising is only option to sell product and establish its product in market.

We have seen few days ago, Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) happen from 12th dec to 15 dec for three days. For the event, Google partnered with a number of ecommerce sites such as Flipkart, HomeShop18, Snapdeal, Indiatimes shopping, and Makemytrip, which would participate in the GOSF. The ecommerce sites created dedicated landing pages for GOSF. GOSF site engaged users through games and showing offers from 10 to 35 % on all product.

Google are promoting online shopping and here also you can compare all products and see its features.


-yes, excess advertisement is wastage of natural resources like paper and excess advertisement in form of Print media is wastage of resources. As, we know that newspaper like Hindustan times and times of India they do excess advertisement of product as compared to other newspaper like The Hindu.

Internet plays great role in advertising world.

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Nita said: (Fri, Dec 20, 2013 01:03:56 PM)    
Hello friends,

In my point of view Advertisement is not a wastage of resources. It is a part of communication which help to make known the originality of product. So the consumer will be aware about bad product. And producer will get proper response for proper work.

Advertisement is the best way to increase the business.

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Khushal said: (Thu, Dec 19, 2013 12:41:44 PM)    
I personally think that its not a waste of resources. If you are advertising on a paper off course you are wasting paper which is an extraction of natural resource. On the other hand if you are watching advertisement on television no waste of resources. Advertisement ultimately lead to the growth of company by selling their product in mass. And customer will able to know about the specifications of the product like cost, effects, etc.

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Mujib said: (Wed, Dec 18, 2013 05:43:47 PM)    
Hi friends according to me advertising is not the waste of resource, because advertisement create an image of the brand in the minds of the customers it also create an awareness about the product in the minds of the customers.

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Leaf said: (Mon, Dec 16, 2013 01:31:33 PM)    
I think although advertisements are an efficient way of marketing, too much ad is a waste of resource. Nowadays many companies spend one-third of their budget on advertisements, which is too much! Companies should put more emphasis on how to improve their products, not on how to make their products seem attractive. Moreover, consumers now are so clever and are no longer misled by ads easily. They know exactly what they want. So companies have to focus on their service and products if they want to win a bigger market share.

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Poonam said: (Thu, Dec 12, 2013 11:18:24 AM)    
Hi Friends, According to me advertisement is not waste of resource. Through Advertisement we know about lots of resources before we never know about it. Name of brand, its features, quality etc. But Advertisement should be for wrothful resources. Some products we know are not good for everyone according to me advertisement for that resources will be waste.

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Saq said: (Wed, Dec 11, 2013 07:51:28 PM)    
In my opinion, advertisements are totally waste of time. Let's take example of fair and handsome or any shampoo. They in order to sell, lure the customer by offering or giving different specifications, which in reality is not at all exist when customer starts consuming it.

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Aakriti said: (Thu, Dec 5, 2013 07:37:13 AM)    
Advertising is not at all a waste.

When companies advertises their products, it increases their cost of production, but at the same time it increases the sale of product as advertising has a mass reach. NOW, the sellers increases the production, as well as increases the price of product and thus enjoys the economies of scale due to bulk production. Hence, nothing is spend out of producer's pocket, it is only the customer who suffers due to high prices.

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Salman Ibnu Saheer said: (Fri, Nov 29, 2013 03:15:35 PM)    
Hello friends, in my view advertisement is not a waste of resource. Advertisement helps to buying an original product from market. Because of advertisement everybody know all the features of an original products.

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Vannapurna said: (Fri, Nov 29, 2013 12:27:33 PM)    
According to my point of view advertising is good for purchase of goods and know about that of product its good for only this reason.

Negative impact also there humans are only prefer for this. Anybody buy a product blindly for this advertisement no rules and morals.

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Ameya Deshmukh said: (Sun, Nov 24, 2013 08:30:23 AM)    
In my opinion advertising is not a wasteful expenditure as people get big profits through advertising example a man puts advertisement of mobile by spending 2000 Rs. A man buys it for 20000Rs. So he gets 18000Rs. Profit and the advertisements of classes prove useful for students like us and in this fast world people who know about other things are in front advertisements helps to know about these things.

Thank you.

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Nisha said: (Mon, Nov 18, 2013 06:57:33 PM)    
According to me Advertisement is not a wastage of resources.

