Advertising is a Waste of Resources

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Ashish Saroj said: (Feb 23, 2018)  
According to me, the advertisement is not a waste of time because advt is prevent us to upcoming bad things but a certain advt is waste of time like mountain dew, thumps up, coca-cola etc, this types of advt government has to ban.

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Omkar.Patil said: (Feb 14, 2018)  
No, I do not agree with this point.

Many people come to know about a new product in the market through advertisement only. If we do not go for advertisement, how the customers can come to know about our products in this competitive business world.

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Richa Agarwal said: (Jan 13, 2018)  
Good morning everyone!

In my sight, "Advertising is not a waste of resource".

What advertising means, is something and everything of promoting a product to the potential and mass audiences in a layman perspective. But it is a huge concept, not just a product can be marketed, resources too.

Consider Banas factory, a leading manufacturer and supplier of milk made products to "Amul", they market their resources i.e. "supply chain management", to the large audiences.

Now, the question arises - if one proposed advertising is a waste, then how it is plausible to communicate your product to your customers?

Advertising is completely a boon, it is a platform where one can segment mass, selective, and niche customers in just a span of time.

Advertising is the resource, by which one can convert a customer to the consumer.

Advertising has many faces, if one talk about a peculiar promotion, that too plunged in the advertising community.

It is one prerogative, to which medium they choose. It is due to advertising, one can expand, diversify their declining product, sales, innovation and invention.

Thank you.

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A.Sashank said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
Advertisement is waste resource because it is lie.

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Sristi said: (Dec 3, 2017)  
According to me, advertising is a waste of resources if advertising is done in a huge but wrong way. The way a product should be advertised it should be reached to the right customers otherwise it is really a waste of resources.

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Ritesh said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
According to me, advertising Is not a waste of resources, with the help of advertising We provide options to the customer. With the help of advertising, We also make the image of the product in customer mind.

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Poornima said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
Hi friends.

According to my point of view, the advertisement is not a waste of resource.

The way of advertising or showcasing their products is important stunts and risk has to be reduced.

For instance, we all have seen mountain DEO advertisement when he drinks the mountain DEO he will fly from the mountain.

It doesn't mean after drinking we will fly.

And this kind of fake advertising of the product has to be banned.

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Ms Rakshit said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
According to me, advertising is not waste of resources. Advertising is very important in our daily life. Without advertisement we never get to know about new products. Through advertisement we can aware of products. After using those products we have a clear idea about which is good and which is bad. Also tv shows are introduces with the money of advertising companies. But sometimes we judge products by looking attactive advertisement instead of looking quality.

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Malatesh Daddikoppa said: (Sep 20, 2017)  
Hi everyone.

I am Malatesh Daddikoppa.

Advertising is a waste of resources.

In my view, I am completely disagree with this.

Why because with out advertisement we can't launch any products. Advertisement is helps to give some information about products through on. Tv, newspaper, radio or any media's. It helps to increase sales activities.


It is also helps it customers how means.


1. Products features.
Advertisements help to know the futures about products without any costs.

2. Place of availability.
We can find out products availability place with the help of advertisement.

3. Price structure.
Advertisements help to know the price of the products.

4. We can make final decision about the products with the help of advertisement.

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Narasimha Reddy said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
In my point of view, the advertisement is not a waste of resources because if we don't advertise the customers doesn't know about the product. In present marketing so many smae products are available so different companies advertised about thier products daily. Advertisement is very helpful to the customer to know the product details.

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Ruhi said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Advertising is not waste of resources because if we don't advertising are products so buyer don't get information about product because in market daily many new products produce if we can't advertising so no one get information about are product so advertising is not waste of resources.

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Alisha Gulati said: (Aug 8, 2017)  
In my opinion, advertising has both pros and cons that exist. On one side, advertisements aware the consumers about features of a newly introduced product in the market as well as it increases the revenue, profits and goodwill of the firm. At the same time advertisement helps to face today's market cut throat competition. Some ads are very useful like pulse polio, Swach Bharat Abhiyan. On the other hand, some ads mislead the customers about price and quality of products. So adv has both pros and cons.

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Arnab Manna said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
I don't agree with that advertising is a waste of resources rather producing something without advertising will be a waste of huge amount of resources used for production, because consumers will not come and just knock the door to buy the product unless they know about the product very well. So there is a need to make the people know about the product and that is done by advertising.

Another reason is that, whenever someone goes to a shop to buy something they recall the list of brands in their mind i.e. brand value, which plays a major role in the sales of a particular product.

Now the question is why do they advertise repeatedly? This may be due to the fact that every day there is a new brand in the market selling the same kind of products, so people will easily forget about the product. So in order to keep the product alive in the mind of the consumers, it is extremely important to keep on advertising. So we realize that advertising is not a waste of resources.

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Divya said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Advertising gives knowledge regarding any product to the people and giving knowledge to someone is not a bad thing. So, I must say that "advertising is the best source to use resources efficiently and effectively and that too for the people's welfare".

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Namdev said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

In my opinion advertising is not watse of resources it is phase branding our product in front of people. I think advertising is the one of the way that make good people in bad people this will happen through advertising. Advertising get product easily to customer.