It is one of the important element of marketing process. By looking at advertisements of various brands of same product the customer or we can actually decide as to what we are actually looking for and can make one of them as our choice. This in turn is beneficial for both the company as well as to the customer.

The customer gets a pre-knowledge of the product that he or she has to buy and hence time consumed is less at the retailer store and at the same time the consumer is satisfied. On the other hand, the company is able to generate pretty good revenue or profit and at the same time it is able to establish a market of its own depending on the demand of the customer. Advertisement is not just about products. Most of the time it is related to social issues which the society should be aware of and hence, advertisement is not a waste of resources.

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Swati Jethwani said: (Sat, Nov 16, 2013 09:16:45 AM)    
I too disagree about this, advertisement is not waste of resources. It is the way of communication. This is a one way and non personal communication that is done by the company to spread the awareness about the product and services, this I done to educate the customer.

Eg- If the consumer is visiting to retail store and if he or she is aware the features of the product then It will be easy for him to buy the product, because It is not possible that retailer Is free every time for educating the consumer.

So the company should spend some of there resources for advertisement.

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Mangai said: (Thu, Nov 14, 2013 09:19:21 AM)    
Good morning.

In my view, Advertisement is also one of the main source for the organisation. From advertisement the people in a rural area also know about the product. The advertisement increase the sale volume of the product which in turn increase the profit for the organisation. Even non-profit organisation like hospital, schools etc. Needs advertisement because to make the people aware about their institution or product.

So, in my view the advertisement is one of the main source for the profit making organisation and non-profit making organisation.

Thanks to all.

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Praveen said: (Thu, Nov 14, 2013 08:03:43 AM)    
In my view of point advertisements is a resources and sources a part of technology. Its better for everyone as company and people also. Because advertisements aware which product provide better service and better quality. Advertisements many advantage they provide many employment and how to live in a standard way.

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Janardhan said: (Tue, Nov 12, 2013 04:54:35 PM)    
Advertisement is not at all a waste expenditure because it is the fastest way to increase sales of any product.

It may be print media or electronic media. The decision has to be taken which media is suitable to reach the target consumers and affordable to the firm.

Even Though we provide quality product at low price there will be no consumer if they don't know about the product.

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Kutty said: (Mon, Nov 11, 2013 06:51:56 PM)    
Hi friends.

In my opinion advertisement is waste of resource only. Because, if the product is really a high quality one means, there is no need of advertisement for that. The people voluntarily come and buy that products. Most of the time the advertisers make the fake advertisement only. They are spending more money for attract the people. So buying the products is in the people hands. They can take the decision while purchasing the product without the view of any adds.

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Raj Malhotra said: (Sun, Nov 10, 2013 10:32:47 PM)    
Hi Friends,

Really its great to read all your opinion about this topic. As per my opinion its depend on the company and the product. If I say about Cigarette so they are not advertising cigarette ad, If I talk about Liquor so is it posible to ad that product ? We can just add their name not product right ?

Example: Mcdowells No 1 W soda not whisky Bagpiper soda not whisky.

Company should have to focus on their product quality, because now the consumer are very talented they know what to buy and what not to buy.

My conclusion is its depend on company and the product.

Thank You.

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Sneha Agarwal said: (Sun, Nov 10, 2013 01:28:01 PM)    
Hello friends.

Advertisement is just a mode through which people gets aware of goods and services which are offered by companies. Advertisement is important from consumer point of view as well from companies point of view and also and it is not a waste of resources because if there will be no advertisement how people will come to know about the product and how company will generate the demand for the same.

Every time people buy a product which they haven't used prior is only due to advertisement which provides them awareness about the products/services. There is cutthroat competition at this stage and to gain sustainable competitive advantage advertisement is very essential. And during this time there are thousands of products/services available so if public will be aware of type and kinds of goods/services available consumer can choose the right product.

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Kumaresan said: (Fri, Nov 8, 2013 08:55:10 PM)    
Hi friends. In my opinions advertisement is not waste of resource because people easily understand that product features and uses of the product. Now a days some of the developer make the fake advertisement but people only responsible for buy the product.

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Deepshikha said: (Mon, Nov 4, 2013 07:04:22 PM)    
Yes. In my opinion advertisement is good because with the help of advertisement awareness will be spread amongst people about the qualities, features of products, due to this customer's can purchase that product.

As we know that every one want best products spending less money, so they purchase only those things or product which is necessary for him, but only for profit some companies launched fake products and advertise that product by famous celebrities. So that it is the responsibilities of consumer that they buy those thing which is good for him. Hence advertisement of products are good.

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Ashwinireddy said: (Sun, Oct 27, 2013 04:26:53 PM)    
Good evening friends. In my opinion Advertising is not waste of resources because now the technology is improved so we are getting the things within the short span of time and the producers facing more competition in the markets. So to show their product to the people how good it is in quality, cost and everything advertising is acting as a medium and it helping the customers to know about the product.

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Ravi Shankar Singh said: (Sat, Oct 26, 2013 09:11:47 PM)    
Good Evening Friends,

I think advertisement is not the wastage of money because if you advertise your product then your product will be sold heavily in the market. If you are the new comer into the business and you don't know how to sell your product then if you advertise your product then it will reach to the costumers very easily and your product will be sold in a great extent. Suppose Micromax mobile company want to introduce a new mobile phone which has a great features but the questions is how customer get to know about that mobile. So, I suppose advertisement just created awareness about the product and service and there is no wastage of money in advertising.

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Manjot Sabharwal said: (Thu, Oct 24, 2013 05:10:17 PM)    
I have my own point, advertising can be done in various mediums: media, radio jingles and others. Advertising is not waste of resources as it can be seen as a win-win approach; seller benefits and earn its revenues and consumers benefits as of discounts, offers, coupons, membership shopping points and others.

2nd way is that rural people are not having TV sets at their home and radio being the very effective medium serves as a spreading awareness about the products and also advertise about the social messages like polio, aids etc. For example, HUL's Project Shakti spread their message of sanitation through writing a message on chapatis and thus able to penetrate the rural market and able to increase their market share.

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Malli Karjuna said: (Tue, Oct 22, 2013 09:52:20 PM)    
Hello friends, I think advertising is very useful to us because we can know which products are releasing, which products are useful and useless, features about products, which are available in market. If there is no advertising we don't know these things. Companies also get benefit by giving product information as a advertisement.

They always think that how can their product reach to our heart. That's why they give most effective advertisements. Advertisements are like poster advertisements and videos advertisements. Main thing is we can know products information. Some advertisements are not useful. If there is no advertisements we do not know their products and we do not use their products. By the way I am new student for this site and I am learning English.

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Sweta Rathava said: (Fri, Oct 18, 2013 11:57:47 AM)    
Hello good morning to all I am favoring in advertisement it plays important role for product/services. By advertisement the producer can be explain more effectively & go to the customer heart. I agree some advertisement are not good. But every coin has two side but we consider the good side of it because it more benefit to customer, companies & also to the employees.


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Khushboo Bhartiya said: (Fri, Oct 11, 2013 09:04:10 PM)    
Hello friends.

I am going to share my point of view in the favour of the advertisements. Advertisements are very important in the present scenario because it is the best way to get knowledge about the product or service provided by the different manufacturing companies. Advertising is the best way of direct communication to the customers/consumers regarding the qualities and different types of features of a product. With the help of advertisement customer come to know about the latest technology and can easily compare two same products of different companies. Awareness about the current technology comes to the customer by advertisement.

Some of the people may say that there are often some fake advertisements which may misguide the customer but according to me if in the present era of computerised world we are going to purchase something then we should at least have the feel of awareness about the product, we can come to know about the product & the reality of advertisement by a little investigation or you can say with the help of the feeling of awareness.

So at last but not the least I would like to add that if there would be no advertisement then there would be no awareness about the latest world. So advertisements are vital for any product or service.

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Lucky Singh said: (Sun, Oct 6, 2013 09:46:28 PM)    
Hi friends.

In my view Advertisement is not the waste of money because it helps organization to 1. Reach potential buyers as well as future customers as well.

2. In creating Top-of-Mind Recall.

3. As primary influencer.

But at the same time an advertisement should heavily focus on; clarity of the contents, Clarity of message and ability to provoke thought process which are essential for purchase decision.

Because every customer have two things.

1 - Emotional elements.

2 - Logical element.

So an good/systematic advertisement are those which force customer's mind to connect both of them simultaneously which ultimately results in consideration and at last convert into purchase decision.