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Pankaj said: (Jul 20, 2017)  
According to me, an advertisement is a very necessary tool to thrive a company. Without advertisement a company can not acquent their product with the consumer. If someone is going to start a company he need to advertise what his company is going to introduce to the market. Nowadays advertisement is not confined till the television or street posters but one can advertise through social media, YouTube etc. So advertisement is not waste of source.

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Komal said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
In my opinion, advertising is the waste of resource in the fast developing world, day to day busy schedule people don't have time to spend in watching advertisements in their television set rather than this they will go with the internet if they are in need to buy any product.

Wasting money and other resource while hiring expensive ambassadors or actors for advertisements all are waste.

This money can be in improving some more important sectors like education system, research sector, etc.

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Dinakar said: (Jul 7, 2017)  
I am a marketing guy, This topic is related to performance marketing.

Advertising is a Waste of Resources.

Unfortunately, there are no proofs in terms of figures. At the same time, you need to understand is it a commodity or a brand with respect to advertisements.

Always a Brand takes the attention of the customer and the Branding happens through advertisements most of the times.

The negatives that are assumed as paying unnecessary is a mistake.

The fact is you are paying for the risk which is in the form of assurance.

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Chris said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
I think it's a waste for the most part but only because society has developed more. - especially the internet. 30 years ago sure, how could you as a consumer easily access the information you need about a product, not very easily. For example, if I am looking at buying a new car from a dealership. Now, I can use the internet to see every car I can think of at the click of a button, and I can easily narrow down my options from there and using resources available online.

But if Volkswagen for example, is putting money into advertising their brand new car on the TV, or web pages, or billboards and so on then every car manufacturer has to do the same otherwise the exposure difference is too much and you get pushed out of the limelight and wave goodbye to your business. As a result, the price of EVERY car goes up in order to fund the advertising but the product you get is no better than it would be without. Even If just one does it, the others have to follow suit and we all lose out because of it regardless of who we buy from. From a private business perspective, it makes sense - if nobody else would do it as well. But remember this isn't just people from the same industry, if neither Honda or Nissan advertised cars, they would both suffer, some of that money would end up getting spent on holidays or something else. It also makes it much harder for new companies to develop as it's another huge up front cost they have to pay to get their name out there to the same level as the big boys, which helps keep the rich people rich.

Look at google too, people advertise via pay-per-click but if nobody did it then the organic results would simply be at the top instead. Google is complex now but it was incredibly useful even in its earlier, much simpler days. I could type "Acrylic Sheets" into google and its system of popularity would decide the rest - instead of who waves the most money at Google, which then increases the cost of the product.

And my last example, the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS is still using the ancient rear engine layout of the 911 50 years ago, which is simply worse than a mid-engine for supercar purposes. They made the Cayman several years ago now, but limit its development significantly in order to keep the 911 as the top dog. Because it's iconic to their brand. In reality, this car should be a Porsche Cayman GT2 RS with a mid engine, it would be superior to its purpose, but they won't sell as many simply because it isn't called a 911.

From a purely logical point of view, it is really dumb for the most part. But it is kind of part and parcel of capitalism, and I can't see that going anywhere soon. In order for it to be reduced in a capitalistic society, there need to be new platforms made in order for new companies to gain exposure, for example, "cars. Com/cars. Gov" listing every registered car manufacturer and what kind of cars they make, which is the highest rated. A Neutral advertising platform if you like, designed to give consumers the idea of which they should choose to buy between X and Y, not just the owners of X screaming "Buy X because it's better" and Y doing the same. Everyone apart from the advertising industry wins.

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Kinnera said: (Jun 30, 2017)  
According to me, Advertising is not a waste of resources. If a new product enters the market, we can easily aware of it through an advertisement. Every time we cannot go the market or store and we cannot know about each and every product or brand.

Through an advertisement, we will come to know the features of a particular product sitting at home. In today's world advertisement becomes an essential part of the business.

The outcome with an advertisement is spending huge money on advertisements is insane from a consumer point of view because the firms will charge the ad expenditure from the consumer itself. Also spending a lot of amount on brand ambassadors to promote the product makes the consumer to pay a higher price.

In this way, advertising has both pros and cons.

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Saroj said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
It depends upon the thing for which you will advertise. If I am advertising tobacco then I can say that it is a waste. But if I am advertising a cheap but useful medicine for cancer then it is not a waste resources anymore.

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Anamika said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
Hi everyone.

Advertising is definitely not wastage of resources. A companies sales increases and it holds a considerable market share because of its goodwill. But creating that goodwill might take the time or might never happen if advertising doesn't play its role. Advertising has its own advantages. It creates awareness among consumers about products, take Patanjali for example, it not only promotes its products but makes consumers aware of various other harmful products. Also, through advertising consumers come to know about the product and they can know more about the products. It increases quality consciousness amongst consumers. Adds to the profits of the company. There are many more advantages attached to it ad it definitely can't be said that advertisements are a wastage of money. Rater it is the most optimum utilisation of resources. Thank You.