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Nitu said: (Sun, Sep 22, 2013 08:35:22 PM)    
In my opinion advertising is not a waste of resources. If the company will not advertise its product then people will be unaware of it. For e.g a mobile company makes its product's advertisement so that people can get to know about the features, uses, quality of the product. If people will get knowledge of the things they are going to buy then it will be helpful for them to choose the best of all.

But sometimes the companies are making fake advertisement to attract people towards their product. So it should be our responsibility to choose the best.

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J V Sandeep said: (Thu, Sep 19, 2013 11:08:35 AM)    
Hello my dear friends good morning, on coming to the present topic I would like to share my opinion that according to me ADVERTISING is not wasting of money. Because the people get to know about the product mostly through advertisement. Through advertising we can get to know the many features and advanced applications of the product. People first get to know about the product only through the advertisement and they get attracted to it. But advertising false features to attract the people is actually waste of money because the people's belief over the advertisements gets lost.

Even the advertisement is false the people first buy the product watching advertisement and then get to know about the product. So, finally I conclude that advertising is not at all wasting money.

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Damini said: (Thu, Sep 19, 2013 02:48:28 AM)    
Hello Everyone.

Yet I have heard interesting and different-different opinions of my friends on advertisement.

I want to share my point of view also. My view is that advertisements are not wastage of resources but these can be depending on how people treat these. Ya ads are good medium of communication between producer and consumer. Even companies make use of ads to launch their new products just for profit, and for customers ads are good as they gain knowledge about coming new product. But when companies make use of false statements giving 100% of product (which is not in actual) to promote product, launch products with the celebrities to make it more attractive fooling the customers and wasting money on it proves advertisements waste resources just because of people and their fulfilling wishes.

Not only in products but in other cases advertisements proves helpful like in female feticide to aware about women rights, their capabilities etc, aware about alcohol, smoking, polio vaccinations etc.

I would say advertisements are never ever resources wastage until used properly.

Thank You.

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Divya said: (Wed, Sep 18, 2013 01:12:54 PM)    
Hi friends.

According to me advertising is not waste of resource. By seeing advertisements only most of the people will be attracted towards the product. By advertising, people will be knowing about the details of product and if any extra feature is added to the product that can be known. But the thing is, by using name of advertisement one should not fool the customer and should degrade other products some ethics must be fallowed.

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Supriya Halder said: (Wed, Sep 18, 2013 12:28:00 AM)    
Hi friends,

Good night all of you, Based on this most of people did prefer that, it's not a waste resource and that's right. Because advertisement is one of the sales promotion tools which creating awareness among the products as well as among the customers and consumers. It's helps to know about product quality, feature etc. And it is a way of communication between producer and customers/consumers. Especially its helps to company when they launching any new products into a market.

And today's market are mainly focusing for young stars (teen ages). So have to more spend of money behind of advertisement. We would known that about PLC, where in a first step has introduction then growth. Decline, at first step have to spend a huge money after that growth label have to less spend either. After that they are not spending money at all behind of advertising because than their business has been reach in a profit label.

So my opinion is that, advertising is a not wastage resources. If I say, it ll wastage, while company don't know about human needs and wants.

Thank you.

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Lav Tiwari said: (Mon, Sep 16, 2013 06:12:52 PM)    
Hello Friends,

In my opinion advertising is not a waste of resource. It is an capital expenditure to make profits. In other words it is an investment. It is a medium to encourage customers to buy products or services by describing the quality. Many products with good quality may fail to sustain without advertising. It is not only helpful in corporate world but also in other sectors such as social activity. I would like to give an example of polio campaign, we are not getting any case of polio and enjoying the success of campaign. It happens only because of advertising.

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Jana said: (Fri, Sep 13, 2013 12:52:23 PM)    
Hi friends,

Now a days advertisements only sale the product. Every one can know about the details through advertisement like price, purpose of the product. Etc. We don't know about the product details until we saw the advertisement in the TV. Advertisements help to every one to know about what the purpose of product to made.

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Sanjiv said: (Fri, Aug 30, 2013 06:51:18 PM)    
Good Evening Friend I agree to this question, cause due to the increasing trend of advertisement, the value of good will be increased itself as many companies are paying huge amount for the so called stars, the best kind of advertisement is not paper ad, commercial ad but word of mouth. Suppose you feel that certain kind of goods satisfied your needs in the best possible manner, you do recommend it to your close circle, surely you do.