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Sadiya Kausar said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
No, advertising is not a waste of money.

1. First of all, it helps people to come to know about the new product launch in the market.
2. Advertisement also educate people, by giving various information about the products. If anybody don't want to buy the products, it doesn't matter instead he is aware of the new product.
3. Advertisement also increase the sale of the products.
4. Without advertisement, even the best products would remain unknown.
5. By advertisement we can also come to know quality of the products.


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Sarbani said: (Jun 15, 2017)  
Being an MBA marketing person, I l never say advertising is a waste of resources. If there is no advertisement how people will aware about products, their benefit, price etc?

Every business firm changing their business policy to attract customers, like 20% extra scheme, buy 3 get 1 free scheme, free items for buying of any product n many more schemes. Now the question is if there is no advertisement how people will aware of it? Noy only for products, advertisement is done for health issues too. For example, Amitabh Bacchan was the brand ambassador for pulse polio campaign by saying that every child should have polio injection on such date. It is very useful for the parents who doesn't know when to go or where to go.

So by concluding, advertising can't be a waste of resources.

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Hrudaya said: (Jun 13, 2017)  
Advertising is not a waste of resource as being an MBA marketing person, I do not think so if you have enough resources and you do not know how to use it then it is worthless of carrying it too. My word is you should know how to use the advertisement to target your potential customers and target audiences, for example: if you are showing an ad of condom on cartoon network it is obviously a waste of resource if you are showing the same ad during cricket matches as most of the men watches the matches, it may have some impact of advertisement, so the main concern is how you use the resource.

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Ronnie said: (May 16, 2017)  
@ALL. Most of you are thinking very small.

For a store/shop to survive in this world, then yes you have to spend resources on advertising. But if you look at the bigger picture, then advertising is a huge waste of resources for planet earth. Advertising is about the rich fighting over who gets the most money. Plus we waste our most valuable resource on advertising, our time.

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Tushant Akar said: (Apr 13, 2017)  
No. From my opinion, the advertisement is the best way of providing products in the market. Sometimes people are not aware regarding the products launched in the market with the help of advertisement peoples obtain all necessary information regarding the products.

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Vishal Gautam said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
No. From my opnion, advertisement is the best way of providing products in the market. Sometimes people are not aware regarding the products launched in market with the help of advertisement peoples obtain all necessary information regarding the products.

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Subbu said: (Mar 22, 2017)  
Hi friends.

In my opinion, advertising is needed for some products. Though the advertising people know the awareness of products or particular things or issue.

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Maria said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
In my point of view, Ad draws our attention towards that particular product, most of us are not ready to think whether it is necessary for us.

Most of the ad make us fool.

I won't say it's merely waste but nowadays disadvantage of Ad is more.

It is more business oriented. Advertising to bring awareness is really good but in the case of introduction a product most of the ad make us fool.

Issuing pamphlet increased the waste papers in the roadside. Not only that by saving papers we can also save more trees. Also keeping banners has to be avoided. Since it causes more accident.

I conclude that advertising has to be there to guide people only in a correct way. We also have the responsibility to think and buy.

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Mukul Das said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
In today's world advertisement is the backbone for a product to become successful. By advertisement, you are making a consumer aware about the product. Through advertisement a consumer gains a vast knowledge about the particular goods or services, he becomes capable enough to opt a product according to his demands.

Secondly, advertisement does not always mean a platform to market your product. It also helps in creating awareness among the people, take for example SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAN, POLIO DROPS, JAN DHAN YOJNA and various others.

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Alok K said: (Jan 26, 2017)  
Hello everybody.

I do not agree with Advertisement is waste of resources. According to my opinion advertisement is the best way to inform the new product and about company of the product. Through the advertisement, we know quality and price of the product.

Now we have resources for an advertisement like TV and News paper etc. These are a medium to inform the new product to us about the new useful product.

So advertisement is must important It is not waste of resources, It is use of the resources by the product.

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Vishal said: (Dec 26, 2016)  
In my point of view, due to attractive advertisement, which is placed in a road side sometimes became a part of a accident also, due to careless driving.

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Ankush said: (Dec 19, 2016)  
I think this is best idea because of this idea we can understand things easily also we were aware all of the things surrounds us and in marketing we are able to consider how many people are using such a thing which we are going to purchase and how is express.

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Bikash Daa said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
I don't think advertising is a bad idea because it helps to know about of any products. And it is help for us. Whenever we want to buy a car, shirt, home, etc then I see the advertisement and buy good thing. There are no poster or advertisement then we don't know where and how to buy a car, home, etc. So it in my point it is very needed for us.

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Jayshree said: (Dec 11, 2016)  
Advertisements, even though a bit annoying, are beneficial to everyone from the poor low wage earners to large multinational companies. Advertisements are now the base of large organizations who derive a major part of their income through advertisements. Also, the poor benefit through this as they get to know about the cheapest product available with the best quality, since in a competition consumer is the king.