Certain people are benefited not the whole economy, and in our context most of the advertising companies are not the native country but they are directly or indirectly related to foreign companies which obviously take the income earned from our country.

Advertisement kills the capacity of customers and customer believes in fraud activities.

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Uvasree said: (Fri, Aug 30, 2013 06:30:29 AM)    
Good morning, if I say about advertisement it is a form of communication intended to sale a product or service. If new product launched in the market people don't know the product, through the advertisement people know the particular product details like price, what ingredients are use and how to use that one etc.

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Remya .P.G said: (Thu, Aug 29, 2013 02:36:05 PM)    
If I say about advertisement, Advertisement is actually unnecessary because Advertising is a huge influence that creates a lot of unnecessary wants in our society. Like Steve Jobs said, "A lot of times people don't know what they want until you show it to them. " Advertisements create a subconscious desire. Because advertising is becoming more and more advanced, the wants are increasing. Some may argue that if we lived in a society with fewer ads, we would live a better life.

We wouldn't have to buy unnecessary things that we will just have to upgrade in a year or items we "needed" but never use. People would save a lot of money. But on the other hand, personally I like how big our society's advertising has become. Needless to say, ads are created to increase profit, to sell their product. Because people are constantly spending money on these wants, money is circulated.

And when people are spending money it's benefiting the economy as a whole. Not only that but also opening up numerous jobs for people. So overall, even though advertising does create unnecessary wants and desires, I think it benefits our economy and life would be so different without its.

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Rss said: (Sat, Aug 24, 2013 02:09:22 PM)    
In my opinion I would say that advertising is done to increase the productivity of goods. If the company doesn't do the advertising customers will not take interest in that product. But nowadays advertising is like a joke because they give more attention to the actors/actress then the product. So I think that 90% percent off add should be only on the product and then 10% about the actor or actress because product information is compulsory for the customers.

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Lavaniya said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 03:21:06 PM)    
In my opinion advertising is a good thing for the residents for now days. They don't have enough time to search about new products. So the only way they get to know is by advertising. Moreover advertising in a good manner is bot a waste of resource. In addition, advertising also aware the consumer about the importance and useful of the products.

However when the products advertised and the consumer be satisfied and happy with the product. Then it will be a huge sold will happen to the products.

SO my conclusion is advertising a product is good and need for all consumers in this world.

Thank you friends.

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Punith.V said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 04:36:25 AM)    
Good morning,

Everyone told different opinion, according to me Advertising is a good resources because in the busy world everyone were aware to see advertise in television, online, newspaper etc. Even if a pen with high quality should publish only may to buy the product by customer. That the way of advertising is based on companies.

I like share one point that every company has some producer and consumer problem but they are making their product by publishing only. So every one must take of aware that what had made different in product etc. Advertising is only way to launch the new product but one thing the way of launching is up to company.

Thank you guides.

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Sandhya said: (Tue, Aug 20, 2013 09:39:59 AM)    
According to me Advertising is not cheating because if the new product is launched into the market then we don't know about that product, by the advertising only we can know which product is good and which product is bad.

Advertising is gives the awareness of products whether the products are quality or quality less. If we buy one product then it will offer the other products (for eg. If we buy santoor soap we can get pen free). Advertising is only for teaching but not cheating.

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Sandhya said: (Sun, Aug 18, 2013 06:17:12 PM)    
According to me Advertising is not cheating because if the new product is launched into the market then we don't know about that product, by the advertising only we can know which product is good and which product is bad.

Advertising is gives the awareness of products whether the products are quality or quality less. If we buy one product then it will offer the other products (for eg. If we buy santoor soap we can get pen free). Advertising is only for teaching but not cheating.

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Geet said: (Thu, Aug 15, 2013 12:49:41 AM)    
Advertising is not a waste of resources because.

1) A new product to be launched into the market is published only by advertisement. How else can we know about its qualities.

2) Whenever the sale of a product is lessened, it can again be gained by advertising.

To conclude with it depends on us to analyse the advertisement and make our choices accordingly.

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Sravani said: (Wed, Aug 14, 2013 09:29:04 PM)    
Good evening.

I'm likely to hear all of other opinions whether advertising is waste of resource or not. Different people have different perception about it. But according to my opinion advertisement is not a waste resource but it too has some merits and demerits. Simply saying advertisement is only platform where we come to know of the product. It is easy for the producer for advertising rather than using salesman to tell about the product to the people. It is the only way to bring awareness about the product to the people. It is the way to attract people to buy their product by different creative thoughts.

But advertisement too had some demerits. Most of the people who were not fully aware of the product were attracted by the advertisement and they but the product which causes loss mainly for the consumers. But if consumers mostly demand on the product company leads good product and if it is not so it will lead to bad condition of the company.

So advertisement is one of the way of communication between consumer and producer and it makes a way to company to develop their product. Hence it is not at all a waste of resource.

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Areesha said: (Mon, Aug 12, 2013 11:51:26 PM)    
I believe that advertising is the first gate for a product to enter in the giant market. A product without advertising is a body without soul. So a good advertisement leaves behind many possibilities for a product to grow. Although many resources get wasted having these advertisements but still it can't be ignored in the highly globalised world.

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Roh said: (Sat, Aug 10, 2013 07:42:50 PM)    
In my opinion I would say that advertisement is necessary for increasing the productivity of products because if the customer don't have knowledge of the product they will not take interest in that product. But in nowadays advertisement is about the celebrities instead giving the knowledge about the products. So I think that advertising is waste of resources.

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Abhishek said: (Wed, Aug 7, 2013 11:40:19 PM)    
Hi friends.

As per my view advertisement is a good way to tell about the product. Through this we can now all the qualities of the item and then can be sure about its advantages before purchasing it. It is a good communication which generally saves our time. If it is carried out in a good way without creating troubles among the customers by ensuring them about their product then it can be helpful for both customers and the one who is advertising their product. Well it is not a wastage of resources.


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Prakash Kumar said: (Wed, Aug 7, 2013 08:02:41 AM)    
Hello friends I think yes advertisement is more than more time and money wastage there are many time of fake advertisement available in market if people are not aware that people are believe the time of advertisement in any sector school collage any intuition give fake advertisement and when any student take admission than know there are no any facility available in this institution school college so in my point of advertisement is more than more wasted resources.

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Zoya said: (Sun, Aug 4, 2013 06:49:38 PM)    
Hello friends.

According to me, advertising is not the waste of money because by this, we are able to know the value of any product. The companies are launching new products and by advertising we are able to know about product before coming in market. While with this we can get full information about product and now life is so busy that we have no time to choose a good quality product but by this we can know the price of product and the free product with it. By this there is no waste of time of any person. In this advertising they show the website and we can get full information of products at home and then we can purchase. So, this gives us right to get product of good quality and not by coming into the shopkeeper's cleverness.


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Sheethal said: (Sat, Aug 3, 2013 10:07:41 PM)    
Hello everybody. Nice to hear different opinions from you. According to me there are merits and demerits for advertising. From the side of any organization advertising is not a wastage of money. This is a good medium of communication when their product is launched. In that way the company earns more profit. And this is the only way to make the consumer aware of their product. Customers also takes benefits of advertising by verifying the price, the usage of the product etc prior to their purchasing. So they can choose from a wide variety of options available in the market.

But there are demerits also. Customers are often attracted and excited by the attractive ads of beauty products mostly which of them do not comply what they demand. In that case it is not a good practice to advertise a product aiming only the profit for the company.

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Sheethal said: (Sat, Aug 3, 2013 09:30:58 PM)    
Hello everybody. Nice to hear different opinions from you. According to me there are merits and demerits for advertising. From the side of any organization advertising is not a wastage of money. This is a good medium of communication when their product is launched. In that way the company earns more profit. And this is the only way to make the consumer aware of their product. Customers also takes benefits of advertising by verifying the price, the usage of the product etc prior to their purchasing. So they can choose from a wide variety of options available in the market.

But there are demerits also. Customers are often attracted and excited by the attractive adds of beauty products mostly which of them do not comply what they demand. In that case it is not a good practice to advertise a product aiming only the profit for the company.

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Saraswathi said: (Sat, Aug 3, 2013 08:32:05 PM)    
Hi friends,

My point of view advertisement not a waste of resources. It is give awareness of the product to the public. The illiterate people are also know the product.

Give effective advertising the product sales go to highly.