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Meghna Doshi said: (Dec 9, 2016)  
According to me, advertising has the major impact on consumers. It is the advertisement, who make people aware of the products from different price range. Whenever any new product is launched through advertisement, people buy it at least once. Even if any discounts and offers are announced in the advertisement, consumers are ready for brand switching. Though some advertisements are a just gimmick, but people get attracted to that too. Even, social media is the major hub for advertisement and it is seen that businesses are really making profits by attracting people through such media. So, definitely, advertisement is not a waste of resources. Even, if you want to start your own business, the first thing you have to do is to advertise yourself and your product or offerings.

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Mithun said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
I think some advertise are totally waste, because some products which shown on advertising are fake and not good for use. So this type of adds should be ban, I know lots of things are now banned in India.

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Vaibhav Tiwari said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
Advertising in my view is not a waste of resources, resources mainly which is money.

By advertising only a company made its reach to that target market where it never uses to cover.

Advertising is a good option which gives customer a perception about the product. Through advertising of product or services, the main focus of the company which is to reach to the customer is obtained.

So, in my view advertising is not a waste of resources.

Thank you.

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Chinu said: (Dec 3, 2016)  
No, it is a good thing of advertising so the may know about their products and also one thing is that advertising in pamplets making use of paper some people read and other some.

People through the papers on road side so my view is that advertising is good but the way we advertise is the people hear touching so.

That they cannot waste it.

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Shubhangi said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
I don't think advertisement is a waste of resources, in my opinion, advertisement is very helpful for knowing about the product and aware of the product. And is helpful to people they can know how to use, why to use, and where to use this product. Some times advertisement is negative impact. Many people buy the product blindly to advertisement no rules and morals.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Nov 17, 2016)  
I don't think advertising is a waste of resources. Advertising helps public know about the product, about products benefits, use, how to use, why to use, where to use. It helps in comparing different brands. Until public will know about the product how they are going to purchase it, so advertisement is needed. But for advertisement resources is needed like paper for pamphlet or giving ad in newspaper, magazines or displaying ads on hoardings but I don't think it is wastage of paper, as here paper is used for advertising nd awareness of public, so it is for welfare of public So here resources are not getting waste, they are helping public. So we can conclude Advertising is not a waste of resources.

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Nikhil said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
I don't think advertising is waste of Resources. As advertising is done to make people aware of the product that has recently been launched or the benefits of the product. But sometimes we see that in a particular advertisement lot of resources is being wasted. At one side, you are giving idea of not to waste resources and at other you are wasting too many resources to just presenting a new product. It is similar to a coin as it has to sides one benefits and another wasting of resources.

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Archana said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
Advertisement is a waste of paper money and time. Product is exaggerated and presented which is misleading to all. People get attracted and buy all sort of useless commodities. Huge amount of money is spent careless which could be used in improving quality of the product. Several quality products are weakened at sale of advertisement of wrong brands.

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Shalaka Zawar said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Can't answer. As ever coin has 2 sides. Likewise. Advertisement sometimes is a boon or a curse. It helps people to get the proper knowledge. But at the same time, innocent people gets bullied by false advertisement. So can't comment.

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Santosh Kumar. Gouda said: (Nov 1, 2016)  
As per my view, advertising is not waste of money because by this many unknown people gets chance to know about a thing. We never accept a thing until we know. Therefore it the best policy to inform about a product to its users.

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Bhupi said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Advertising plays a very important role because it provides all info related to attribute, benefits pros or cons so that customer can know easily about the product and its makes customer decision making fast at the time of purchase if they had seen the ADV.

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Shweta said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
Advertising gets the consumers close to the products.

People are aware of the pros and cons of a product. They can make their own decisions of what's good for them.

Creates job opportunities for many people.

Advertising is a mean of promoting goods. Since more people become aware, there is more revenue.

Advertising on TV is a big relief from the daily tele shops that have nothing but drama.

Advertising plays an important role in passing information such as AIDS, contraception etc. People are aware of health disorders and how to overcome them.

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Tanisha said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
Advertising is one of the pillars of marketing. Its job is to make people aware of the existing and new products that launched in the market every now and then. But the question is, does advertising really fulfilling its responsibility?

Just in order 2, mint money by luring them to by the products isn't the right way. Many advertisements that we see today are misleading. The false claims made by such advertisements breaks the customer's faith in the company and the business ends up loosing its customer instead of making. Unfortunately, there are many companies who fail to understand that their long-term interest lies in serving the customers right and not by coaxing them to buy things, where they only end up wasting their precious money.

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Pushpjeet Singh said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
I strongly believe, Advertising is not a waste of resources because advertising is a very easy and convenient way of communication. Even if a person is illiterate while seeing an advertisement he/she can easily come to know about the product. Its cost per unit is very cheaper as through one advertising on T. V almost every region can be covered. The best way one can tell about his product. And even helps to increase sales. Consumers feel reputation while purchasing advertised products.

Advertisement can help through following ways:

1. Consumer loyalty.
2. Coverage.
3. Retention.
4. Mass communication etc.

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Dipesh Neupane said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
As per my view, advertising is not a waste of money because ad is the only one way to know about it, without ad there are a few chances to know about it suppose without ad how people know about iPhone 6, 7 or apple brand because there is the same point behind it so without AD, it couldn't go to customer's hands that why ad plays important role to know about reality.