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Kunjal Chawhan said: (Thu, Aug 1, 2013 05:54:28 PM)    
Well I don't think so that advertisement is the waste of resources cause in order to introduce any product in the market advertising is very necessary quality of advertisement decides whether the product will be accepted or not.

However spending too much on advertising will lead to waste of resources such advertising through celebrities or shooting ad on foreign location animated ads also works for example fanta, duracell etc it is only idea which the producer of the good wants express to customers nobody notices the celebs or estimates the expenses they only sees the message and which the entrepreneur gives.

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Varun Suresh said: (Wed, Jul 31, 2013 10:36:12 AM)    
Hai friends. Good morning to all.

In my view, advertising is not a waste of resources or money. In Present scenario, all companies are going through advertisement only to sell their products. It is more useful to expand their business.

As there are pro's and con's for everything, advertising also have some pro's and con's.

But now a days, companies are wasting too much amount of money for advertising their products by giving their ads with celebrities and cricketers. In order to attract people, some advertisements having models who are giving expose of their bodies. Advertisement should be innovative and creative but not like this.

It is better to give more value to the product information, quality and it should be innovative with low cost.

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Abhishek Singh said: (Sat, Jul 20, 2013 09:59:34 PM)    
In my view advertising the product is the only way to launch a product in these days, hence to say it 'wasting of resources' would be totally wrong. And especially in this IT-era, where India has more then 25 billion television users and more then 2 billion internet users and some high value brands from Bollywood and cricket world.

In such scenarios marketing a product through advertisement is always a win-win situation. And it's also beneficial for consumers like Polio, consumer forums, IRDA and fraud prevention's ads and we get to use Google, Facebook and newspaper's in low cost or at zero cost.

But at the same time, there are some negative factors of advertisements are that a lot of time they tend the consumer,s mind to think in that way which is not good, like beauty products ads as much claims does not fully comply. So, ultimately consumer should understand that they are made to attract us and should behave wisely.

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Ranjitha. V said: (Wed, Jul 10, 2013 05:50:17 PM)    
Advertisement is an not waste of in this word because a competition. In the world advertising is an important feature. Nowadays advertising is a an human life. To know the price, quantity and quality of the product. Advertise is an not waste the time.

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Sailaja.N said: (Wed, Jul 10, 2013 02:00:19 AM)    
I think advertising the product makes more benefit to the consumers. Actually they don't know about the product details like price, what ingredients used and how to use that one etc.

According to my view Without Advertising the business won't run successfully. I want to share a real story about "NIRMA washing powder " company. Actually first the nirma powder released in the market but no one knows about it so no one buy that product obviously the company incur losses. So they stop producing the product. This is occurred in olden days so the technology (TVs and PCs) was not developed as like now.

So they thought a beautiful idea that is "SENDING 4 OR 5 WOMEN TO THE SHOPS every day AND ASKING FOR NIRMA POWDER". After 1 month he released the product the sales are increased abruptly. "This is the power of Advertisement".

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Khushboo Asawa said: (Sat, Jul 6, 2013 11:23:34 PM)    
In my opinion. To get anything noticed. It should be presented in an attractive manner. So is the case with the products humans use in their day to day lives. And advertisement is the best way by which it can be done. Provided less resources are consumed in its making and an adequate message is send to consumers.

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Minnu said: (Fri, Jul 5, 2013 08:51:41 PM)    
I sternly support one time advertisement. I don't say that advertisement is of no use. But it should be done in a limited manner. Understand the aim of advertisement. It is for the promotion of a product and not for spending huge amount of money. I conclude that "show the product to the consumers once then let them decide".

Thank you.

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Chandru said: (Mon, Jul 1, 2013 02:10:01 PM)    
HI FRIENDS!, In all places advertisement is on going. That all advertising have merits and demerits for a society. For example we can seen in a public platform there are number of miscellaneous posters are pasted and number of big banner for celebrating a right person and also in front of all theaters. It is too waste of paper(resource) and time and creating pollution on the Earth. Advertisement do not disturb the consumers and customers, because they may be irritated. In mobile also they torture us to activate some services like cricket zone, music zone. In online Advertising gives us some easy buying and selling but it also degrade the browser speed who are all do not have such things.

From an Advertisement we learn little and the resources waste a lot! A most of person very irritating from the Advertisers.

Advertisements in Cricket irritating all of us but it helps us to learn what a new product or new thing incurred our market.

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