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Machifeh Nestor said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
In my humble opinion I will advise commercial companies to spend more money on improving product quality, making their prices affordable, improve on customer service while carrying out many P. Are activities. This strategy will increase sales incredibly instead of spending resources on advertising which in most case's end up being misleading when consumers try the product and find no quality. Spend money to improve on this above strategies and I can a sure you that, your customers will be advertisers and brand ambassadors for your company. Just try and see. Conclusively advertising is a wast of time and resources.

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V. Sarika said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Hi, friends, advertising medium is a way by which any person can decide what is the best product or service and they can later switch to that one for which they have decided.

Advertisements help the one who has interest but do not come forward to buy a product or receive any services. It is the best way to make the world modern, advance, fast technology.

I say it has a lot of advantages, of course, disadvantages are also there but it depends on individual thinking.

And the best example is our "IndiaBix" which allows every individual to open up their mindes and allows to publicly exhibit their own ideas thoughts is the best way I say.

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Lakshmi.P said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
ADVERTISEMENT is very important one because today every aspect should have been AD'S can try to say how valuable of the product vadility uage what are benefits and interested profit of thing compare to the other product and efficiency prevention awareness of AD.

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K.Bhargavi Reddy said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
Hello, friends. In my point of view, advertisement is very useful to know the best review of the product. With the help of advertisement people will able to know the value of the product, its usage, quality etc. If the product is up to the mark of customers satisfaction then there will be a good demand in the market. Also, the advertisement should have some useful meaning before they are launching in the market. It should satisfy the customer needs.

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Krishna Nandan said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
In my view, advertising is the best way to reach out to the people so it is not the waste of money. As by famous Hindi proverb "Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai" so people will buy the product if we show it differently.

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Silpa said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
In my view, advertising is not a waste of money. Because in most of the cases, the product reaches the people through advertisement. We should consider the money that we are using in the advertisement as an investment. For example, if Apple Company wants to release a new version of iPhone, how the people knows the news? Through advertisement only. On the other hand, the advertisement should be in a conscious way. The companies should not try to blame the customers with their false advertisements.

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Anubhav Singh said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
In my opinion, advertisement is not a waste of money.

Think about that if some give you the same product of 5 different brands and you never heard the name of 4 brands but you have seen one brand advertisement much time but never used it. So more probability you will choose that product.

And also without advertisement less people will know about your product it's also a negative point.

So in many ways advertisement is useful.

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Priyaz Aajith said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Hi Guys,

I am Priyaz Aajith.

In my point of view, peoples are thinking in different part. No one identifies the whose needs and wants that product. All agency are guessing only. We are putting different color anything using attracting all guys. If it's wrong. The peoples are think based on advertising is use or waste.

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Avinash said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
Advertising is the best source for increase money and increased your business.

In modern days advertising is the best way for your publicity.

Without advertising you/we don't do this.

It's everything knows.

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Abhinav Gupta said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
Yes, I do partially agree with the statement that advertisement is a waste of resources as an advertisement instead of being the mode of spreading information has just become a commercial propaganda. Whenever you come out of an educational institute people starts to distribute lots of pamphlets, you feel like a rain of pamphlet even if you don't want to take it. So this is somehow wastage to paper media which is also an environmental concern. This is just one example, there are much more. So we are in need to be judicial about the mode of advertisement.

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Uday said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
In my point of view, the advertisement is very useful to every product, but we have to think once whenever we are going to put on money in that advertisement. In our country more advertisement done by celebrities only. In that case, they are going to ask more money on that. So we have to give the advertisement without celebrities and at the same time we put that money to make more products, because of this time will be reduced business of particular produce will be rise up.

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Renu Verma said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Hi, Friends.

According to me, Advertising is not a waste of money, In today's market scenario where one product is available for different brand, it is necessary for the company to convey the message that how the particular product is different from others and it is possible only through the advertisement. And also we all know the perspective product, should be presented at different platform through a various medium like T.V, Newspaper, Hoardings etc. By knowing the quality of the product through advertisement people generally used to attracted towards the product.

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Kunjal Seth said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
I totally disagree with the statement. Advertising is not a waste of resource, it is the most important ingredient in the process of promotion of a product in a market to attract the attention of the customers. Nowadays, the advertisement is done on a digital platform which is very cost effective as compared to an offline advertisement. Digital Marketing has made the branding very easy, flexible and instant response from customers. 50% of the businesses are now dependent on it for their brand promotion, the reason behind it is that audience is more active on the internet. Without advertising, the brands will not be known to the customers and it's the technique to spread awareness to the targeted audiences.

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Sanjay said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Hello Friends,

Yes, I am fully convinced that Advertising is not a waste of money. So for any product, it is necessary to reach each house through advertising before it reaches physically. But at the same time, we should also understand that advertising is the medium to reach customers house and to sustain the quality of the product should be at the part.

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Chandan Singh Virat said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
For a company, advertising is not a waste of money since it has a larger opportunity to gain the particular type of attention of the customer and also is the best way to reach the more customer. Initially, it has spent larger money for advertising but it gives benefit for a long time and this spent money is supposed as an investment for a company.

At the India level, India is a fastest growing economy and being a 3rd largest economy of the world in GDP terms and it is a country having 2nd largest population in the world. So for any company India is being a better market to gain profits by reaching more and more customer through advertising.

But in another hand, I am not supporting to fake advertising, taking a small instance- I could not understand that Fair Lovely, a fairness cream how can help a people to achieve success in the life or availed a greater job opportunities, the are many people who got huge success in the life without Fair lovely cream and this is fact that this is not a right manner of advertising.

So I think advertising has always beneficial for the company as well as to the customer if done in truly and right manners.

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S.Kiran Kumar said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
Hi, Friends.

I don't say that advertising is a waste of resources why because Advertising is the best platform for us to show what we, what is our product and what is our service.

And also it will reach to all. It introduces to people. But once advertising was done we should provide and give that quality what shown in the advertisement. Otherwise, we will lose the people's faith in use.

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Sakthi said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
No, We can't say it is a waste because ad provides a look and makes the viewer attract. But it should be in a proper manner but exiting the limit of expenditure is a waste of resources.

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Nilesh Solanki said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
No, as per my perspective, advertising is not waste of resources. Because it is the only way through which we can reach peoples home and it create good impact on the reader's mind ,and if advertisement is visual means video than chances of making impact is much better. Of course, we spent lot of money behind advertisement but it is beneficial for long time.

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Vanshika said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
Not at all.

In today's world advertising is the best way to promote the product But advertisement must be true. Consumer remembers some lines when they use it in their real life. The advertisement has a high impact on them.

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Sanjana Hs said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
In my opinion, advertising is not a complete waste of money and time because if you have released a commodity how will people come to know about your commodity if you are not advertising it? There are also many methods which are cost effective.

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Sweta Tiwari said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
According to me, advertisements are not a waste of time, it is just a tool through which you can make the customers aware about your product and after seeing the ad again n again the brand gets fit into your mind. Let me explain this to you with an eg like even these days many people in rural ask for Colgate rather than asking for toothpaste, this is the power of advertisements. N in terms of fair n lovely as a consumer we can file a case against it because they are portraying a wrong image but still consumers consumer it assuming that dey will turn fairer.

So there are both prons yet corns of advertising its upto the consumer, to trust the brand or they shouldn't.

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Deepika Singhal said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
Hi friends, I am Deepika Singhal and I would like to put up my point in the above discussion that advertisements are not always bad for the society and are not just a wastage of money which many of you think it is.

As we all know people are being fascinated by these advertisements and they get attracted towards all the schemes and discounts which a company or a manufacturer provides to attract the customers which are not at all a bad thing to sell or tell about the companies products.

As we all know demand and supply go hand in hand with the customers and nowadays since there is a lot of competition in the market so the customer is the king for the products and products are even designed considering them only. So if companies are advertising for the benefit of customers and keeping in mind about their profit than what's bad in that?

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Priyanka Singh said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
The advertisement is just waste of resources through the advertisement company. Makes false promises and fool the customer and earn huge amount of profit. I'm giving the best example of advertising. FAIRLOVELY CREAM I still did not understand that how one fairness cream helps women to get job, status, and money it doesn't make any sense.

Fairness cream does not help P.V SINDHU to win a silver medal in Rio Olympic game her passion and hard work to help to bring the silver medal.

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Anmol Gupta said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Advertising is a waste of resources as many companies waste loads of money in the advertisement as it costs very high rather some share of this money could be saved for the helping of the poor. Somehow, it can also be said as wastage of money.

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Lux said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
My point is that an advertisement does not evaluate our product, it only publishes our product and to give identity.

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Saurabh Bhatia said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
The advertisement is not a waste of resources by advertising for any purpose we make the market more competitive, awareness among all.

And more important for example if any company go for advertising their products to make a good impression of their product in market they give lot of schemes on their product to increase the demand for that particular product of a company so by seeing this other company which deal with similar products also go for lot of good schemes hence it increase the market of product and also give lot of benefits to customer by this both company and customer get profit by giving advertisement.

And if we advertising for awareness among people it also educates people and helps them a lot in a new way of goog survival.

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Riya said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
Ads are not a waste of resources because it is important for awareness of product as population increasing day by day. Similarly, it also helps the customer for example LIC ads always helps the customer to save their future Bt giving that ad to big celebrities only for attraction is the waste of money because we can invest that money in the betterment of the product instead of wasting it on other things.

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Ramani Hitesh said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
According to me, Advertising is the way to increase company grow and marketing.

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Ritesh said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
Advertising is not a waste of resources because we can say that advertisement is used to motivate consumer that how a customer gets motivate by seeing the advertisement is how ease the ads are made that some ads that people remember and when they go to shops they see the product that they see on the ads so the customer thinks any add and think that it can be a good brand why not see it so advertisement is good for the company as well as for consumers.

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Neha Joshi said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
According to me, the advertisement is not a waste of money because it aware to us about these product quality. Without advertising how we know that which product came into the market.

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Arghya Ghosh said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
Advertising is one of the ways to link yourself with the society, so it cannot be a waste of resources. As long as the advertisements do give some kind of social messages (or some good information about a particular topic), they cannot be considered as resource wasting things. Having said that, it is obviously important to place the advertisements in a smart way before the public, because smart work always pays off.

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Mayank said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
According to me advertisement simply means awareness about a particular thing. It aware the society. Nowaday we can see on television there is myriad of advertisement by which actors aware the society. Its live example is vidya Balan. Government Aware the society about there schemes so that the suffering person know all about the scheme and take benefits from it. It is the best way to aware the individual about anything.

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Hemanth Surtha said: (Jul 28, 2016)  
Through advertisements only we can update the Present technologies & improving us innovative.

And they are commercial for business expansion for their products & also to improve their incomes.

Many of people aim that to get jobs to make them thoughtful and to Prove them & create the brand name for them.

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Kajol said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Through advertisement, we come to know about various things like newly launched products, government schemes, new university or colleges etc. Hence it is definitely not a waste of resource.

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Madhu said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
The advertisement is a mode to create a need in persons when any person watches the advertisement he just attracts towards it, tries to test it and start buying in small quantity. It's definitely not a waste of resources.

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Nanu said: (Jul 11, 2016)  

Basically, the mean of advertising is to tell someone about the things.

From my views of side the advertising is a good thing or to advertise to person is a good thing because if someone advertise to any person about anything it would help to the person that he buys that thing or not advertise is a one kind of help that helps the to make difference that is this which he should buy or not.

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John Perczyk said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
Advertising is just annoying. I cut off ALL adverts as quickly as possible or switch to something else while they are running or just leave the room. Adverts do N O T H I N G for me nor do I believe any of the shite or hogwash they pretend to be selling. All adverts should be banned, end of, period or whatever. Waste of time.

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Jose said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
Advertisements are very essential, otherwise how we will be aware of particular products.

But some would say, they have been cheated with false promises that ads show. In that case, we can give proper feedback to the concerned company. And it's of surety, the Company will hear to our grievances and make further beneficiary modifications so as to live up to the expectations. Simply saying Ads deceives us won't help. If that's the case, then most of the beneficial flawless products will not ever come into the spotlight.

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Kriti said: (Jul 2, 2016)  
If an advertisement shows too many promises about the product which it can't really deliver, then it's a waste of resources! Because in that case, consumer will buy that product in a false hope of something and later may feel cheated and will never trust your brand again! The advertisement is a wonderful way to make your brand visible if you use it right! And it will actually be a utilization of resources, not a waste!

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Rockstar said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
In my point of view, advertisement is not a bad resource because it help people to know about the product about their quality about their price it helps them to know about new product come int he market its a better way to tell people about products eg in our country any college is open if they don't give advertisement how people will know about that college so if they give advertisements then they will know about that.

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Savitha said: (Apr 15, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

In my point of view, advertising is not wasting of resources because by advertising we can introduce our product into the market and we can give a brief details about our product quality and price so we can reduce the middle persons to introduce it.

Advertisement can reach to each and every person so it is easy to increase our product sales by advertising.

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M Bilal Asad said: (Feb 17, 2016)  
The major advantages of advertising are:

(1) Introduces a new product in the market,
(2) Expansion of the market,
(3) Increased sales,
(4) Fights compilation,
(5) Enhances good-will,
(6) Educates the consumers,
(7) Elimination of middlemen,
(8) Better quality products,
(9) Supports the salesmanship,
(10) More employment opportunities,
(11) Reduction in the prices of newspapers and magazines,
(12) Higher standard of living.

The benefits derived from advertising are manifold. It is one of the most important components of the marketing process.

This is beneficial to manufacturers, traders, consumers and society as a whole. Advertising offers the following advantages.

(1) Introduces a New Product in the Market:

Advertising plays significant role in the introduction of a new product in the market. It stimulates the people to purchase the product.

(2) Expansion of the Market:

It enables the manufacturer to expand his market. It helps in exploring new markets for the product and retaining the existing markets. It plays a sheet anchor role in widening the marketing for the manufacturer\'s products even by conveying the customers living at the far flung and remote areas.

(3) Increased Sales:

Advertisement facilitates mass production to goods and increases the volume of sales. In other words, sales can be increased with additional expenditure on advertising with every increase in sale, selling expenses will decrease.

(4) Fights Competition:

Advertising is greatly helpful in meeting the forces of competition prevalent in the market. Continuous advertising is very essential in order to save the product from the clutches of the competitors.

(5) Enhances Good-Will:

Advertising is instrumental in increasing goodwill of the concern. It introduces the manufacturer and his product to the people. Repeated advertising and better quality of products brings more reputation for the manufacturer and enhances goodwill for the concern.

(6) Educates The Consumers:

Advertising is educational and dynamic in nature. It familiarises the customers with the new products and their diverse uses and also educates them about the new uses of existing products.

(7) Elimination of Middlemen:

It aims at establishing a direct link between the manufacturer and the consumer, thereby eliminating the marketing intermediaries. This increases the profits of the manufacturer and the consumer gets the products at lower prices.

(8) Better Quality Products:

Different goods are advertised under different brand names. A branded product assures a standard quality to the consumers. The manufacturer provides quality goods to the consumers and tries to win their confidence in his product.

(9) Supports The Salesmanship:

Advertising greatly facilitates the work of a salesman. The customers are already familiar with the product which the salesman sells. The selling efforts of a salesman are greatly supplemented by advertising. It has been rightly pointed out that "selling and advertising are cup and saucer, hook and eye, or key and lock wards.

(10) More Employment Opportunities:

Advertising provides and creates more employment opportunities for many talented people like painters, photographers, singers, cartoonists, musicians, models and people working in different advertising agencies.

(11) Reduction in the Prices of Newspapers and Magazines Etc:

Advertising is immensely helpful in reducing the cost of the newspapers and magazines etc. The cost of bringing out a newspaper is largely met by the advertisements published therein.

(12) Higher Standard of Living:

The experience of the advanced nations shows that advertising is greatly responsible for raising the living standards of the people. In the words of Winston Churchill advertising nourishes the consuming power of men and creates wants for better standard of living.

By bringing to the knowledge of the consumers different variety and better quality products, it has helped a lot in increasing the standard of living in a developing economy like India.

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M Bilal Asad said: (Feb 10, 2016)  
Advertisements are a waste of money. I go against this topic well basically an advertisement is a representation of what you have to offer. If you have something to show like new shoes from bata you tell it to someone and he tells it to another person like that one person will say my friend's friend has good shoes from tata and the next person will go and say another lata company has good shoes the name keeps changing.

Instead of all this confusion if you advertise about bata it is a better way for the people to understand and is confusion proof!

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Breezy Brian Gregg said: (Jan 20, 2016)  
The 5 ways advertising hurts us:

Advertising funded media censors content: Media owners, writers and editors self censor so as not to offend the advertisers who fund their work. That is not fair. Citizens deserve to be informed of news events even when the content may be damaging to advertisers.

Advertising funded media is not democratic: A basic principle of democracy is that citizens should have equal access to power. Most of our mass media is Advertising Funded Media. This means that any individual or organization that is wealthy can have a super access to power. If you have the money you can make your voice heard in the mass media simply by buying advertising time or space. That is undemocratic.

Advertising funded media is a rip off: Citizens as consumers pay for the advertising every time they purchase a product or service. The cost of advertising is built into the price. That is only half of the rip off. Citizens pay again by having their time wasted while they wait for advertisements that are interrupting. For 2013 in Canada we are as a nation wasting $420 billion of our time in exchange for $40 billion worth of media. For 2013 as individuals on average we are each wasting $12, 000 of our time in exchange for $1, 140 worth of media. For more on the rip off: Big Rip Off.

Advertising funded media creates unfairness in the market place: A good thing about a market system is that it is supposed to promote progress. When new products or services are developed that are superior they should rise to the top and replace the inferior. Not though when we have Advertising funded media. Established products and services with masses of capital behind them live on long past the time they should. Competition in the market has become a competition for quality of marketing hype instead of a competition for quality.

Advertising funded media drowns out citizen's free expression: How can an individual that has very limited capital voice an opinion to the greater society when that society is polluted with messages that are being repeated by machines that are exclusively controlled by the wealthy? Nice that we can say what ever we want almost and not have to worry about being imprisoned or tortured and executed but still not quite fair that there is nowhere near an equality of voice between the rich and the poor.

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Khushi Khedia said: (Dec 6, 2015)  
I think there is no use of advertising about the good quality product as people only will become the source of it. It only misguided the people and they get attracted to buy without knowing what is good or bad. So in my opinion we should stop ourselves before getting attracted towards it.

Thank you so much.

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Ankita Kumari said: (Oct 15, 2015)  
Advertisements ARE NOT WASTE OF RESOURCES. If the companies stop advertising their product then how the customer come to know about their product. Advertising is also a source of employment for a lot of people. Also the producer come to know about the need of the customer. It is a medium of promotion. Through advertisement the company can increase their sale. So according to me it not waste of money.

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Mansi said: (Oct 14, 2015)  
Hello friends,

First of all we should know that what is an advertisement? It is a media to lunch something or to convey the information about the new things which are available in market and hopefully that all things get advertised are helpful in our daily life.

If the thing is not get advertised we should not get information about that thing. An advertisement is not done by investing money only it may done by people also so there is no meaning of waste.

So according to me it is not waste of resource.

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Priya said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Hi friends,

Advertisement is not completely good or bad. It is the best way to launch the new product in the market with believe because consumers should have know about the product then only producer can attain profit. It helps to him.

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Khushbooasawa said: (Feb 11, 2015)  
What is an advertisement? There is a myth that advertisement tempts the consumer to buy product sad advertised. But I strongly disagree with the myth. Advertisement is a medium to provide information to the consumers about the products and their utilities available in the market.

A strong example to support my argument is if somebody informs you about crimes happening in your society he/she does this to make you aware and not to tempt you to do the same.

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Advertising is a Waste of Resources

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